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Building a Career in the evolving Digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing Industry today is going through the same phase that the IT and Software Industry were going through in the late 90s. There is a lot of excitement, growth and scope in this Industry at this time and it is the best time to to enter this Industry and be a part of it. This fast-growing Industry has a very strong wave associated with it and is giving a lot of enriching and rewarding career building opportunities to everyone.

A digital marketing professional can easily earn between Rs.15000 to Rs.4 lacs depending on their expertise and job level. Since this is a newly evolved Industry, there is still a huge gap in the demand and supply of professionals in this field. And so, any digital marketer can earn much higher salary as compared to other Industries. Not only working professionals but also fresh graduates with no experience, students, housewives, retired professionals and everyone else who has the required skills can get into this field and earn handsomely by putting their skills to use.

Various Job Opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry

There are basically 3 kinds of organizations in the digital marketing Industry that are divided based on the kind of jobs they perform. The variety of job profiles available in this field, make these careers an even bigger and brighter opportunity.

• Digital Marketing Agency: These agencies serve their clients with various kinds of digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, SMM etc. There are numerous small scale and large digital marketing agencies of this kind where you get the opportunity of working with multiple clients but for a shorter period. This way you can enjoy variety of work and clients.

• Brand leveraging Digital Marketing Agency: This kind of agencies work for a particular company or brand and leverage digital marketing very actively for their growth. In these agencies you won't have variety of work or clients, but you can acquire expertise and acquire in-depth knowledge while working in a single field for a particular company.

• Digital Marketing Platform Company: These are another kind of digital marketing companies that work for platform companies or tools like Google, Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn etc. The work procedure in these companies varies a lot. The learning process also differs as compared to working for a brand or an agency.

Along with these full-time job opportunities in digital marketing, you can also choose from freelancing, work from home, part-time job opportunities and more in this field. Digital marketing Industry has a lot of scope and many opportunities for freelancers and part time workers as well.

Different Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

There are a number of job profiles under digital marketing to choose from. You can consider any of them based on your skills, interests and experience.

• Digital Marketing Executive: This is an entry level job where you will work on various SEO, SMM, SEM services and more. Here you will work under a manager or a team lead and report to them. You will have to perform multiple tasks like app testing, research, content development and so on.

• Digital Marketing Specialist: Once you acquire an experience of at least 2 years in any of the domains, you will be promoted to this position. You will be called an SEO, SEM or SMM expert or content marketing specialist. While you still have to report to your team lead or manager, you will have the liberty of making some decisions independently too.

• Digital Marketing Team Leader/Manager: The next position that you will be promoted to is of a Team Leader or Manager. Here you will be handling a team of your own and contribute to the strategic planning of the company directly.

• Digital Marketing Strategist: Companies that focus on SEO, SEM, SMM kind of services strongly, will require professionals who are skilled in handling Strategical & Analytical roles. The role you have to play here is of consulting and guiding the managers and team leads of the company in improving the effectiveness of their job overall.

• Head of Digital Marketing: This is the senior most job profile of this domain. Digital Marketing Heads have to report directly to the CMO/Head of Marketing, who are responsible for the overall marketing function.

Since the Digital Marketing industry is still evolving, the above job profiles may vary in different organizations. Also, this field requires continuous learning and updating yourself in order to make progress in your career and reach new heights.

Skills for a Successful Digital Marketing Career

Technical skills, computer knowledge and other skills like SEO, SEM, SMM etc., are the most basic skills required to work in the field of digital marketing. Additionally, you would also need a lot of creativity, good communication skills, writing skills, analytical abilities and a quest for learning more.

You need to have a passion for digital media to serve this field at its best and also you need to be open to learn new skill sets and trends to move ahead. Multitasking is another very important skill needed to manage these digital marketing campaigns.

Networking is also equally important in order to maintain a good client base and keep yourself updated about the latest techniques and trends coming up. You also need to have a willingness to experiment as this is still an evolving field which doesn't have any defined rules for working and determining success.

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