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1. Partnering with an existing entity (i.e. a struggling school or education outreach program) is the best market entry strategy to reduce initial cost and maximize recognition because the entities already have the facilities and resources necessary for the Finnish model. A partnership allows Finnish School International to mitigate potential risks, monetary or otherwise, because the financial investment will be less than other international expansion strategies. This partnership would allow Finnish School International to integrate smoothly into a completely different market where the education system is completely different. It would also be cost effective method of entry for a team of teachers from Finnish School international to go to the partner in Bucharest and ensure that all the logistic items such as teachers, buildings, and books were acceptable and then undergo training sessions within the Finnish educational framework for a period of time deemed necessary by Finnish School International. After the training period, representatives of would remain on site to manage the school and ensure smooth operations. Given the importance placed upon facilitating the entry of Finnish education into Romania by Romanian government officials, the consulting team suggests contacting the following government officials:

a. 1. Pavel Nastase (The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research) Contact Information: Ministerul Educaţiei Naţionale, Str. Gen. Berthelot 28-30, Sector 1, 010168, Bucureşti Tel. Centrală: 4056200; 4056300

b. 2. The local Mayor of the specific sector of Bucharest (Sector 1 – Daniel Tudorache, Sector 2 – Mihai Mugur Toader, Sector 3 – Robert Negoiță, Sector 4 – Daniel Băluță, Sector 5 – Daniel Florea, Sector 6 – Gabriel Mutu.) Contact information: 021.305.55.00/021.305.55.55, 021.305.55.06/021.305.55.07 Centrala PMB; 0800.800.868, 021.794.44.74, 0747.077.778, Dispecerat PMB

c. 3. Members of the Local Council

d. 4. The current Ambassador of Finland to Romania, Päivi Pohjanheimo ([email protected])

Optimal product/service promotion channels:


a. Creative luggage and digital star, both based in Bucharest and have a strong social media presence, which is cost-effective. Facebook could be a good outlet because parents like to use facebook as their social media outlet

2. For marketing specifically, Romania has some of the lowest standardized testing scores and Finnish schools are much stronger in that category. This would be an effective way to market to parents and legal tutors in Bucharest (both of whom make the tuition decisions for children). This excellence in standardized testing would set them apart from other schools in Bucharest.

a. Romania has a high score on long term orientation and a low score on indulgence. These scores show that Romania as a society values new ideas and modern education, and is considered restrained. This would help a Finnish school market to Bucharest as one that will greatly improve standardized testing, which Romania is open to because it values new ideas.  

3. Private Kindergarten can cost from 250-500 euros/month

a. Private school can cost from 1000/year to 500 euros/month, the most even being 19000 euros/year

b. Finnish schools have a much less costly private education system than other elite countries do. Their cost-effective system would be a big selling point for schools to partner with

i. The main players of Romania's private school system are Cambridge School of Bucharest, British School of Bucharest and Mark Twain International School.

ii. These schools all offer pre-k to grade 12, English instruction/teachings and independent learning much alike Finnish Schools International. The differentiation is mostly due to price. Finnish Schools International charges around 4200 euro while Cambrige will run a minimum of 6750 euro, British School will run a minimum of 11,070 euro and Mark Twain creates personalized quotes for children. With this in mind, Finnish Schools can certainly have a cost advantage.

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