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I moved to the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur at the age 11. Growing up from a place that was stuck in an orthodox mentality, seeing people in the city that were constantly chasing for the unfamiliar caught my attention. Since then, I stand on the principles of having an open mind and I started craving to know more things that lie beyond of my familiarity. Having the same age as our family business, even as a kid it was never just moving to a bigger house every couple of year, it was the dinner every night with my father that was always full of his experience about the mistakes that he has made and lessons that he has learned. I watched his business grow from a small used car shop to practicing merger and acquisitions on listed companies. My personal background is the main source and push of my interest towards subjects related to Economics, Finance, and Accountancy.

I have always been more of a practical type of person instead of theoretical. When I became the head of student union in high school, the new changes that I made was to make sure that our team had a clear path on our cash budget and the plans throughout the year. I applied my knowledge that I learnt from Accounting which has helped me to keep track with the flow of money for the annual fundraising activities. Our team worked hard on the marketing and opening up food stalls as we had limited capital to start with. We managed to sell 2000 roses during Valentine's day, create a charity show for red nose day, host a district level Futsal tournament and a lot more. Our team had set a high bar as our last event was hosted at a prestige hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Grand Hyatt. The real-life practice enhanced my theoretical knowledge. I obtained the highest grade of LCCI IQ Level 2 Certificate in Accountancy.

Witnessing the hard work that my father had to go through to build his company, I've learnt to appreciate the value of money and how much a small cut in the spending of our life could lead to a change in a person's future. Back in Kuala Lumpur, I was a part of an NGO called PERTIWI, they provide free meals and medical help to the homeless. It was a heartbreaking experience for me as I met youths that lived under the bridge which did not get the education that they need. My interest in the social hierarchy back in my country made me pick Politics in college. Being able to learn the details of globalisation and how the government works made me realise the importance of keeping up with the news. During the summer, I requested to join an MP to visit a secluded area in Malaysia. One of the most memorable experiences from it was when I met a lady that was left by her kids .She supports herself from removing threads from unused clothes to sell it off and only makes around 27 pounds per month.

 I earned my first money from performing at hotel lounges at the age of 10. I was really eager to know how it feels to earn something that I work for. Since then, my fondness towards performing and arts started to grow. Undeterred by my lack of knowledge in the theories of music, my determination encouraged me to self taught myself to play the piano and guitar. Throughout my years in high school, I would participate in the musical theatres, my hard work paid off at the age of 16 as I became the main lead of a musical. My alternative way of expressing is through writing my own music and by putting my thoughts into words. I was a part time student journalist in a nationwide student magazine called PENDIDIK which was subscribed to around 10,000 schools in Malaysia. My personal favourite article yet was when I shared my experience of being in a private school and the changes that I wish could be made in the education sector in Malaysia. That topic sparked my interest as our family business main focus is currently on improving our own private University. Expressing my hobby through performing and writing gives me the confidence and the knowledge on how to suit myself to the surroundings and be more open to new opinions. In 2016, I worked in a production company and became the anchor for a corporate social responsibility television show. The whole experience felt really personal to me as I was working till late hours at night while having to be disciplined and organized while juggling with my senior year. The television show was also about how large corporations were helping to reduce the huge range of income in the country. It was one of the main reasons why I had taken the job in the first place. I wanted to have the first-hand experience of it.

I believe that my A-level subjects are a good base for me as they truly complement each other. On top of that, I am currently taking two certified online courses under Investopedia Academy to expose myself to the trading on the NYSE and on their Technical Analysis. In my spare time, I enjoy reading about investment and my latest reading has been on the FOREX platform. My future plan includes furthering my studies to get a degree in Accounting and Finance, receiving a CFA certificate and being a part of one of the big four.With the knowledge and the experience that I would hopefully obtain, my final plan is to use my knowledge and my experience to bring our family business to a greater value by expanding the venture to an international level of merger and acquisitions. It keeps me on my feet to learn in details of the corporate exercises that I have seen from the experience of my father and to know what lies beyond my limited proficiency.


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