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1) Of what use, if any, are models such as the Overall Model of Consumer Behavior in Figure 1-3 (p. 25) to managers?

Managers must have a good understand of the consumer decision making process. A marketing manger should be aware of the the overall model of consumer behavior if they want to develop an effective marketing strategy. The overall model of consumer behavior provides useful knowledge of how all the aspects of consumer behavior fit together.

2B) Analyze a foreign culture of your choice, and recommend a marketing program for a brand of one of the following made in your country:

a. Automobile

b. Beer

c. Discount retailer

d. Movies

e. Beauty/Grooming product

 Indian Culture,

 People of the Indian culture are known for driving big family cars because they believe in living with their entire family, so they usually go for big SUV vans. I would recommend a marketing program that creates a car that focus on keeping the family together which is very important to the people of Indian culture.  Family is the most important thing in the Indian culture, even after getting married the guys bring their wives to the parent's house and they live as a joint family. a marketing program that focus on keeping the family together and traveling together all happy in one big car.

3) Pick two different environmental segments from Table 3-1 Shades of Green Segmentation Scheme by IRI/TNS (p. 85). Find one advertisement you think is particularly appropriate or effective for each. Copy or describe each ad and justify its selection.

Eco-Centrists – Stella McCarty is committed to a green fashion and her eco-friendly fundamentals has made a strong fashion statement.

4) How could a knowledge of social stratification be used in the development of a marketing strategy for one of the following (see Figure 4-4 Levi Strauss Positioning to Social Class Segments on page 138 for inspiration):

a. Shoes

b. Expensive jewelry or watches

c. Fishing

d. Organic milk

e. Museum attendance

f. Habitat for Humanity

Marketers should have the knowledge of social class and how it influences consumer decisions. Some social classes have different consumer behaviour. For example, the upper classes are more likely to own products such as expensive jewellery or watches. The upward-pull strategy which was used by Movado's advertisement is a very famous marketing technique to target the upper class by emphasising sophistication and elegance.

6) Read Consumer Insight 6-2 Consumer Life Cycles and Homeowner Remodeling Decisions (p.189) and answer questions 1 and 3.

1. Why might the Diderot effect be of interest to marketers?

The Diderot effect can be of interest to marketer because one change leads to a cascade of other needed or desired changes. To the remodeler, the Diderot effect is a promise of possible repeat business from cur- rent customers who find, to their surprise, the need for additional remodeling and serves as a reminder to pro- vide quality work. Marketers can get consumers to buy and spend more through making them aware of other options and upgrades, or getting them to identify with their product.

3) What decision barriers must marketers overcome if consumers are aware of the Diderot effect?

Some decision barriers marketers must overcome if consumers are aware of the Diderot effect are if the consumers start becoming more careful and starts thinking about consequences that may occur in the future if they were to purchase a product. if consumers all of a sudden decide they don't need the product, they just want it and decide not to buy prodcuts they don't need.

7A) Find two advertisements that use reference groups in an attempt to gain patronage. Describe the advertisement, the type of reference group being used, and the type of influence being used. Please include the advertisements to support your answers.

1) Miller lite man card commercial – the commercial shows the social pressures of choosing beer from a primary group reference perspective. The type of reference group being used is secondary. Social pressure is the type of influence being used.

2) Bud-Light – clothing drive commercial – this commercial shows group pressures that can take place in a work setting and social acceptance. the reference group being used is primary and secondary. Marketplace influence is being used in this advertisement.

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