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PMPG 5000 – Group Assignment Cover Page

Instructor Name:

Cheryl Francis-Nurse

Assignment Name:

Group Assignment 7 - Quality Plan

Group Number:


Date of Submission:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The following students were present for the group discussion and contributed to the assignment per the RACI chart:

Student Name

1. Tennyson Ikpi

2. Sonia Konarzewska

3. Hong Ngoc “Lien” Pham

4. “Alejandro” Ropain Reina

5. Ankit Sharma

The following students were absent for the group discussion and could not contribute to the assignment:

Student Name




RACI Chart

Team Member







Draft definition of quality for TTC Webstore






Define how TTC Webstore would measure quality?


A, R




Define occurrences that are outside of the acceptance limits



A, R



Draft corrective actions




A, R


Create a brief quality management checklist





A, R

Edit and compile assignment for submission






R=Responsible  A=Accountable  C=Consulted  I=Informed

Team Leader Declaration (fill in your name)

I __________________ declare that everyone on the team has fulfilled their responsibilities effectively.

   Alejandro Ropain

Quality Plan

Project Name: Toronto Transit Commission Web Store

Team: 5

Submission date: October 5, 2017

This document presents the quality plan of the project “Toronto Transit Commission Web Store”. The plan includes:

Definition of Quality for TTC Web store

What and how to measure the quality of TTC Web store

Examples of observations or occurrences considered to be outside the acceptable limits

Corrective action taken to address the problem above

And, a brief quality management checklist for the project.

1. Project Name/Brief Description

As elaborated on in the scope statement for this project, “the Executive Management of Toronto Transit Commission decided to commence a project to enhance the customer service by creating online transaction on its website. With the newly upgraded function, customers are able to purchase online for TTC fares, passes and gift cards.” The budget for this project is $120,000, which includes $100,000 of budgeted expenses, and a $20,000 contingency. The project will commence on November 1, 2017, and it expected to be completed on July 10, 2018. (pg. 5)

2. Quality Standards

The project's definition of quality will be based on its abidance to 8 characteristics,

The webstore must perform well. This means that it will be fully debugged, and all functions will behave as we would expect them to. For example, if one pressed the buy button it will take them to the purchase screen and not the FAQ screen. The website will also load completely within 5 seconds on all devices and without technical errors. To this point, the webstore will be designed to primarily use CSS to generate graphics rather than images, as this will save on data that needs to be downloaded, resulting in well optimized images for the internet. (Lumsden, A., Best Practices)

The web store's features will be user friendly, and simple. This will ensure that it will be easy to use across all platforms. It will also have the ability to accept all major forms of digital payments, such as credit cards (visa, mastercard, american express, etc.), debit cards, gift cards, with minimal defects. The rate of error must remain below 0.5%. Further, the website's content will be presented clearly, with useful information and understandable instructions. For example, the FAQ section will provide sufficient and coherent information on questions that customers might have when using the website. Finally, customer's orders will be confirmed by email system within a maximum of 15 minutes after place an order.

The webstore must be reliable across all devices. It will be have a safe and secure database for personal information, credit card and debit card information. Further is will be available 24/7 with no system outages. To this point the website will be available even through database updates. Finally, the customer will only ever be charged for what they purchase, and we must ensure that this will never fluctuate beyond a 0.01% error rate.

The webstore will conform to the standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, particularly, the Web-content Accessibility Guidelines. It will also conform to the standards of the existing TTC website.

 In terms of the website's serviceability, upgrades and updates will be pushed automatically so as to not disrupt service of the website. Further, hosting needs will be assessed and expanded regularly to accommodate increased traffic to the website. Hosting capacity will be infinitely scalable without the need to make any design changes.

The website will be aesthetically appealing and will perfectly fit into the framework of the existing TTC website. This will be accomplished through maintaining continuity throughout all web pages.

Finally, in terms of the website's value, quality will be defined by it's ability to add real time value to the customer, in the form of ease of use and by reducing their wait times. It will be deemed successful based on actual customer satisfaction, and  by evidence of increased revenue for the TTC.

3. Quality Assurance Techniques

The primary quality assurance technique we will use in order to ensure the quality of the web store is cost benefit analysis. In terms the quality of the features of the website, we will measure the costs associated with providing  any particular feature, with the benefit it will confer to the overall website, and most importantly the customer. For example, a key feature of the store will be its ability to accept all major forms of digital payments with minimal defects. We will analyze the cost of providing these features while maintaining an error rate of below 0.5% with the benefit that it will provide consumers, namely convenience, and inclusivity. We will apply a similar cost benefit analysis to all of the other quality standards that we have set out in the Quality Standards section of this plan.

4. Quality Control Techniques

In the monitoring and controlling phase of this project, we will primarily use two techniques in order to control quality. First, we will use statistical sampling to perform periodic testing of new TTC webstore to ensure that website is performing as intended for different users and across different operating platforms. We will also use this technique to put periodic pressure on the servers by simulating very high website traffic in order to ensure that the website remains functional and the website's ease of use and speed do not degrade with the increased use. Secondly, we will use control charts during the testing phase of the project in order to determine whether the implemented processes are stable or unstable. For example, if an error occurs in the purchasing phase of a transaction, what steps will the system take to resolve that error, and how will it affect it's ability to proceed to a subsequent phase in the process.

5. Acceptance Criteria

Two examples of observations or occurrences that would be considered outside the acceptable limits are as follows,

An occurrence of critical equipment failure due to non conformance to specification provided. For example, a system server that meets all of the specifications required has been procured and there is a manufacturer's defect in the product that was not identified in the equipment testing phase.

Software design failure after the project has been completed and signed off on. An example would be if the computer engineer accidentally signs off on a software system which contains an undetected logic error that leads to malfunction for customers.  

6. Problem Reporting/Corrective Action

One example of a corrective action taken to remedy one of the instances described in the acceptance criteria section of this plan is,

Any critical equipment will have redundant backup hardware in place.  For example, if a server has failed due to manufacturer defect, a redundancy server will initialize to take on the load of the downed server before recourse to warranty claim from the manufacturer.

7. Quality Management Checklist

Below is an example of Quality Management Checklist for the Toronto Transit Commission Web Store project.

Serial Number

Item Description





External surveys are conducted with customers for feedback on design, user friendliness, and stability


A comprehensive training plan is developed for applicable TTC staff to allow employees to educate customers on new service


Meetings with TTC Management to gather feedback on monitoring metrics developed and adjust if applicable


Marketing plan is finalized and implemented to effectively communicate the new service


Project quality standards/ goals are documented and communicated to the stakeholders and the project team

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