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Producing a TV ad used to be a task in and of itself. Today, vdeo marketing now gives businesses a multitude of platforms to distribute their message.  Still, television remains the most attractive and used medium for expediting a message quickly, and with large reach, into the marketplace.

For businesses already using television advertising, most realized it is a great tool for expanding reach, engaging viewers, and ultimately, increasing sales. For those who are yet to embark on television, or any other video marketing channel, let's take a dive into unraveling some of the mystery associated with the creation of a successful ad.

The biggest question that starts – and often ends – a discussion, is price.   “How much will my commercial cost?” It is a question very much on the minds of businesses considering using video. The answer to this question is an honest, yet elusive – “It depends.”

In this discussion, we are talking about companies that are committed to robust growth with a capitalized budget for marketing.  Here we look at the benefits of using a professional video marketing company to produce your campaign


Advantages of Hiring a Professional Video Marketing Company

1) Marketing Approach

Your video message should match your radio message.  Your website should underscore your points in your video and other media.  Hiring a professional video marketing company enables you to get the expertise of marketers that can either help you directly incorporate the right message across all platforms, or steer you in the direction to do so.

2) Getting What You Pay For

A lot of television stations dispatch a single video producer to go out and shoot – often with little or no preparation – a client's television commercial.  While well intentioned, this producer is often tasked with getting the commercial on the air, rather than delivering a stellar message for the client.

The message is derived comes from marketing know-how and a proven process.  Professionally produces videos stand out from the more pedestrian and ordinary ads that are – well, common.  We'll touch more on the differences that professional processes help deliver in a moment.

3) Quality Matters

Lighting and sound, shooting and editing.  It's not all the same.  Video companies have the equipment, resources and skills to produces a well-planned and executed advertisement that will rise above others.

You have seen the ads that are so bad they are mocked regularly at the water cooler.  How do you want your company to be perceived?  Taking a professional approach eliminates the risk that you are actually doing more damage than good with your advertisement.

3) Cost-Efficiency

Getting the advice and services of a professional video marketing company is highly efficient.  By increasing the quality of the ad – often referred to as the impact quotient – you are increasing the cost efficiency of all of your advertising.

An ad that is twice as effective will pay for the investment of the professional services in relatively short order.

InnerAction Media's Video Development Process

At InnerAction Media we take a holistic approach to our production process.   While we are developing TV ads, we can utilize the same films for social media or another digital platform.

Great care is taken in our video development process.  It is imperative that we tailor the message to clearly convey the most salient elements to our target audience.  By developing and adhering to our process, we ensure that the films we produce are of the highest quality and greatest potential value to our clients.

We begin by meeting our client.  During this meeting, we will:

Establish Goals for Films and Scope of Each

Develop Target Personas

Conduct In-Depth Interview of Client Methodologies and Processes

Develop Timeline, Set Production Dates

Following this, our team meets for sharing of what was learned and any additional research that was conducted.  We then develop an action plan on the subjects we are going to shoot, and what our desired messages are going to convey.  This may include: a script, interview questions or both; secondary elements to capture; animation and music concepts; and each film's story board, or overall plan.

We then present the plan to the client and make certain that all of the specific elements of the message are on-point.  Once we have garnered the client's go-ahead, we make certain we have all assets necessary for the production – such as a high-resolution logo – and proceed on the shooting process.  We scout sites and further plan on specific items to capture.

Once the shooting is over and we have all of our film, the process now turns to editing. The editing process is where the story all comes together and includes a complex set of stages.  Once this process is complete and has been filtered through a set of quality reviews, the films are delivered to the client for final approval.  

At InnerAction it's about driving results for your business.  InnerAction Media focuses our efforts on helping you brand your business.  Whether it's growing your firm through marketing locally or online, the value of understanding where your prospects are getting their information and injecting your firm into the discussion is very important.  We understand the branding and marketing processes.

InnerAction Media works with businesses that desire to follow these best practices and achieve the greatest marketing result from their video and online strategies.  We drive qualified leads to our clients – even while they sleep.

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