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Nielsen company

The Nielsen company is a business that operates in the Market Research Industry. It's an industry with 31 billion revenue each years and they were the global leader back in 2010. They operate and do consumer research in 47 European Markets and more than 100 countries worldwide (their services cover more than 90 percent of global GDP) including emerging markets. They offer syndicated Research for businesses with common needs and customized research for those who need a more tailored research based on their strategic goals.

A short history

Nielsen was created in 1923 by Arthur Charles Nielsen in order to offer consulting for companies in the industrial market.  After some years they started with the measurement of consumer sales in retail and during the 40s and 50s they did research in the radio listenership across the United States and media rating services for television by installing meters in televisions.  In 1977, they introduced the scanning of universal products in retail stores to collect accurate data on consumer purchases. In 1984, they were acquired by the Dun & Badstreet Corporation who also acquired other companies with several services so they could increase their profits due to the wide range of services they could offer now.  With several mergers and acquisitions with other market research companies in the 90s A.C. Nielson became even larger and could now offer i.e.  household panel services, analysing the effectiveness of tv commercials, providing simulated test marketing services for new product launch and measuring the increasing number of consumers in the internet. In 2011, after numerous takeovers by private equity firms, the company was renamed into The Nielsen Company and went public.

Business model

Nielson is specialized in consumer products and provide services for clients so they understand what consumers buy and what they watch and how this overlap each other. They offer media and marketing information about what and where consumers do their shopping and what consumers read, listen and watch on a local and global scale in order to help businesses maintain or increase their market position. They have huge data assets that provide information and powerful insights in the effectiveness of branding, advertising and consumer choices by connecting media consumption trends to the actual purchasing behaviour of consumers.  Their business could be segmented into two report divisions: Buy and Watch.

What consumers Buy

The Buy segment offers retail transactional measurement data, consumer behaviour information and analytics mainly in the consumer packaged goods industry. They're not offering buying data for the modern global retailers but also the more traditionally retailers in emerging markets. However, 63 percent of the revenues from the Buy segment came directly from the developed markets whereas 32 percent came from emerging markets. Revenues are quite stable because of the multi-year contracts and high number of renewal of contracts. The Buy segment represents around 53 percent of the total revenue of Nielsen company whereas 60 percent came from existing agreements.

Retail measurement services

The reason they have no more services related to

GFK Group

The GFK group (Gesellschaft für Konsumschung) is the largest German market research company and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. With the fast changing world, it's important to know what's going on in the world, right now and in the future. And with the overwhelming information flows it's hard to separate important information from information that is not really important. GFK group offers this filter for consumers in order to find relevant information. They simultaneously track the (purchasing) decisions of consumers across the following industries: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Fashion and Lifestyle, Financial Services, Health, Industrial Goods, Media and Entertainment, Public Services, Retail, Technology and Travel and Hospitality. Both in-store decisions as decisions made by devices are sorted out by GFK. They track down what consumers do and why they do it and are able to translate them into direct recommendations for clients.  With four huge global services centres, they are able to provide consumers with the right and relevant data in the shortest time possible.

The GFK group is structured into two segments: Consumer Experiences and Consumer Choices. Consumer Experiences focuses on why consumers buy, what do consumers want and how do consumers behave when they buy. GFK uses creative and methods i.e. Brand and Costumer Experience and consumer panels in order to investigate consumer behaviour. Consumer panels are designed to highlight who the consumers are and where they find new products, how they do research and compare products.   Brand and Customer experience are meant to enhance the emotional connections between brands and their consumers and/or business decision makers.

Consumer Choices deals with questions like what do consumers buy, when do they buy and where. Also, consumer choices focus on what consumers watch, hear and read.  This comprises highly, detailed and accurate data and continuously analysing and studying the retail industry and all sources of media.  They use i.e. point of sales analytics and tracking for relevant retail insights. POS analytics helps with analysing and evaluating the impact of sales and marketing efforts.  With advanced econometric modelling techniques combined with existing data assets they can simulate the outcome of the client sales and marketing plans. POS tracking gives up-to date retail sales data with information about which products do well and which are not doing well in the market.  Also, a tool to measure market share and brand performance.  With Media Measurement GFK group identifies the most important digital and traditional channels and track down which consumer uses what channel and why they use it.  

Other services they offer are: Digital Market Intelligence, Distribution and Supply Chain Management, Geomarketing, Market Opportunities and Innovation, Mystery Shopping, Online Pricing Intelligence, Product Catalogs, Promotion and Causal Retail Shopper, Social Media Intelligence Center, Trends and Forecasting and User Experience. All in other to provide their clients with relevant information about markets and media.

Ipsos Consulting

IPSOS was founded in 1975 by Didier Truchot which is also the chairman and CEO of the company. It's a company that produces and analyses information about people, society, markets and brands so clients can use its data to make smarter, faster and better decisions. Major reasons why clients chose Ipsos is for acting and evaluating. Ipsos has organized its organization into five areas of specialization: Ipsos connect, Ipsos marketing, Ipsos interactive Services/Ipsos Operations, Ipsos Public Affairs and Ipsos Loyalty.

Ipsos Connect focuses on the Media and Brand expression and does media and advertising research and with those results clients can build great campaigns which may have a huge impact on the brand performance, both sales and brand relations. With audience and platform measurement they provide information for advertisers so they can target their messages and for media owners in order to set the right price. Ipsos Connect also assesses the clients content or campaigns before launch and measuring the effect and performance of brand communications.

Ipsos Marketing deals with addressing issues related to market understanding and innovation. They help clients with defining the market in which they operate and Ipsos aims at understanding the people, brands and markets and to uncover potential growth opportunities. Another service from Ipsos Marketing is the support in developing innovations by offering several solutions like changing ideas and insights into concepts in less than three days, concept and product testing, concept optimisation and forecasting of innovations. Moreover, they help with brand strategy and create stronger brands with focussing on Portfolio Management, Brand Stretch and Innovation and Brand Equity and Positioning.

Ipsos Loyalty specialises in all kind of things related to improving customer relationships and employee commitment. They measure customer experiences, overall satisfaction and loyalty. With Enterprise Feedback Management Ipsos is able to collect feedback and combine it with all related data like the voice of the employee and operational data. With the customer relationships programs overall consumer experience that need improvement can be revealed and which experience will have the greatest return on investment.  Ipsos Loyalty is also responsible for Customer Journey Mapping which is a complete overview of the customer experience. Mystery Shopping provides in-the moment feedback for clients on their service and Employee Engagement is a solution which assesses the level of engagement which helps clients to improve engagement of employees.

Ipsos Public affairs is responsible for researching the behaviour of individuals as citizens. They look and do research at public opinions, stakeholder, corporate and media opinion and with those reports with valuable information clients can manage or improve their image and reputation. The Social Research Institute designs and delivers customised research for clients so they understand the perceptions of stakeholders in order to make evidence based decisions.

Ipsos observer concentrates on survey management, data collections and delivery. They want to lead the market in information gathering with providing high quality research with competitive pricing. In order to do so Ipsos observer have several approaches. Field & delivery service offers several data collection methods both online and offline and processes and deliver data. Ipsos observer also offers an Online omnibus, Face-to-face omnibus, Telephone Omnibus and an international omnibus in order to offer fast or representative samples both online and offline.  

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