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One can not imagine life without computers in this generation. It is considered to be  a very essential part of people's everyday life. It is a very important and significant technology for personal, home, and business purposes. People spend a significant amount of time before their computer for various purposes. Computers have both the positive and negative affects on this generation. Various opinions and arguments have been raised in regard to this topic.

In the modern world people use computers to pay of their bills, to manage their bank accounts, stock markets, career search, marketing, purchases and many other common needs. Students have easy access for research and academic purposes through computers. According to William McCoy, “The prevalence of technology drastically affects many areas of society in positive ways, including education.” When researching things for school, students can look informations up on a credible website resources. They can use the many websites to gather information quickly and do well on projects, homeworks, or tests. It can help children learn and grow by giving them the ability to find important information regarding issues and situations they can deal with on a daily basis. Even children in their early age are exposed to computers for educational games which enhance their learning experience. Once education was confined to school and college campuses. With the invention of computers through internet, people can do extension education. Computers help university students a lot with their assignments and presentations. Even teachers use computers to give assignments to students and to keep track of their grades. They prepare notes and make powerpoint presentations for their students. Different offices, business and educational institutions can share and control resources through servers or networks which saves a lot of time and money. People also use computers for social interactions and recreational purposes. Thus, there are many positive impacts of computers upon this generation. According to Sherry Turkle,“We are using life on computer screens to become comfortable with new ways of thinking about evolution, relationships, sexuality, politics, and identity." She says, “How Life on the Screen tells how the computer profoundly shapes our ways of thinking and feeling, how ideas carried by technology are reshaped by people for their own purposes, how computers are not just changing our lives but changing ourselves.”

There are also negative effects of computer upon this generation.When someone spends too much of their time browsing their computers to a certain degree where they become isolated from real world. Sherry Turkle in her article “Who am we,” mentions about her friends boyfriend being on the computer too much and how he is disconnected from reality. She says how “When an individual becomes lost in the "virtual world" like my friend's boyfriend and my cousin, it can cause them to lose their identity and connection with the real world.” As Sherry Turkle suggested, "Individuals are vulnerable to the virtual world and we must learn to take responsibility for our actions". Therefore, people have to take responsibility and pay attention to the real life and what's going on around them and not get drifted into virtuality, which would eventually become a daily habit. Taniya Konerman also argues that spending too much time online can cause addiction and depression. Spending too much time in social media and recreational games takes the attention of students from reading and studies. According to the Adapted Media Release of Medical News Today, using computers for recreational purposes had a negative effect on test performance, particularly for reading scores. This occurs because students who spend more time using computers for recreational purposes at home may spend less time reading at home. People of all ages lose track of time when they sit down and play on the computer or use of social media for half an hour and suddenly realize that thirty minutes have turned into a couple of hours. The time spent on social networks is a wasted time that could be better spent building face to face relationships.

The internet changes the way people think and the way they form their communities. People are fascinated with technological advancement that enhances fast communication and instant gratification, through computers, cell phones, gaming and other electronic devices.  It causes them to neglect their relationships, their work, school, and other responsibilities that they might have to take care of, if they are addicted to such technology. While computers have both positive and negative impacts, it is the responsibility of this generation to use them wisely for noble purposes. One must be aware of cyberbullying in these days and avoid fake propagandas that spread through internet. People can argue over positive and negative impact of this technology, but it is the individual's choice to use it for positive purposes. Technology is neither good nor bad. It determines whether good or bad depending upon the person who uses it. Since computers have become a part and parcel of human life, it must be used for constructive purposes.

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