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Advancement in technology has led to increased internet services one of them being the social media. The spread of social media sites all over the world has led to the spread of information and thus making a world to be viewed as a global village. Most of the people today can receive, send or even share information with people in different parts of the world. This has mainly been facilitated by the use of social media. This research paper is concerned with the effects of the social media on youth. According to many studies conducted so far, the youths have been found to be the main users of social media as compared to adults. Most of them use it to share information, communicate, learn or even for leisure. There is the need for actions to be taken to solve the issue that is facing the youth in terms of the social media usage. Most of them have been found to waste a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others. There are some advantages and disengages associated with internet on youth. The paper therefore critically addresses these effects in a more detailed way.


The technological advancement has been one of the major developments that scientists are concentrating. Technology has been applied in different scenarios to help increase efficiency as well as high production achievement. In communication and the social world, it has given birth to the so-called “social media”. Social media has flooded all over the world with different social networks made available to the people. Today as we talk, all the people are using social media to communicate, interact and socialize with many friends in different parts of the world. Social media has made the world to be a small village where people can share and exchange information within the shortest time possible. A lot of studies have been done about the effects of social media in the context of the society. Many studies have been found to support the use of social media by the society while others deny the importance of social media among the youth. This paper will critically research on the impact of social media to youth based on the various studies recently conducted.


Nowadays, any society is dependent on social media. All the fields ranging from business, medicine, and science rely mainly on social media. Different sites are available that facilitate the communication among the people in the society and sharing of information. According to researcher, social media has become part of a life of the youth especially the college students. Shabir, et al (133) students use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others to communicates and share information. Other studies show that the success of any field in the society is directly related to the use of social media. However, striking a balance between too more and too less will help a person from being negatively influenced by the social media. Social media offers facilities like image sharing, video and audio sharing, communication and texting on the same channel. In addition, it is the most effective and cheapest way of accessing the world in the digital world. Several surveys that have been conducted show that 90% of the social media users are the youths (Siddiqui & Tajinder, 71). Most of the youth nowadays spend more than a half a day on Facebook, Twitter among other tools to share comments, post comments of their pictures and to socialize.  

Among the youth, social media has been of benefit to their academics. It has been used in so many innovative ways in education. Siddiqui and Tajinder (71) argue that social media has been the tool of collaboration among the students and thus are able to share learning materials globally. The quality of learning also has been improved since students have the option of communicating to their fellow classmates online and bring forth the solution to the questions. However, other researchers have shown that students when left online, they may spoil themselves with unwanted videos and information. Social media is full of every sort of information, and thus youths are always anxious about some things to lie pornographic videos, unnecessary chatting which I disrupt their learning (Shabir, et al, 134). Basically, what activities the youths do online is the big question. Social media does not offer excellent learning environment to students. Due to its use, the development of some vices have been correlated with the social media and thus parents are supposed to control their children from accessing these social media site all the time. according to the study by Byron, most of the youths are becoming more digital connected due to traffic fears (Shabir, et al, 134). This is because most of them have been profited to move out and socialize with friends.

Young people nowadays have the wide range of sharing opportunities among themselves despite the depletion of resources and lack of employment all over the world. Most of the youths go online to find those ideas that they can engage to better their lives. Studies show that many of the youths are always online to search for ideas and opportunities that they can either invest in or avenge their living. For instance, the online marketing has been advertised on Facebook for more than 5 years.  Internet through the social media has been the main tool of advertisement of business, brands, opportunities, and organizations (Siddiqui & Tajinder, 72). The youths use such sites to get ideas and opportunities and even jobs. Advertising their products and services can be done online through the social media. However, social media has been found to be time-consuming. Many observations have been done and indicate that youths spend a lot of time on social media and thus making youths to be lazy (Siddiqui & Tajinder, 73). According to Neelamalar, and Chitra, (130) the parenting and internet safety experts propose that parents are supposed to deny their children during their adolescent stages any use of social networks. Exposure to internet brings more harm than benefit to the lives of the youths. However, the availability of laptops, smartphones, and iPad has facilitated the easiest way to the access of these social media sites. Prohibiting their use is not possible since parents can't stay will their children all the time.

In the society, social media has been related to those vice which is not acceptable. However, according to the study conducted in Mumbai, it was found that social media and terrorism were directly related. Most of the terrorists have been found to have some connections with most of the social media sites. It also brings the aspect of violence and division of people in terms of race, ethnicity, education religion among others.  the comments that are posted on the social media may be insisting or creating violence among the nations, tribes and even the families. In most cases, the youths are the target since their behaviors have been found to be more influenced. However, there is evidence that social media benefit the youths during their adolescent development. According to Neelamalar and Chitra (130), the use of social media among the youths contribute to their adolescent development and therefore, strict use should be imposed by the parent. This is due to the fact that adolescent when go online get the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences without any personal appeal.  They cannot fear them and thus make one to gain confidence and courage in himself.


In conclusion, social media even though important to the youths, control should be emphasized. Youths are people who may not fully understand their role and thus need to be controlled as they are modeled into adults. Social media is both helpful and destructive but cannot be avoided by the people. However, it should wisely be incorporated within the context of the society with limits. The youths are supposed to be educated on the dangers of it and how wisely they should use the internet. Generally, social media provides the avenue where people can share information, comment, posts and communicate as well as expressing their interests. Unfortunately, businesses, terrorist, bloggers, share information pertaining their intentions for the purpose of advertising. Any information, therefore, should be handled with care. The youths are supposed to sieve such information with the aid of parents not to lure them

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