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  Arnold Palmer Hospital was facing capacity issues and needed to build a new hospital to accommodate their customers and physicians.  Before they start building a new hospital, they needed to evaluate their current layout design and the process flow. The goal for this process was to incorporate 273 new beds and 11-story hospital with a budget of $100 million. The mission of this case will be answering the discussions questions, but focusing in layout strategies.

   Layout designs is a critical part of any operations.  Once it is set, it is difficult and expensive to change.  There are various types of layout designs such as offices layout: position workers for ease of communication and movement of information, Retail layout: display items to attract customers, Warehouse layout: maximize storage space, Fixed-position layout: large and bulky equipment placement, process-oriented layout: deals with low or high volume production, Work-cell layout: placement of machines or equipment to focus on a single product or related products, and Product-oriented layout: assign the best person and machine in repetitive or continuous prosecution.

    When Arnold Palmer hospital began to create a new 273-bed, 11-story hospital across the street from its existing facility. Their management teams had the opportunity to create a new design and layout of how the hospital should be build and a massive planning process began. Some of the things the hospital needs to consider is  listened to their customers and resident physicians of the issues that they are facing.  Customers were complaining about long wait time, nurses and doctors were wasting time walking from one locations to another location located in the opposite side of the floor.  Management had to put in their thought process and make improvement to get patient in and out as quickly as possible. They also had to consider the patient, nurses, doctors and technicians , should have a convenient way to contact each other  as well with moving food and medical supplies more conveniently  Also consider the security of the patients and the administrative staff working in certain building or floor. When creating the layout design other factors that they need to consider is  the location of MRI, ultrasounds and X-ray they should be easily accessible and placed at the closest place. Overall the Layout design should be commutable for all ages meaning doorways, elevators, ramps and staircases should be wide enough for wheelchair bound people and stretchers to be moved around, and most importantly that sums up everything the layout should save time.  

    The new hospital circular pod design is far from the traditional rectangle building provide maximum efficiency in the delivery of quality patient care and minimize the distance between the nurse station and the furthest room from the center.The new circular pod design uses the work-cell layout design that organizes and group that perform the same common task.  According to the book, work cell is defined as: “reorganizes people and machines that would ordinarily be dispersed in various departments into a group of that they can focus on making a single product or a group of related products.”  By using work cell layout design, it puts staffs close to the patient's, computer systems to look up information, linen storage and elevators for food service in the center of all the actions are at. Another of the advantages of the circular pod design is that is much easier for nurses to see and reach each room, this means that the travel time for nurses will be minimized, but not only will save time, will give more medical efficiency for doctors and staff in general. In addition, the circular pod system can supply two rooms at the same time and this is something that in the usual traditional linear hallway is limited.

   This also provide the hospital to feature their environmental friendly atmosphere, warm and welcome color scheme, private rooms with pull down Murphy beds for family member, 14-foot-high ceilings and huge windows allowing natural sunlight to come in each room.  This is called Servicescape, Servicescapes, a term created by Professor Mary Jo Bitner in a 1992 “Journal of Marketing” article.  Servicescape define as: the physical surroundings in which the service is delivered and how the surroundings have a humanistic effect on customers and employees.  It described the environment with ambient lighting (natural sunlight), the spatial layout and functionality (14 foot ceilings).  Deals with ambient conditions, spatial layout and signs/symbols/artifacts. In ambient conditions, such sound, temperature and lighting are more than critical for Palmer Hospital. Spatial Layout, the circular nursing pods is the base of this new building and Signs,pictures,artifacts is crucial for a hospital for children, for example kids room or play areas should have Kids drawing on walls or sort of symbols to make it feel more like home and welcoming to the children

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