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Rahul , the chief executive officer of ABC Energy Limited (ABCEL), was preparing his presentations for the board meeting to be held on July 31, 2010. ABC Ltd  was a small India-based energy firm headquartered in New Delhi, and was primarily focused on power generation. Kumar wanted to highlight ABC Ltd's readiness to triple its capacity by 2015 in order to achieve a growth target. He also wanted to propose organizational changes to the board that would help the company meet this target. ABCEL was incorporated in March 2007 in Delhi with ABC Infra Private Limited (head office in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) and XYG Private Limited (head office in Delhi) as stakeholders. In September 2007, MNP Finance Limited (head office in Mumbai) also joined ABC Energy Limited as an equity partner. ABC Infra Limited was a project development enterprise focused on the power and energy sector. XYG Private Limited had been working in the domain of infrastructure construction for nearly 10 years and was one of the first firms to get into power trading in India. MNP Finance Limited was an infrastructure financing firm and provided long-term financing to large infrastructure projects.

As of June 30, 2010, ABCEL had 12 employees distributed over four management ranks, including the director, as shown in Exhibit 1. The employees were all male with the exception of two. The company started with a vision of being a world-class energy major with operations in India and neighbouring countries. Since its incorporation, ABCEL had grown by investing in greenfield projects and by acquiring existing operations. ABCEL was focused on electricity generation through investments in hydro and thermal power plants and wanted to diversify into transmission and distribution

One  Saturday Rahul sat  in his office  pondering over the career decision before him.He was  confused with whether to continue with his job or should he resign from his job.

Rahul had been a high performer throughout his life  and was really ambitious person.He achieved success in whatever field

he had undertaken and he tries to get his work done at all cost.

Rahul was working as  Manager in  ABC Consulting firm handling the sales and marketing operation for South Asian countries.

After completing his engineering as Mechanical Engineer he interviewed for many reputated firms and finally joined ABC Consulting firm as an Resarch analyst as he thought that it would  propel his career to greater heights.

After joining ABC Consulting firm he worked very hard in that organisation as he liked the work that he was performin there.By his motivation and hardwork he impressed everyone in the organisation and gradually started moving up the ladders in that organisation.

As he had  great knowledge about the work that he was undertaking his boss George became increasingly dependent on him.Rahul executes most of the work that was entrusted to him by George.

One day George called Rahul to his office.Rahul knew that this was an important meeting as was informed to him by George's secretary and was told to meet him immediately.

Rahul went in George cabin

Rahul   :  May I come in  Sir

George : Oh Rahul ! Sure you can and have a seat.

Rahul   :  Thank you Sir

George :  Rahul you had been performing exceptionally well in  your  current  work and have lead your team exceptionally well.

Rahul  :  Thank you Sir

George  :Also you have a vast knowledge in your respective field and our firm has gained a lot by your experience and direction.

George : Seeing your performance our management decide to promote you to the post of Senior Manager of our organisation.

Rahul  : Thanks a lot Sir!

George : You will coordinate and work with Mr Mike in your new role and would guide the organisation with your expertise.

Rahul  :Thanks a lot Sir. I would surely work as directed by you and would keep informing you about the work that I am performing.

That day Rahul was very excited and he informed about the promotion to his wife Rani and together they arranged a party for his promotion where all their close friends were invited.

Next day Rahul met Mike and was welcomed by Mike and was also congratulated by Mike for his promotion.


Mike completed his Engineering from Cambridge University in chemical engineering.After completing his engineering he worked in a chemical industries and learnt about the various process that takes place in a chemical industry like how the raw materials are processed and converted into useful products.He also learnt about the various machines that are required for such process.Seeing his knowledge and his hardwork he moved up the ladder in this organization very quickly.

Later after working for 3 years in that organization he decided to do his MBA and went to U.S to do his MBA to learn about management.After completing his management he joined ABC Consulting firm seeing his background  as he thought that he could contribute to the growth of the organization with his knowledge and experience. He was designated  the role of Senior analyst in that organization.

In the beginning Mike and Rahul became good friends and also Mike showed Rahul about the work that he would have to perform in that department.

Rahul being a good learner learnt quickly about the work that was to be performed in quick time and for this effort he was praised by his bosses.

Also  due to his knowledge and good behaviour he became respected by juniors in his organisation.His juniors started approaching him  for any problems related to their work.

This  created a kind of situation of jealousy with Mike.As at the beginning he was the sole leader in that department .But now Rahul having taught him the ropes of the work started to perform better then him.

He was often compared and criticised by his boss to Rahul.Due to this kind of situation Mike started hating Rahul.

He also feared that if such situation goes on Rahul will be preferred more for promotion in comparison to him and that made him insecure.

He then started ignoring Rahul.If Rahul asks him any doubt regarding the work that needs to be performed he would simply not reply or would ignore him.

Not only this he also started backbiting about Rahul to his bosses and also to his colleagues.

This created a lot of problems for Rahul as he never thought that Mike would create such situations for him.

He considers Mike as his very good friend and was deeply disheartened by the behaviour that Mike was showing.

He tried to consult with Mike with this problem but Mike ignored him completely and tried to ignore Rahul on that matter.

Also after that day Mike made it difficult for Rahul to survive in that  organisation.

He was ridiculed by  Mike for every work that he was performing and also didn't showed him how to perform that work.He forced Rahul to do most of the work  and also forced Rahul to work overtime and that made it very hectic for Rahul as he was performing most of the work.Also Mike ordered Rahul to prepare his presentation but these presentations were deleivered  by Mike infront of his seniors and they credited him for the work that he was performing.

Rahul tried to consult and talk regarding the matter with George as he thought that George would understand his position and would provide Rahul with a solution on how to tackle the situation.

On knowing about the problem George called Mike and discussed about the matter with him but Mike said that he had no problems working with Rahul and he was very helpful towards Rahul.

After this George called Rahul to his office

Rahul : Sir may I come in !

George : Sure Rahul, you can come in. Have a seat.

Rahul : Thank you Sir!

George : So hows your work going on ?

Rahul   : Sir it is going fine but is getting difficult  to work with Mike in the same team .

George : I know about that but both of u are the best performers of our company and our company is suffering due to your internal problems and I am getting calls from higher authorities to solve the issue quickly otherwise strict action will be taken.

Rahul : Sir I am really sorry as you had to face due to our internal difference but its difficult to coordinate with him and work as a team.

George : I discussed about the matter with Mike and he said that he had no problem working with u and was helpful towards u.

Rahul : But Sir I really felt that he had problems working with me.

George : I think Rahul you should sort the matter with Mike as this behaviour of yours is affecting the profitability of the organisation.Also such things happen in organisation. So you must resolve your issue with Mike as early as possible or action will be taken against you.

Rahul : Thanks for your concern Sir .I will try to resolve this issue as early as possible.

Now Rahul was in a dilemma as he know that Mike being jealous of him would create trouble for him working in that organization.Also it would not be possible for him to work with Mike as a team in that organization.

But he also know that George has high expectation from him as he had experience and would be really  disappointed if he left his job.

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