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Environmental sustainability is all about living a life in a way that we are able to protect and maintain our environment without compromising the resources of our future generation and still managing fulfil and meet our own needs. Concept of sustainability is not new to the society, it has been prevailing for a very long time but now more importance is been given to this concept. The main reason is that people are now getting more aware of the consequences the generations might have to face if we do not focus on environmental sustainability. Global warming is reaching to alarming level, and it has been increasing every year, posing a threat to every human being living in this planet. We all understand the fact the private companies are here to make profit which obviously bring economic growth in the country and they feel that sustaining the environment will act as barrier in making profits, but in process of making profit companies tend misuse the resources which damages the environment.

There are three pillars of sustainability identified world summit in 2005. Economic development, Social development and Environmental Protection. If we talk about economic development, as mentioned above economic development can take place even when companies act and make progress towards sustainability. Economic development is of no use when the resources are get depleted due to mismanagement, and as we all know that we need resources every single day to survive. If such resources are not preserved then it will create a huge chaos and anarchy might spread. The only way stop all this, is to work towards what we call a “green Economy” ie where stakeholders are making a progress in efficient use of resources. Social development is a concept where the legislation are made to protect the health of people by controlling pollution and other harmful activities by the businesses. And even educating people and spreading awareness of how to be environmentally sustainable. Lastly and the most important pillar is environmental protection. We can adopt this in our daily lives by doing as little as, switching of unnecessary lights, don't leave your electronic devices on standby, rather Turn them off, make the usage of papers as less as possible, install renewable power in your homes such as Solar lights. By doing all this we can contribute a lot to saving our environment. It is important that we should start from ourselves than insist others to do the same. With these acts we are not only benefitting ourselves but the people of coming generations.

The recent article post in New York Times regarding Hazardous air covering all of Delhi which has not only delayed flights, trains and blockade of highway but also creating a serious health problems to people living there. The toxic air has reached the the alarming levels to nearly 30 times to what World health organization considers safe. Government of India failed to take concrete measures to control such alarming situation. This is not only posing threat to people living in the heart of Indian capital but also to everyone living on this planet as this adds to global warming.On The other hand , in Pakistan the Government of KPK has initiated a project of “ billion tree tsunami” which is the largest environmental sustainability project in recent times. This project has been recognized by many united nation forums looking into the matter of sustainability. Having said that still, Pakistan has a long way to go when it comes to preserving the beauty of natural environment, but this project a great step towards it. “Imagine a world with a completely destroyed environment”. Companies need to understand that If the resources are fully depleted then what is the point making profits. Hence, it is very important that profit making organizations understand this issue.

The Bank of America proved that a company can make still make profits while taking care of  the environment, they managed to reduce their paperwork by 32%. And still managed to grow at 24%. Furthermore, there are Multinational companies which are implementing sustainability in every production process and in their daily routine. If we talk about Nestle, which is one of largest multinational companies is implementing sustainability in their every department. Starting from research and development, Nestle has been investing millions of dollars in just R&D to make sure that sustainability prevails throughout their business process. Secondly, when taking decisions regarding obtaining the raw materials, Nestle has different programs for farmers in which they provide technical assistance to them through which they learn sustainable methods of production. Furthermore, Nestle has a very strict policy regarding their production systems and methods. In which they make sure to use such efficient technologies which helps to minimize waste production, better utilization of water and sustainably manage other renewables energy resources, even they try to eliminate emissions including greenhouse gases. When it comes to packaging , Nestle aliya great importance in preventing food wastage and supports the idea of recycling, reuse and recover the possible energy from used product.The practice of sustainability doesn't stops here but goes to distribution, human resource, marketing and corporate communication . The reason companies are more inclined to sustainability is because it gives a competitive edge to an organization, and consumers are more attracted towards the companies which are thinking for the benefit of the society. This is because consumers are now aware of the concept of sustainability and they keep themselves aware of which company is working towards the betterment of environment and which are not. Not even the consumers but also some investors tend to invest in environmentally sustainable companies. The companies who are not yet thinking of going sustainable may now have to work towards it and install technologies which can aid them in becoming environmentally sustainable.

Lastly, the primary goals of sustainability that were identified in millennium development goals (MDG0 are, 1) world need to end the hunger and poverty by better utilization of resources.2) improve the standards of health by lowering down pollution, and gas emissions. By also providing good water quality and sanitation. 3) Management of environment by reducing food waste and efficient consumption 4) finding efficient ways of tackling the effects of climate change.

About myself

 My name is Fayyaz Rauf , I did my Alevels from Southshore school and currently a student of SZABIST doing ungraduate program of BBA. I believe in team work because I think that is the way forward. Team work creates a strong bond in an organization and unity among the people. As everyone needs someone to make progress in life.

I love travelling as it teaches a lot and I believe a person can only grow and learn through different experiences. Travelling and understanding diversified culture can help one gain knowledge and improve the interaction skills. Moreover, I love gaining knowledge about what's happening around the world, ie Current affairs. Moreover, I love playing watching almost every kind of sports.

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