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    Mercedes   Benz,   known   as   King   of   city   jungle   is   with   the   new   changing   of   technology   for   S   class   to intelligent   drive   featuring   as   active   brake   assist   pedestrian   detection,   Traffic   Sign   Assist   Crosswalk   alert, Active   brake   assist   congestion   emergency   braking   function,   Active   Distance   Distronic   route-based   speed adaption   and  active   steering  Lane   Changing   .   Model:   C-class,   G-   class   SUV,   A-class,   B-class,   S-class   and AMG.

   S-class   known   as   Sonderklasse   ,   which   is   the   origin   of   Mercedes   Benz   .   Otherwise,   Sonderklasse   refers ‘a   specially   outfitted   car'.   As   we   can   see   the   body   style   with   two   doors   for   couple   and   4four   doors   for family.   Since   it   comes   with   different   features   it   also   takes   an   interest   from   us.   It   is   launching   about   the art   of   automobile   technology.  It   put   such   a   feature   like   Four-cylinder   and   other   classy   versions   like seven-speed   automatic   transmission,   rear-wheel   drive   and   updating   with   different   models   to   attract   the brand   loyal   involve   drivetrain   technologies,   interior   features   and   safety   system   with   the first   seat-belt   pretensions.

   This   advertisement   is   about   the   Mercedes   Maybach   S650   with   Cabriolet   Features.   That   is   the combination   of   the   performance   of   AMG  S65   and   the   MayBach   Luxury   S600.   This   is   revealing   at   Motor Show   on   November   16th,LA.   This   ca   will   be   presented   the   burning   engine   which   could   be   matched   with one   or   more   electric   motors.   You   can   still   count   even   though   there   has   been   the   end   of   the   day   with   20 miles   per   gallon,   that   is   the   adding   of   Cabriolet   on   top   better   than   the   current   S600   and   more   than comfortable.   And   also   the   Limited   Production.

   Experience   luxurious   is   being   driven   with   culture   of   standard   level.   The   essence   of   luxury   which   mean the   new   Mercedes   Maybach   Sedan   S-class   sets   the   standards   with   finely   detailed   materials   and   typical external   named   the   tasteful   of   Luxury.   The   one   who   love   for   Luxury   is   the   most   suitable   with   this   brand.

The   shape   of   dash,   location   and   size   of   displays,controls   center   comfort   are   all   unchanged   as   original. But   S-class   is   replaced   by   a   prettier   three-spoke   wheel.   Being   named   as   Luxury,   it's   entirely   easygoing with   leg   rests   and   backrest   adaptation   let   the   customer   stay   in   the   rear   while   travelling.   The   seated made   with   restrict   semi-aniline   soft   design   leather   and   extra   adding   with   charming   diamond   design   and massively   machined   Budapest   piping   create   a   polished   optional   and   feel   fresh.

   Mercedes   Benz   takes   place   in   marketing   why   can   it   be   a   well-known   brand?   It   is   simple   most   of   the brand   loyalty   consumer   still   love   to   drive   because   of   unique   classy   design,   unlike   technologies   with   the other   car   company,   distinct   their   positioning   strategic   and   dissimilar   features.   They   are   describing   with their   wide   giant   area   space   of   showroom   mostly   in   every   country   and   attracting   with   distinct   and   unique show.   It   had   been   taken   easy   way   to   try   some   look   to   the   showroom.   The   interior   comfortable   seats make   feels   good   and   classy   to   the   customers. 0-limo-at-2014-la-auto-show/?gallery-index=0

    This   one   is   taken   from   Mercedes   Maybach   S600   Limo   at   2014   LA   auto   show.   That   is   about   the   second time   with   the   luxury-ladan   S-class   which   is   further   200mm   metal   between   the   wheels   and   has.   The distinct   is   the   lean   back   of   rear   seats,almostly   covered   with   the   leather   on   every   single   bar   and   the   floor offering   with   legion   range   for   personality.   The   giant   change   of   Mercedes   Maybach   is   rear,   where   sheet metal   has   undertake   varying   to   provide   owner   with   maximum   privacy.   Adding   the   extra   window   which   is


compressed   into   C-pillar   ,also   raised   the   Maybach   Design.   And   the   passengers   can   be   seated   with   the enveloped   in   comfortable   behind   ways   the   shut   line   of   the   rear   door.

    Why   Mercedes   Benz   S-class   Lives   up   to   High   price?   S-class   is   extensive   powerful   and   bulky   expensive and   the   cars   are   begging   for   sarcasm,   structured   pattern,   proud   remarks   because   of   its   surplus.  Some quite   pricey   machines   which   didn't   delivered   the   fulfillment   that   their   window-sticker   implied.   It's   body panel   made   with   aluminum,   that   is   the   weight   less   than   steel.   The   rating   is   generally   with   better   mileage and   higher   engine   power.   Being   with   high   performance,   Mercedes   Benz   says   “The   S-class   buyer   averages 62   years   old,   is   almost   certainty-a   man   with   83%   of   buyers   and   married   with   81%,It's  loved   to   buy   by   a median   income   324,000   and   above.

How   much?   Starting   price   94,000   should   extract   the   strings   of   desire.   And   it's   liked   to   say   that   only   slight magnification   as   half   as   old   and   twice   as   rich   40s   and   $500,000   to   60,000   yearly   income.   S   550   starts   at $93,825   including   $925   shipping   and   S550   4Matic   all-wheel   drive   from   $96,825.   All   of   these   highly performance,   well-structured   of   features   and   hard   body   make   the   higher   price.   .  Malik   Bendjelloul   told that”  Success   is   not   the   only   one   thing.   It's   not   only   having   a   nice   house   in   Beverly   Hills   and   driving   a nice   Mercedes ”. mp/ assengercars/mobile/mbp/new_cars/model_overview/mercedes-maybach/x222.html?mb_force=model s es-benz/mercedes-maybach-s600-limo-at-2014-la-auto-show/

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