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Choosing the right career is an important issue for students. Today, the changing economic status helps the students to consider various factors before enrolling in any profession. However, there are other factors besides individual interests that lead to enrollment in a specific field. The environment the student is in has a significant impact on the choice of a career. Among the major players in made a career choice for students are coaches, parents, teachers, friends and religious figures (Kiker iii). In the US, a career in business is a profitable venture. At first, individual gains self-dependent knowledge not only to rely on becoming employed but also being in a better position to express viable business ideas. The growing population and unmet market demand is a remarkable opportunity for business activities. Carnevale (18) indicates that occupation of business-related courses constitutes 19% of the total occupation employment as reported in 2012 in US employment data.  Notably, the projection of growth in a business career is estimated to be 9% between 2012-2020.

While some companies might only demand experience in demand in a recruitment process, most companies will require the applicants to fill their educational qualifications ( Therefore a formal education is a fundamental requirement. A bachelor's degree in business administration might lead individual secure positions in different areas like marketing, retail stores, and manufactures. Notably, some organizations require an understanding of business operations. Thus, people find themselves in various departments rather than the one reflected in their certifications. For example, a human resource specialist might be in a marketing department despite the academic qualifications.

Achieving academic qualifications is an important aspect of determining one's ability to handle complex business activities. Despite taking an online or a face-face course, one can acquire a valid qualification. For those interested in managerial positions, then, a prerequisite high school diploma is necessary ( The documents should be attached to SAT/ACT scores, teacher's evaluation, and the transcripts. In the business career, an individual is expected to have zeal in accounting, management theory, economics, business writing, information system, and marketing.

Career Path in Business

A career path in business is relative to the conditions in the job market and salaries as determined by various organizations. Notably, an individual who has high qualification has higher chances of securing job positions, but in the modern world, connection plays a significant role in career development. A candidate has to respond to the jobs advertisements by showing the qualifications (Cao 3). In different times, experience works as an added advantage in an interview. A business career takes stages depending on one's skills, experience, and expertise.

At first, a 1-2 year experienced candidate would only hold an assistant position in an organization some have opted to volunteer to different firms to gain experience ( This step is significant for connections on a job as some employer retain the volunteers as employers in vacant positions.  It helps one explore education and set career goals.  For 2-3 years, the individual works with users to improve process and systems in the business. Next, 3-6 years is a time when one is likely to be integrated into business case development and analysis modeling. With 4-10 years, such an individual qualifies for a senior management position and conducts major business analysis work relative to the expected changes. A 10+ years experience qualifies an individual to operate in the highest position as a director or other influential executive. The posts have the responsibilities of leading significant change programs and business analysis activities.  

As individual advances in career, the technicality and demand for the job increase relatively. An individual at a low position is most likely expecting to manage internal affairs in the workplace while executive focuses on structuring amenable strategies in curbing competition and possible business risks. A business career requires ethical standards and professionalism in attendance of duties. Also, taking an extra effort to improve skills is a lucrative idea in fostering career development (Cao 4). However, it would be remarkable for organizations to offer training to the employees to help them achieve objectives in their career path.  Making a career choice requires assessment of the trending in the economy. A business career in the US promises tremendous development especially with the current plans to improve the economy.

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