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SEO Career Made Simple

Do you want to build an SEO career? Do you have the requirements to be able to keep up and be successful in this accelerating pace of digital marketing? Back in the days when computers and internet were relatively new, a little knowledge of the concept is a huge feat already. But guess what? It's not just a matter of knowing a little or liking the field is required now to succeed. A lot of people interested to have a big break in this career often ask, “What is the secret?”  

Decades ago, resources were limited to explore the world of search engine optimization. No courses on digital marketing or internships or professional certifications were available. But this fact didn't stopped people from venturing into this lucrative field. Does this mean, though, that only those interested with a degree or formal education should pursue a career in SEO? The answer is a big fat NO! One may take as many courses as he wants but this somehow does not impress some hiring managers. If you were asked,” What do you know about SEO?” will you be able to answer it with confidence?

The SEO world is exciting and full of endless possibilities. If you are one of those who are passionately interested to discover them, let this be your guide in discovering the unlimited potentials.

A Newbie is Welcome

Businesses and agencies alike welcome a newbie to tuck in their wings especially for entry levels. A degree in computer science, communications, and digital marketing or similar may be impressive, but it is not a requirement. A novice in the field can make a difference. Here's how:

➢ It's all about the skill set. Between a newly graduate and someone with actual knowledge on the basics of SEO, knows the concept of HTML, excellent writer, and can converse intelligently with anyone, who do you think will get the position? Having a background in analytics is even a plus. You will get hired because you have the ability and knowledge to complete a task as against someone who is just about to learn these tools while working.

Work history is an advantage especially those involving offline publication or website.  It could be an internship or actual tech jobs like posting photos to various social media platforms, editor, marketing assistant, and a copywriter among others. The important factor about working in these areas is the fact that one can work in a media environment where teamwork is vital.  

➢ Be a self-starter and work on your skills. If you don't have a work history to show, you can still prove you're an asset for the company. Learn things on your own and let your curiosity for learning all about SEO be your strength. You can start your own blog and focus on travels, beauty tips, or whatever subject most people are likely to have interest on. You may also develop a website with some niche target in mind. Remember, being online and staying active on social media does not constitute expertise in SEO. Your curiosity to learn on your own is a good signal for employers that you have the right attitude and a suitable candidate for the job where no one can afford to be lax.

➢ Be familiar and up to date with the latest news, articles, and blogs among SEO gurus. Remember that the online and digital marketing community is changing constantly. Self-directed researching and learning in the world of search engine will take you to greater heights.

➢ Having good communication skills is an asset. Your ability and skills alongside good communication skills is a perfect recipe to get right through the heart of stakeholders. You need to be able to grasp ideas and business objectives on much larger scale and be able to talk about them.

➢ Get some certifications from both free and paid training courses on SEO and analytics as these will be your edge when competing in one position with someone who has the same set of skills as you do.

Starting Your Search Engine Optimization Career

Are you well-suited to work in the world of SEO? If you are positively and confidently sure that digital marketing is the right career you want to thread on, then you should be hands on to learn digital marketing. The problem with some people who doesn't get to succeed in this field is the lack of drive. If you have the right skills and the right attitude, you can make a career and enjoy every minute of it.

Benefits of having a “Career in SEO”

✓ You get unlimited chances to try out new ideas and concepts. You have a lot of room for improvement each time you try and fail over and over again. No setback is too minor or major only if you keep an open mind and watchful eye for every opportunity you get.

✓ Learning opportunities are endless. What's new today may be outdated already in just a matter of weeks.  That's how fast things happen in this field and you must grab and embrace what you can learn until you become an expert in the subject.  There is no such thing as instant expert, though. You benefit from learning something new and changes constantly.

✓ Everyone gets equal opportunities to test and assess an idea regardless of age or career length in a certain company or agency. In the field of tech, your innovation or good ideas potentially to increase traffic and incur revenue are always tested and measured even if you just got hired recently or you've been employed for years now.

✓ You get the chance to meet people in the field and travel around the world. There are countless conferences, presentations, and meetings happening interstate and across the globe both in offline and online avenues.

How to Stay on Top of the Game of an SEO career

Digital marketing is fast paced. No one waits for you if you will be complacent of what you know and what you are doing at the moment. Here are some tips for you to stay on top of the game in this field.

✓ Be informed. Change is constant so try to look for new things you can explore and learn from in this career. It may be taxing at first, but keep motivated to stay abreast with the speed and challenge of change. Just remember, those who give up easily will be left with nothing but old strategies.

✓ Be patient. Don't expect to be at the top overnight! Have a realistic goal and continue honing your skills as you go along. The experience you will gain overtime will result in an unwarranted ability in terms of communication, focus on details, and even how you will handle yourself under extreme pressure.

✓ Adapt a well- balanced system. Your passion for what you do should not be the same reason that will compromise your health or your over-all being. One of the challenges you might probably encounter is the energy to learn or meet up someone else's expectation will result to pushing yourself to the limit. You don't want your passion to burn out even before you become an expert. Work on your schedule and live a healthy life.

✓ Observe patience at all times. Remember that successful SEO doesn't happen overnight and there are times when stakeholders might expect faster results. Just be guided, be patient, and carry on with your implementation until progress is realized and expectations are met.

✓ Be confident in what's and how's of SEO. As mentioned above, it's important that you are equipped with the right skills and knowledge combined with the right attitude to perfectly execute a campaign and see positive results. There lies the danger of misconceptions and execution in every SEO campaign.

✓ Learn how to be a team player. Working on a project involving interdepartmental decisions means you have to be a good team player so as  not to step on someone else's toes. The IT people, PR department, marketing assistants (or other people involved), each has a role in a project so it's just right that they are acknowledge before enhancing and/or replacing anything. Take into account the success of any project involves an excellent code base as well as well-crafted message to represent a brand or company.

The Role of an SEO Analyst

Analytics takes a big percentage of search optimization. It is no surprise then that analysts in SEO are pretty much in demand these days. Why is that? As one, you have the responsibility to implement search engine optimization as well as strategies in social media platforms for the clients. You must possess a quick understanding and provide support in aide of achieving the campaigns' goals and ultimately its success.  

What qualities must you possess to be an analyst?

o Passion for internet marketing and  SEO

o Creative thinking

o Outstanding ability in identifying and resolving problems

o Skills in time management, project management, organizational, and analytical must be excellent

o Exceptional skills in communicating and articulating  ideas

o keen to details and bale to meet deadlines while multitasking

Analysts are responsible for major tasks and that's why it is imperative for companies to hire the most competent professional. The business' objectives of clients are always considered in searching for the right keyword and keyword phrases. This process not only optimizes any existing content but also opens up new opportunities to make it better than ever before. SEO analyses as well as recommendations are provided in coordination with key elements and web pages and websites' structure. Not only recommendations are provided but an analyst is also responsible for executing several strategies to develop content with keyword specific or general SEO goals.

Clients need diagnostic reporting on their projects and this where an expert comes in by administering programs like webmaster tools, shopping feeds, and XML sitemaps. Help is also provided when it comes to marketing contents for social media use. This may include blog posts, case studies and video briefs of customers, and posts from both customers and analysts. The SEO goals of a client are always well thought-out in the implementation of a link building campaign and assistance in developing and executing content strategies through different social media platforms. Keeping up with the newest developments and trends in online and social media marketing, search engine, and SEO are crucial jobs. There is so much at stake in administering web analytics, evaluating search performance and results, communicating with a team, client, and management while still working closely together with other teams to ensure that clients' goals are met.

How to Become a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The field of SEO consists of diverse paths leading to being a specialist. As one, this means that you will have to be able to hone not just a single skill or perform just a single task. This field is like a spider web that interconnects with one another and each connection plays a major role to be triumphant or unsuccessful on your endeavor. A lot of people have ventured in the following areas of specialization in the field of search engine optimization:

➢ An expert in local search is responsible for successfully creating business profiles in top search engines and business' search directories, mapping sites, local media and directory sites, and others.

➢ Content development expertise takes care of blog posts, messaging for social media platforms, and most specially webpage content.

➢ Keyword development involves identifying the keyword and keyword phrases for building a website that will effectively earn relevance when a specific topic is searched for.

➢ On-page specialist examines elements affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of spiders consumes and the interpretation of a website's content.

➢ Analytics' coverage includes analyzing and creation of reports based on data to facilitate in the identification of demographics and behavior of users on a website.

➢ Reputation management expert is tasked with the maintenance of a company's good reputation at the same time mitigate any damage sustained due to some disaster by the same.

➢ Link building is when you get links from websites geared towards a specific site.

➢ Mobile includes usage of mobile sites, mobile interfaces, and searches that are mobile related.

➢ Marketing in social media is the creation of new contents to draw followers and generate sales through all social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest just to name  a few.

➢ PPC advertising is the creation of powerful search advertising throughout search engines, affiliate advertising, and the likes.

Nowadays, getting familiar with all these skills is advantageous due to the fact that most of these are interrelated. Notice how pay per click advertising has grown and beginning to cover social media, which somehow is tied up with mobile and local search. Social media pages, websites, as well as PPC campaigns also made analytics possible now.  In other words, you might as well develop a strategy and muster your focus on one but be conversant on the rest. This will help you build a skill set and use it to your advantage to land a better position or job or have a better offer in terms of salary and compensation.

Ignite Your Social Media Marketing Career

Career in social media marketing has become popular regardless of gender and age. There is an unprecedented surge of marketing strategies involving unparalleled power brought about by social media in promoting a brand, product, or a business. How can you ignite a career in this field? There is no definite educational attainment requirement for a social media marketer seeming that this is a viable industry.  However, the most common degree among professionals include communications, Information Technology, marketing, graphic design, or web development. Masters programs in Business Administration is also available for marketers seeking for a promotion in managerial or executive positions. While one of these is not a requirement, you must have the initiative to find ways and look for possible resources (online or offline) to further your knowledge to be at par with those with formal education on social media tools and programs.

Good news for aspiring social media marketer because you can now easily sign up or enroll in various training programs and obtain certifications. There are also considerable differences in course outlines and standards so it's best to do some research and choose the most reputable while still in line with your budget. Some educational institutions have included this course through its extension programs or normal curriculum and may be available online or in campus. These in nature may be rigorous than normal and in nature more academic but carries more significant bearing when it comes to employers and prospective clients.

It's not just about the formal learning but maximizing the full potential of these platforms is the key. Millions of social media users are yours for the taking to send out ideas and information that can make or break a campaign or goal. Here are some qualities that are key elements to be an effective social media marketer:

1. Social media proficiency is essential. There is an underlying complexity involved in every program and campaign. Changes in terms of technical structure must be analyzed and anticipated so an extensive knowledge and experience in tools and social media sites are necessary.

2. Creative and innovative mind is necessary in a world where change is absolute. Obsolete ideas must be replaced constantly for a successful social media campaign.

3. Innovation comes along with technical know-how. Your knowledge in programing languages like CSS, HTML, and others and emerging technologies is vital.

4. Impeccable skills in communications and solving problems. The distribution of information in the simplest yet effective way is crucial for stakeholders. It is also important to evaluate and utilize the complexity of market research and be able to digest data and yield marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketers' Salary

There is a variation when it comes to social media marketing specialists' average salaries commensurate on the field of specialization, level, location, and company size. The median are as follows:

• Marketing Manager – $55,073

• Marketing Coordinator –$40,343

• Marketing Director –$67,659

• Social Media Manager – $48,164

• Marketing Specialist –$45,259

• Digital Marketing Manager –$59,324

• Marketing Associate –$40,998

There is an influx of demand for professionals in SEO. The competition is high and companies must keep up to the growing and changing needs of the market. Web traffic is essential for companies in creating compelling and successful campaigns to stay in the competition or be on top of it. Any career in SEO is promising and has a potential for self-growth. Modern SEO specialists are almost well-rounded and are experts in using tools necessary for a successful career. This video is a good help to answer some of your questions.

You may ask again, is the field of SEO suitable for everyone? The answer depends on you! If you want to learn and try new things frequently, execution is not a problem, and you are willing to take these learning to new heights constantly, then a career in SEO is the right one for you.

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