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1.0 Introduction of Marketing and Event

Marketing is a process leading consumers to choose your company, service or product over many competitors (Laura, 2016). The most important is choosing the right marketing method and bringing the correct marketing message to affect your consumers to choose your company, service or product. (Laura, 2016). There are three main purpose of marketing which are catching attention from your target market, involve the decision of your consumers make and provide consumer a plan with specific, generally safe and easy to make a move (Carmichael, n.d.).

In the other way to define marketing is 'putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time', which is the simple way description of marketing mix-product, price, promotion and place (Martin, 2014). The product can be tangible good or intangible service, the main purpose just to meet your consumers' need or demand. Every product has their own 'product life cycle' its make easier way for marketer to comprehend and design (Martin, 2014). The price will affect the amount that need to pay by the last consumer, it will direct affect the sells (Martin, 2014). I will also be connected to the perceived value of product to consumers rather than an objective costing on offer (Martin, 2014).

Promotion hold marketing communication strategies and techniques including advertising, sales promotion, special offers and public relations (Martin, 2014). Place is also important to the company with choosing the correct channel for your last consumer (Martin, 2014).

Event is an open and get together for the reason of celebrating, education, marketing or reunion (Sharma, n.d.). Event can be divided by social/ life cycle, education/ career, sports, entertainment, political, corporate, religious or fundraising/ cause related events (Sharma, n.d.).

In the competitive nature, company keep looking for ways to engage consumers, event marketing is about marketer choose the face-to-face interaction with consumers by live events, trade shows, corporate meetings and many more (Chand, n.d.). There are also company developing or designing a 'lived' themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit to promote a product or service (Chand, n.d.).

Event marketing strategies bring a enduring, brand-focused impression of fun by capturing the attention of consumers, event marketing will bring consumers with experience that will resonate in their minds. Company use event marketing as direct hand-to-hand sampling or interactive display with consumers. Event marketing bring a better value back to consumers compared to traditional advertising.

1.1 Problem Statement

Many company have been using event as a marketing tool to build brand recognition, lead generation and thought leadership. Event marketing is one of the most successful way to build brand recognition especially to those hard-to-reach consumers a emotionally reward brand experience (Jolly, 2009).

However, the very important problem is will event bring brand recognition, lead generation and thought leadership in marketing to consumers.

Based on an interview with marketing department of KDU University College, marketing department of said that they will have 6 education fair in a year and the amount of student was lesser before they go for education fairs and the total amount of student they is just no very much although is increase in a small amount. Based on the small amount increasing KDU University College may use the marketing strategies of this research and the increasing in small amount also proved that event can be the way to influence purchase decision and this is the one of the objective for this research.

Education fair given more amount of student to enroll for university and opportunities for school to get more students, parents and students also like education fair that organized in shopping mall and they will get to meet some different university that they might do not know (anonymous, n.d.). University get to communicate to their target market and consumers get to know clearly (anonymous, n.d.).

1.2 Research Objectives (Main and Specific)

Main Objective

• The purpose of this paper is to research how companies are promoting themselves efficiently to increase brand awareness through events, through marketing.

Specific objective

• To investigate factors influencing consumer’s purchase decision by event as a marketing tool.

• To examine the effectiveness of event as a marketing tool of events implementation in marketing effort of KDU University College.

1.3 Research Questions

• What are the factors that affect consumer behavior by event as a marketing tool?

• What are the influence functionality and effectiveness of event as a marketing tool towards level by consumers’ buying decision?

1.4 Significance of the research

The study will be a significant in finding out what is the factors that are affecting the consumer behaviors by event as a marketing tool so that marketer will have improved of choosing event as a marketing tool in their fist choice. On the other hand, examine the level of effectiveness of event as a marketing tool that actually influencing the consumer behavior in marketers at KDU University College area due to increase the amount of event in the entire event of education fair. Beside that, this study will be focusing on brand recognition, lead generation and thought leadership have to be taken into consideration seriously in order to provide a successful event to consumers.


2.1 Literature Review

Nowadays everyone knew that to use event to sell a product or service (Farley, 2015). Everyone like events because it will bring in memorable memory forever into mind even is a party, free giveaway or a novelty occasion (Farley, 2015) Event as a marketing tool still get better benefit than online marketing, although it is cheaper but lack of interact face-to-face with your consumers (Farley, 2015). Event can touch and intangible instead of online marketing video chat, more effectiveness on communicate (Farley, 2015).

People will only show up when they heard about your event in advance and feel interested, therefore you need to put a successful event to increase their interesting by collect their information or details of those participants (Farley, 2015). This will be your fastest way to your target market and follow up that information for comment about your events in future (Farley, 2015).

Holding an events different from normal activities, better be more unique that participant will remember (Farley, 2015). Trade shows or workshops are the best event for participants easy to remember and a special venue also will bring benefit to your events (Farley, 2016)

Your events definitely will bring more sales and better business, this will also become better opportunity for new companies to bring themselves into market (Farley, 2016). Slogan and branding sure will stick on those participants' minds and your value stand for compare to online is more easily (Farley, 2016).

The rate that 'in person events' for the most effective tactic for 6 years is 6% from last year (Anonymous, 2016). A real life experience can build memories and engaging and the reason of event as a marketing tool (Anonymous, 2016)

Nowadays, consumers are looking for special product or services, because of many options is very hard for them to choose. (Anonymous, 2016). In a face-to-face section, it will be helping in personal and intimate relationship more with your brand instead of digital space (Anonymous, 2016). Brand recognition bring brands of your service or product. Most of the people know that event marketing passes the experience on to others, make your brand more related to target market. (Anonymous, 2016). Marketers can save more cost on events to bring your service or products to market, target market will buy-in a new product fast, and compared to others media will be cheaper (Anonymous, 2016). Marketer scan straight get back the comment about products or service on the spot, it can get your business in a better way to improve (Anonymous, 2016).

Marketing definition as many marketer ways is 'putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time' (Khan, 2013). Marketers need to have a product that a group of consumers want, put to a place that will have consumers to visit, price will meet the value, and do it at the time that consumers will want (Khan, 2013). Marketers need to put in a lot of effort to find our what consumers want, figure out which mall they always shopping, and identify how to produce a item at a valuable price and also get them to buy ur item at a right time (Khan,2013).

On the other hand, if one thing goes wrong, it may disaster, marketer can sell a car with budget fuel in a country with cheaper fuel or sell a text book after a school started or attract consumers with higher or lower price (Khan, 2013).

Product is also describing as an intangible service or physical product in a many of units, the product and service is including in hospitality, tourism and hotel industry and a segmented by segment and location (Hogon, 2010). A buying decision by a consumer will be higher if promotion, and the loyalty of product in the week will also involved in their buying decision (Hogon, 2010). In the earlier mind of marketing think that a good product should sell itself in the competitive market, marketers will always do something in their service and product to reduce the complaint by consumers (Hogon, 2010). In the hotel industry they will always create something to get the consumers back again in their services and products (Hogon, 2010).

Many of the resort will give discounted or promotion on price to meet their target (Hogon, 2010). The value of points in covered in a lot of phrase as in cost, brand, product, market shares or competition, price will change lower or higher in daily as strategies has been planned and worked earlier (Hogon, 2010). Cash flow is a very purposely business critical and reasonable on a logical basis is always a good practice, the pricing strategies in a non-technical point on a consumer’s point will bring how the track demand and price adjusted although is economic downturn (Hogon, 2010). Consumers always sensitive about the price, offer and discount, but it is not a very important in long term of a hotel (Hogon, 2010).

Marketers defining the tools as to serve the right content to the right consumers (Morrison, 2015). Life event bring many chance to marketers, compared in a same age, gender and income that with and without going through life event are similar so why not life event? (Morrison, 2015).

Life event is better than normal data as it brings right content to right target (Morrison, 2015). The three skills to help marketers in opportunities are consumer’s interests, consumer’s emotions and emotions driven (Morrison, 2010). Each of the event had own different challenges to consumers and different emotional spectrum, those emotional is given by driven as 52 percent of conversation is surrounding love (Morrison, 2010). For young adults there are looking for brand like Starbucks or Apple, apps like Instagram or Snapchat but compare to workers they are looking for Home or Car in a different way (Morrison, 2010).

Since the community nowadays is a big data as it will be a way for marketing to promote, and if consumers willing to give personal details in other way, consumers should have treated it carefully (Morrison, 2010).

Marketing not only brings brand awareness to a product or service it also brings business and sale (Gross, 2016). Marketing in other way also educated them as in they would like to know clearly about the product and service, marketing is also the best way to communicate with your consumers (Gross, 2016).

Modern marketing is cheaper, email and social media had made a better way for them, if you are in smaller business marketing could bring you to bigger brand and have to be more focus on marketing part (Cross, 2016). Marketing is sustaining more like food than medicine, it is more on sustaining your consumers, it also need to create and maintain with your consumers and marketing is not one time only it was a long way for brand to built relationship with your consumers (Gross, 2016).

Business is success if consumers engage on it, you will only have one chance to maintain the consumers, outside of the shop also very important to manage not only inside, consumers want to built relationship and you use marketing as bridge to maintain it (Gross, 2016). Marketing help you to sell your product or service, you are not only need creative to making sales (Gross, 2016). Marketing also very important in monitor your business growth, if your current consumers is important you have to use marketing to manage but you also need to put some effort on social media and email and marketing also help to manage new and old consumers (Gross, 2016).

You will fail your event if u fail at starter, marketer always make a mistake of lack of preparation on your coming event or coming next of your event (Maya, 2015). Make your event follow up early rather than late, you will get forgotten easily if you did not manage properly, competitor always will be fast so if you are late than you are going to be lose, that is better if you do follow up before your event although it just breakdown things, company have to monitor properly if consumers sign up with few accounts, approach earlier to your consumers can built a strong relation with them, technology and networking in digital world nowadays can let company communicate well with your consumers, consumers can also check details or information via social media or email easily and after you use social media on your follow up section after event you will not only get one lead of it (Maya, 2015).

Event marketing will bring old fashion style of one on one communicate for company to interact with consumers, you can get to know more of the personality of your consumers via event rather than you will maybe miss some part when email, without a follow up strategies you will fail on your time wasted but if with your follow up strategies you may get a big useful information from it and it can bring into your business, there are a lot method you can use to communicate with your consumers but by using methods that is not a useful way for it and  social media can create a bad impression in front of your CEO as they will know your personality on it (Maya, 2015).

Making sure that your offer is useful with follow up strategies you may get a better chance for your consumers in the information you record is updated and clear to approach your consumers, if there is some mistake on lead or fail to address your consumers as will give bad first impression to your consumers and make sure you record clearly of the consumers detail as do not mess with others and you can differentiate the consumers nicely as bring better first impression to your consumers (Maya, 2015).

Many of the marketers will confused on advertising and marketing as explained the same thing to your consumers (Glen, 2013). Marketing is the strategies and preparation of your company to sell your product and service into market, it is a long way for company to brand and package your product or service, marketer have to study well on your consumers, marketers had to take time on the process of marketing and company need to clearly monitored that the messages that you delivered to your consumers and communicated well to them (Glen, 2013). Advertising is a process that you promoted you product or service into market, tell them the benefits of your product or service as well know your own product or service, when reach the branding or researching part of your company will need advertising to communicate with your consumers, we can put advertising in many way such as television or different location, marketers should also created a online device of your event as for communication with your consumers, social media can be better advantages for advertising, it will also conduct with time, once your products or service is in the right market then company will able to know who your consumer are, costing also one of the disadvantage of advertising in different device and company have to monitor and use the best advertising for your product or service (Glen, 2013).

Time is very efficiency for marketing and advertising, both of marketing and advertising need to work together to get better result, advertising may work alone but marketing cannot and advertising and marketing can ensure your product and service (Glen, 2013).

The marketing of Online video is very good as company connect with their consumers and bring lead to them (Wheeler, 2017). Online video can make them recognize as in their mind of one of the marketing strategy, company are now using online video as marketing strategy as promote details to consumers (Wheeler, 2017). The amount of company is increase as doing online video as their main point of event and we are doing it after the event as interviewing (Wheeler, 2016). Online video also created more direct consumers as they know about your event and will going attend your coming event, it creates new conversation device for company to consumers as more effective (Wheeler, 2016).

Small company will feel sad as a big company have a successful marketing department as like you seeing strangers have their budget or time going for travel (Fontein, 2016). There are some marketing strategies that no matter small or big company could apply on their effort of marketing strategies (Fontein, 2016). Many of the big companies are using social media and strongly agree that should apply it on small company (Fontein, 2016).

There are a lot of situation will happen like flight delayed or luggage’s lost, Southwest Airlines as 'most love airlines' so that they key focus is on service (Fontein, 2016), Southwest Airlines would direct hear from their consumers or workers, they always provide outstanding service to their consumers and helping their guest prepare answer for questions from consumers (Fontein, 2016).

Many company always target consumers outside but CA Technologies think that the most important resource is from own workers (Fontein, 2016). CA Technologies created a social training to teach workers be more active on social media no matter inside or outside, the have been given tool (Fontein, 2016).

Big company would be more benefit than small company but they need to work harder on brand voice, Purina (a pet brand) working very hard in their personal brand and a campaign 'always on' to let workers know about their market pet lover, consumers will talk about the connection and stories of their pet and it become more close to their connection with consumers (Fontein, 2016).

Cola-cola use social media video as marketing strategies, they are just using video to promote and it bring branch of experiences people to shoot (Fontein, 2016). Cola-cola choose a good wear to promote brand in video and they get very good rate and comments (Fontein, 2016).

Marketers always worried about new content coming up social media that consumers will like, like The New Yorker not really clear about what their consumers want and they keep interacted with consumers get to know more about them and social media solve a lot of problems to them with consumers (Fontein, 2016). Brand have their way to get better with their consumers and create different content, like in Instagram they always use hashtag to monitor their consumers (Fontein, 2016).

When a series of drama, creator about to have somewhere to let the consumers to talk about your drama at social media and more focus is the same place, also will use social media to promote the drama as it is new (Fontein, 2016).

Somebody may be quiet in social media but Screen Screenivasan would not do that as he will be very active in social media and ask advice from it about comment or what should do in next, he ended up received a lot of feedback as very good advice and know what consumers want (Seiter, 2016).

As a research you have to fully clearly know your product, as Mattermark started in small company and cover the whole worker position and do it nicely (Seiter, 2016). Marry Meeker will figure out what is hot of the trend nowadays and find out how it works and why it works (Seiter, 2016). If you are getting no work on your company as fil in all step, like David Gerhardt will bad to the first stage and do it one by one, figure what out what is the problems (Seiter, 2016).

Social media always involved in everything, so what is next? (Odden, 2017).People always think that social media marketing always rely on technology, but actually is how people use technology on marketing to share, post or promote (Odden, 2016). People always want to involve in new social media technology, it will involve in their behavior, looking what going to be next and understand about it is very important to a company (Odden, 2016).

Facebook is always on top of people choose, most of the people have an account for it, WhatsApp and Instagram are second big social media network, think of what consumers want and what they expect on marketing and knowing how much they will get (Odden, 2017).

Company need to think about many different side to create a correct marketing (Fishkin, 2016). Live event become very important nowadays, there are reducing time when u face to consumers or supplier and it will give a good experience for consumers (Fishkin, 2016). Event is not at value that can only just pick an idea and out into event, consumers need more they can get back experience like Disney will be benefit on look or music, company can bring their event to better level as add more different things into your event even is small (Fishkin, 2016).

Food is very important as good in presentation or taste, light also one of the thing we can bring our event to next level like movie cinema, do not simply book venue for event as you need to look for the presentation or lighting. (Fishkin, 2016). Company also need to be careful about music, do not let the venue management control your music section, need to create a best suitable playlist for your event and sometime company can also use music to show their stories, the management team need to be monitor and come out with agenda have meeting in a period although it is boring, it depend on small group of management or big group as the way for meeting if it is a presentation and you do not get attention for first few minutes you may lose a consumers (Fishkin, 2016).

How can a company use a lower budget of money to create a better event, need to plan, how to add value into you event and company can create a social media device to communicate with them as about your event (Fishkin, 2016). If a successful event will bring back your consumers all together again on next, event need to create relation with consumers, it will bring a good start to your next event (Fishkin, 2016). When you bring back a lot of important consumers back to your event, use it as motivate to your management team as let them involve in it and do not save money in a very important thing of your event (Fishkin, 2016).

Event is an excellent tool as in marketing tool, attend and host need to think carefully as you need build network and credibility (Larter, 2016). Event is more than just a talk or presentation, there is a lot that you may leverage what event you want, what consumers choose to attend your event (Larter, 2016).

When individuals go in a group at a learning environment is really benefit to company, if an event is successful you may apply it on your business, company can let consumers know well by event and create good network and monitor it, company need to build strong network with consumers as it is helpful when a company have a lot of consumers to support your business and you can also let them give comment about your plan for next so that reduce failure (Larter, 2016).

There are a lot of benefit about your event, if everyone knows your name, all consumers that support you may listen at you and company may gain attention from consumers that are supporting, many people said that rather to sell a product and you sell to a person or company, it can not get trust through social media it should be from one on one talk (Larter, 2016). Sales may come long after event maybe not in the spot but it will come, event can create good impression and show what do you have to consumers (Larter, 2016).

Company would spend extra money on event marketing, the problem is not event it is about what can get form event (Huddy, 2016). Lack of data, as company spend a lot in event and get the worst data which mean lack of metrics, it wastes a lot of time and money on a failure event, should follow up of event and monitor the right way in process of an event and company need correct process and technology (Huddy, 2016).

Focus on wrong event goal also a problem from event, normally event goal is lead generation but company always focus on lead generation but not educate or brain storm them so no point on spending money, not only getting new lead is about to monitor and manage them, lead generation is one of the strategic but need to be measure and be less effective then only can push them to sales (Huddy, 2016).

Marketing and sales is a different thing and both also very important, it is important to determine fail or success (Glen, 2013). Sales is in a short period need to close sales and signed contract, it is also company would settle what they due with the consumers and close the sale immediately, the failure sale strategy is worker get consumer to come but not to buy your products or services and sale just need to focus on individual consumer (Glen, 2013).

Marketing period are longer than sale and it focus on what all consumers need, and what the company should do, marketing process in other way is make sales process more easy, marketing is really base on the 4Ps (product, price, place and promotion) of a product or service to consumers (Glen, 2013). One of the strategies is about brand recognition and let consumers understand what are you selling, sales is push consumers to buy your products or services and marketing is to pull consumers to come in and when the marketing do well will bring benefit for sales as well (Glen, 2013).

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