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Proactive also known as Proactiv is a brand of skin-care products developed by two American dermatologists, Doctor Katie Rodan and Doctor Kathy Fields, it launched for the first time in the market during 1995 by Guthy Renker, a California- based direct marketing company. The Proactive products are mostly sold online. This is a product that everyone can use in different ages. This product can also work in all kinds of skin types. Guthy Renker, markets this product by promoting it on TV commercials, magazines, billboards, advertisements, etc. Through this ad, it can be seen what the product is capable of.  This product attracts the attention of many people especially the ones with acne problems because they all want to show a radiant skin at all time. Proactive uses famous celebrities faces and their big names to promote this product in anyways. Proactive is the number one acne product that is promoted via informational, proactive is also the most highly marketed acne product in the United States and in some other countries around the world. This company has and use many ways to promote this product.

The company uses celebrity endorsement to help promote this ad. Celebrity endorsement is when a company takes a public figure, someone who is influential in some way, to help sell a certain product. In this case, they are using famous American singer and songwriter Katy Perry's image to sell it, the criteria for selling the product is that if a famous artist uses it, since she is a public figure, then there will be more people who will be willing to buy and use this product. Which in this case, in this ad they used Katy Perry which is the main focus of this ad. Looking at her in this ad in where she appears having and showing her face up, it can be interpreted that she uses Proactive. What is the secret to her success? is the main question of this ad, and then this question is answer with a simple answer, she is Proactive. They want the audience to believe that one of the secrets of her success is her beautiful and radiant skin, and to accomplish that she uses the acne product Proactive.

The advertisement by Proactive uses logos because it is mentioning what it really does and how well this product can be to everyone that uses it. Which logos are the appeal of logic also like the reasons. Also, this advertisement uses Pathos which is having the public figure smiling showing her face and skin with no acne and what the ad is selling is that using Proactive everyone can have radiant and skin like famous people has. Perhaps Pathos are the emotions that are showed.  However, in this case ethos are showed in many ways. Ethos are the basic information, in this ad the name of the product that by this ad is selling is The Proactive Treatment. It is showing the appearance of public figure in this case of a singer and songwriter to promote what this product do.

  In the article “The Language of Advertising Claims” by Jeffrey Schrank, talks about how advertisers use different type of languages to manipulate the creation of a claim that suggests about their product without direct claiming if it is true. Though the methods, in where consists in the manipulation of products to find a way to sell their product in an essay and faster way, the consumers are more attracted to the product companies and there are trying to sell because customers infer certain things about the product even though the claims are not often true. However, in this article what the author is trying to explain is that the use of the colors, the images, the symbols, and the words in the advertisements are used by the techniques to attracts the consumers' attention. Also, the author is trying to explain that the claim is mostly from the verbal part of the ads and the print for the product been advertised. The reason why so many ad claims fall into this category of pseudo-information is that they are applied to the parity products, products in which all or most of the brands available are nearly identical. Since no one superior products exists, advertising is used to create the illusion of superiority (p 4).  

In conclusion, Proactive products is a treatment that works in everyone. That works in all kinds of skin types and is very effective on all acne types. The benefit on using celebrities it will increase the promotion of the product.  Celebrities in ads build brand awareness and publicity. Public figures also receive a benefit from appearing in the ads, because they also often work best, and naturally generates lots of attention for their career and life. However, having famous public figures and celebrities faces and names it will influence of customers purchase. Also, the article by Schrak people believe they are immune to advertising, claiming that while they view and even enjoy commercials and advertisements, they know that the point of the ad is to attract consumers.

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