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Technologies connect the two wire as a form of a dumb network which later becomes a channel of information. In the limelight of digitalization, the users of a smart network not only pass information through it but share every emotion with emoticons. As it becomes the way of communication in global economy and businesses, also it reshapes the cultures and social engagement. Adding fuel to it, we can say it reshapes our emotions where the mating process is more prone to the intimacy over a smartphone. A presence of a machine comes between the attachments. Social media and internet are often blamed for isolation from the society, though in my perspective it reconnects the society through its charm in a distinguished manner.

Difference in academic writing and onscreen messaging

With the advancement of digital technology, the text messages and emails give the writing presentation to a different dimension. How a digitalization affect the communication, can be found in the abbreviation of terms and languages in the text messages. We use “ASAP” for saying “as soon as possible”, “TC” for “take care”, “GN” for “good night” as an abbreviated form of texting. As digitalization impact on our daily communication, sometimes we use texting these languages while speaking. As a natural outcome, it kills our skills of academic writing when we ignore grammatical accuracy, spelling mistakes and leaves a thought or a sentence incomplete. As per Turkle, digital messaging opens an opportunity for users to show themselves what they wish to be. For this reason, a lot of teenagers and adults love to communicate through onscreen texting and avoid the phone call. This is a way of hiding themselves as well as revealing themselves how much they want to be.

As an author, I would prefer to be judged as a thoughtful and logical person through my writing. Therefore, in case of academic writing, I would present the writing style keeping in mind that the reader will build his perception on the basis of my writing. So, I will keep the writing with zero percent grammatical error; with proper sentence construction and right spelling, so that one would understand it easily; with complete expressions and thought instead of using the emoticon. Writing a text message is a casual way of delivering thoughts to others, whereas academic writing is a platform of converting our thoughts in a more judgment basis manner. It emphasizes on the reflection of our concept, whereas texting is concerned about the response. Texting provides narrow spaces of limited characters, and there is no formal way of presenting or any restriction. That is why, we use abbreviated or short form, with the informal manner to fit in this space. Thus, it has given birth to a new form of writing. People find it easy to communicate through writing as it does not follow any rules and regulations of writing. Though in email writing we follow certain method they are not constrained like academic writing.

The advantage or disadvantage of digital communication

Digital communication is a form of mixing information and signaling. It removes the remoteness in communication and also creates distance in proximity. As Turkle points out that, he attends a seminar where people were asking each other for coffee and dinner in internet communication. Often in office premises, we can see that people on the same floor contact each other through the internet instead of face to face communication. It makes them idle as well as introvert in some way. Turkle also points out the factor that people attending the seminar were inattentive to the speaker and were busy in running their internet surfing, messaging etc. This point reflects the mindset of people which is captivated by digital communication. They are more prone to digital engagement or influenced by social media features instead of real communication. Turtle, in her essay “No Need to Call," explains the attraction of unphysical attributes in shaping love relationship. According to her, we take part in socialization in a half-hearted way. when we spend our time with our family, friends, and neighbors we roam in the other world in the middle of the crowd, our fingers are flying through the keypads of mobiles. Surely internet influences the marketing campaign of business and has played a great role in building a success story through social media. It has made a revolutionary event creating the relationship between businesses remotely. Thus it feels impact on the relationship of human life. As Turkle's essay reveals that people love to say they live on their mobile, which is the backbone of destroying the relationship. Often social media channeling creates distance between couples as it gives them the way of isolation. They crave for "space" which is a utopian concept and has no practical implication. Social media reduce the value of the relationship, which allows them to conceal their originality and engages to any virtual relationship for temporary recreation. Internet messaging often arises confusion in communication as the recipient is the visual listener who reads the message and finds out the literal meaning without its original sense. Miss Turkle defines the attachment of digital communication as a relationship with an inanimate object which is superficial and not feasible.

Vulnerability of text-messaging conversation

Turkle's essay reflects light on a common tendency of people who refuse phone call and prefer conversation through the digital platform. This reveals the vulnerability of the communicator who does not want to reveal his or her real entity and tries to be showcase someone else' persona. Through social media, a lot of relationships grows including emotional to professional. As people hide their real self, it gives chances to the others to play games with the prospects. For instance, a boy is unaware of the girl chatting next to him. Even he does not know is she a real girl or not. People can hide their gender and plays foolish games to trick others. In professional purpose, few people use it in a mischievous way. They state their false status to gain some money in the disadvantage of digitalization.

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