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Marketing Strategy Template Research


In the health care industry there are many marketing and communication strategies that are used to attract an audience.  Visual marketing and targeted marketing are two strategies that can be used.  Each strategy has different components and an appropriate way to be used in order to attract the appropriate, targeted audience.  Even with the differences between the two strategies, they are both used for the same goal of gaining the audience's attention.

Marketing and Communication Strategies

Visual marketing is one the most effective strategies in marketing because consumers are able to connect with the company on a more personal level.  Visual marketing attracts the audience by the use of visual aids such as posters, brochures, TV commercials, etc.  Targeted marketing is another approach that can lead into successful marketing.  By identifying who the target audience is can help this phase because the team can focus on the right population of consumers (Kranz, 2015).

Establishing the company's objectives, such as short and long-term goals, is also very important.  The actual deliverance of the company's mission and vision is critical.  The team can create an engaging and creative storyline by speaking about how long the company has been providing services to the community, its accomplishments, etc.

Components of Each Template

Effective components of visual marketing in healthcare can be accomplished by use of colorful pictures or videos that describe the facility and provides high-level details that attract the attention of the target audience (Katai, 2017).  Knowing whom the target audience is, how to spark their interest and how to reach them is key.  Brochures or magazine advertisements with pictures that draws the consumers' attention by offering something free for them as a first-time customer can be appealing to the audience, and will motivate them to follow up and learn more about the company, which drives success.

Marketing Use of Each Template

Visual marketing is achieved by creating visual images that are stimulating to the mind, such as pictures, videos and other relatable content.  Recent studies have shown that the average attention span has fallen from twelve to eight seconds (Egan, 2017).  Because attention spans are becoming shorter, marketers have the most success by keeping the content either within the images or by taking miniature break within the content to keep the mind stimulated.  

Targeted marketing addresses the demographics, personality, and/or psychological state of the audience.  For example, United Airlines markets itself with the slogan of low cost and frequent flights, which is more likely to attract individuals who take trips often and are at minimum in the middle-class bracket.  Flyer miles may not seem as attractive to flyers that do not fly frequently versus flyers that do.

Similarities and Differences of Each Template

Visual marketing is quicker and easier to comprehend.   The human brain prefers visuals and approximately 65% of us learn visually.  Visual marketing benefits from this technology by more website traffic, more social shares and brand awareness.  Visual marketing uses four components such as infographics, presentations, videos and social media presence.

The traditional target-marketing matrix consists of the seven Ps - product, price, place, promotion, packaging, programming and people (Ward, 2017).  Target marketing breaks down the market into segments in order to focus on the marketing efforts in order to relate to consumers.

Some examples of segmentations are demographic, geographic and psychographic segmentation.  Demographic segmentation consists of one's gender and religion information.  Geographic segmentation relies on a consumer's specific area such as their neighborhood and home.  Psychographic segmentation divides the market into many classes of socio-economic scale class, personality or lifestyle preferences.  The differences are that target marketing convinces customer's purchasing style and imaged marketing upgrades by elements of request for return, memory and character.


The use of visual and target marketing are effective marketing strategies that are both successful ways in which organizations are able to target the audience.  For example, health care organizations are able to describe what they are able to do for their patients and their families in a visual way by using pictures and videos.  Using target marketing helps the organization understand specifically what their visual marketing approach needs to be in order to reach the appropriate audience.

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