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Below is a list of recommendations for ACM basis the analysis on its service offerings aiming to achieve a 5% conversion goal.

Recommendation 1: Investing in SEO

Providing the right information to customers is essential for an educational establishment as ACM, which seeks to attract potential digital marketers through its niche CIM accredited courses. Being an online proposition, ACM's website is the most crucial point of contact for target customers.


Keyword is a crucial aspect of SEO and currently, about 18 keywords are generated as a result of organic search  whilst it's organic competitor IDM, generates 27 organic keywords . In order to achieve high traffic on its website it is essential for ACM to invest in on-page optimisation.

Currently, organic search generates most traffic. However, the bounce rate is quite high, especially for pages with course information . Clearly indicating that ACM's website is not sustaining enough interest. Assuming that same users come back later, the bounce rate should still be low.

Action Plan:

To gain higher ranks organically and be more relevant to the target audience, it is essential to have on-page optimisation in place. Having conducted the keyword research  as per google trends, it is essential to have right words at the right place. Current anchor text and headline for ACM are badly structured  lacking essential aspects such as CIM accredited qualifications, whilst only mentioning about practical assignments; which if supplemented with long-tail phrases on courses offered and industry partnerships will make for a higher ranked text. Its competitor IDM,  uses a more comprehensive approach in keyword placement by talking about key strengths of its certificate partner and thereby, gaining higher ranks.

Similarly, in order to lower bounce rates, sustaining interest by supporting course information pages with really short videos on course propositions and infographic industry statistics on digital skills gap  is recommeded. Currently, ACM's video lacks a professional appeal.(add screenshot) Additionally graphics and catchy animations should be incorporated, as consumers prefer watching videos about four times to reading about it.

Partnering with learning platforms like Smart Insights, as used largely by marketers, to generate blog posts and sponsor key insight tools by linking to the website and use data such as Australia's increasing interest in digital education, would be key in driving traffic .

Additionally, supporting course information with expemplary case studies with a link to academic work by tutors and providing detailed information on course modules would help in sustaining interest and in improving keyword ranking also.

Backlinks are essential for SEO evaluation. The more credible sources share a websites URL, the higher the websites rank while costing nothing to the business. Leveraging key strength through backlinks proves greatly beneficial. ACM only has 5 backlinks  against 7 backlinks of IDM.  

Target audience participation through open-ended online surveys and referral benefits for taking and suggesting surveys would help seek an insight to the target audience perspective on digital training. Building a campaign using results and supplementing it with labour market statistics would reason out the viability of digital marketing courses and its contribution towards a positive career trajectory.

For the digitally challenged workforce, encouraging notable digital professionals to participate can target the skill gap, attaining credible back links. Hosting events and conducting workshops with top firms all throughout Australia will add value.

Blog posts and content are dissatisfactory on ACM's website. Enhancing website credibility through insightful and relevant content, tool guides, free advice or subsidised one day courses and SOSTAC course packs which has attracted large interest (footnote) should be posted in large numbers and be more visible to target customers.  

Therefore, key aspects of SEO investment include efforts to optimise keyword to drive traffic and gain credible backlinks to improve ranks. Alternatively, improving aspects on the website with infographics (with appropiate keywords), short format videos, industry statistics and open-ended surveys would be crucial touch points for enhacing traffic and gaining conversions.

Recommendation 2: Increasing Presence on other social media platfroms through Content Marketing

Currently only 5.52% traffic is generated from social media. However, the pattern indicating that users leave as fast when directed through social media platforms, is not a positive feedback.


ACM's target audience (age group of 24-35) is social media savvy. As per google trends, about 49% of the target audience post content online and 85% find the Internet fun.

Action Plan

Capitalising on social media is crucial to achieve convertions. Thus the following content marketing across social media platfroms is important.

Facebook: Research suggests increasing video content, as 75% of the target audience watch videos online daily (footnote) increased organic search by 8.71% for video posts. Series of video on, CIM courses, industry experts talking about how CIM graduates have the needed professional skills and snippets on lectures, should be posted. Releasing podcasts links with tutors on key topics of career, digital marketing and emerging trends and utilising Facebook live to host webinars. Additionally, facebook groups for people interested in all things digital can be created to encourage participation.

Instagram: Currently, ACM lacks Instagram presence with about 90% of instagram users are under 35, thereby, making it necessary for ACM to create an instagram page and enage more deeply with target customers. It can do so by uploading posts about ACM events, digital marketing trends, course offerings, pictures with inspirational quotes and also, encouraging signups through link in bio to the website or relevant blog post. Currently, IDM also lacks instagram presence. Therefore, ACM can seek first mover advantage by buiding a brand community through live Q&A sessions on insta story and posted content. Pursuing affiliate marketing with digital influencers in the industry and also, for embedding feed on other profiles. Content, therefore can be used in several ways to maximise participation.

Twitter: Using keywords with links to the website could initiate traction. Keeping track of negative feedback and engaging with target customers by responding to them could help. SOSTAC course packs can be used with highest traction and promoting outcome using hash campaigns. Updating pagse regularly and providing information on key digital trends will also be helpful.

LinkedIn: Linkedin supports the largest professional community. By forming groups, participation can be encouraged through discussion threads on various topics. Posting content highlighting ACM's key achievements and using infographics for statistical data as online readers prefer images with information than plain text as per the eye-tracking studies. Reaching out to potential students through direct messaging, sharing blog posts and student journey videos on ACM's Linkedin page can be highly effective.


To conclude, engagement is key for achieving conversions. Increasing investment on SEO and social media platforms will widen reach and make use of borderless existence.

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