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“Every team is a group, but Every group is not a team.”

Our team name is Fantasy and we have a team of five members. “Team is a group of people who are working through a collective attempt towards a common goal.” For a team development it is important to have a shared sense of purpose and focus on improving outcomes. Everyone should have the capability, knowledge and new skills to deliver a shared goal. Each member needs to be flexible to meet the needs of group members. Our first approach is that there must be role clarification at it emphasizes improving team members understanding of their own and others respective roles and duties. Second approach is problem solving as it focusses on identifying major problems within the team and working together to find solutions. Third approach is setting goals as it emphasizes the importance of clear objectives and individual and team goals. Last but not the least our fourth approach is interpersonal- relations as it increases team work skills such as communication, support etc.

Jack Ma

Jack ma is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group. He is one of the richest man in China as well as the wealthiest person in Asia with a net worth of US$47.8 billion. He has been an inspirer and a role model to many. He gave too many speeches and advices from his life experiences, all of those give us teachings which tells us how to deal with problem's we face in our daily life. He started learning English in his younger age and practiced daily by conversing with English speakers. He gave them tours around the city for free to improve his skills in English. After that he graduated in 1988 with B.A. in English and after started a job as a lecturer at University. In his life he applied for 30 jobs and got rejected by all of them. One of them is when KFC came to his city he applied for a job, twenty-four people applied for that job and twenty-three of them got selected and he is the only one who got rejected. With a lot of struggle, he became a successful person of china. An American newspaper Baron's selected Jack Ma as one of the 30 “world's best CEO” in 2008. He was awarded by many of the institutes, companies because of his thought, successful stories from his life by which other people got influenced.

We chose this leader because he is one of the most famous personality in the world. He faced a lot of barriers in his life, but he never gave up. As we know he applied to many jobs but got rejected from all of them. His most important message to everyone is learn from mistakes you made, and it is the thing which helps you to improve yourself.

What are the leader's philosophy/purpose/vision and goals? How are they demonstrated?

The main thing he focuses on to carry the business is trust. He believes in hiring people who are younger than him and he mostly prefer the people who value their culture rather than focusing on rules or laws. Because he thinks youngsters can do better if they given a chance and they have more energy to do a task in a good way. His ambition is to bring change in the today's youth to arise hope and vision in them but not by taking the help of technology. According to Jack Ma in 21st century one should learn how to run the value first, not how to run business and make money. His goal is to serve the others, help the others that's the key to run a successful business. And if you want to change the world, you should change yourself first.

How does the leader inspire and motivate? Who does the leader inspire and motivate? Who are the follower?

 Pay your people what they are worth, provide them with a pleasant place to work, encourage happiness, don't punish failure, set clear goal. Care about the causes, care about the supporters, care to do things the right way, helping others,

Followers support and aid the leader when he or she is doing the right thing, and stand up to the leaders –having courage to let the leader know when he or she is doing something wrong or headed in the wrong direction.

Who is/was their role model, or strong influence in their life? Why/how?

From our personal researched, it can be said that Jack Ma's Team contribute a significant role in the success of Jack Ma today. By their supported, Jack Ma can easily achieve his goals and earn a lot of money to become one of the richest person in the world. However, from my point of view, there are three people who have strong influence in his life.

Firstly, when he was an English teacher, it was difficult for him to set up the company by himself. When he had a chance to go to the US, an American business man almost killed Jack Ma by a gun was a person who put him in the he very difficult situation. Jack Ma had to decide to convenience that guy by promising him that he will establish the internet company in china and he will make the partnership between 2 companies. However, at that time, Jack Ma knew not too much about internet.

Secondly, the next person who impact Ma's life and his business venture is the founding member of Yahoo – Jerry Yang. After cooperated with Chinese government, Jack Ma started to set up his dream – Alibaba. And with Jerry Yang's supported, Yahoo invested 1 billion dollars in Alibaba in 2005. It was a milestone for their success nowadays.

Lastly, the most important person of Jack Ma's life is his wife Zhang Ying. She even quit her job as a teacher to jumped into her husband's business and supported him from the very beginning.

Describe the leader's traits, behaviours and leadership style(s); provide researched evidence to support – show how they approach and handle different situations.

According to Phua (2015), he describes that Jack Ma has ten traits can affect new businessmen. First, jack Ma prefers to his instinct to make commerce decisions.  Secondly, Jack Ma never satisfied with status quo, unwilling to mediocrity. He focuses on long-term investment and development. Third, he puts attentions to dreams and missions instead of constant management model. Forth, Jack Ma tends to set unreasonable goals for himself and his teams. He thinks it is good for them to achieve goals effectively. Fifth, Jack Ma supports an idea of businesses should put customers' needs before the industry's needs.  Sixth, Jack Ma does not always receive investors' suggestions. He thinks investors do not consider customers, they always focus on how to make the most money. While it is not good for businesses' development in the long-term. Jack Ma thinks businesses should think about customers instead of just revenue.  Seventh, Jack Ma never puts making money as the only goal, who also attaches importance to social influence. Eighth, changing competitors' strengths. The most famous example is in the competition with Ebay and Alibaba. Although Ebay invested huge money in advertisements, Alibaba still can use public PR campaign to engage Ebay. That means when Ebay promote their label, Alibaba becomes more and more familiar. Ninth, courage is also important for a leader, Jack Ma held a speech in Berlin at Internet World convention, and just three people attended this speech. It was a heavy blow to anyone. However, before Jack Ma left the convention, he promised this place will be filled, when he comes to give a speech next time. Final is about pursuing your dreams boldly. Jack Ma like using Alibaba as an example to encourage his employees. In the past, Jack Ma wanted his Alibaba becoming one of the top ten websites all over the world, and last at least 103 years. Everyone thinks the idea is impossible. However, the truth evidence only Jack Ma being correct.

Besides Jack Ma's traits, his behaviours are also a successful factor. Jack MA was born in a poor family. He believed education can save him, so he devoted to studying. However, he had to meet many challenges, like too much tuition, failed entrance exams, rejections. Despite all this, Jack Ma knows how to know how to use own strengths: computers and coding. When he found China does not have internet company, he decided to build a first internet company in China. It was not just a dream; Jack Ma real took actions to set up his goal. For example, Jack Ma tried many ways to convince his friends or colleagues to invest his company. During the process, Jack Ma suffered from a cruel blow because many people think he was a cheat. Final, Alibaba defeats Ebay, and becomes a successful company (Stone and D'Onfro, 2014).

In addition, Jack Ma owns his individual leadership style. His leadership style is participating. Totally, Jack Ma has low concern for tasks and high concern for relationship. He pays more attention to customers' need and building loyalty so that customers can get best services in his company, and trust his company. Moreover, Alibaba is internet based company which requires employees own relevant experiences, necessary education background, skills, and experiences. Jack Ma does do it. He once said, employees should have superior technical skills than their leaders. If they do not, it means leaders hired the wrong employees. Ma as a leader to guide his employees' development, offer necessary help and resources, listen to his followers' suggestions, share ideas with them, and promote solving problems (Sattar, 2017).

Are they effective? Why or why not?

They are effective. Jack Ma, who uses his's traits, behaviours and leadership style, as a CEO of Alibaba. Ma leads his company becomes the world's largest commerce company. The company's IPO over $200 billion, and Jack Ma also became the richest man in China. Jack Ma is bold, but cautious. Firstly, he has enough courage to try to build first internet based business in China. Then, he takes actions to achieve his goal, such as, collecting funds, hiring outstanding talents. During the process of starting Alibaba, Jack Ma knows when is hang on, and when to give up. Final, his management enhance company's profit all over the world. In a word, Ma's ideas, traits, behaviours, management and leadership style are all reasons for his success.

What do/would their followers say about them?

His followers say that there are many things to learn from him. They considered him as their motivation. All of them are fully inspired by Jack Ma's philosophy regarding business and life. He is a symbol of fast changing life of economic business running throughout the world. Some of the followers of Jack Ma started their own business by following his goals to help people. And the most important thing that his followers call him ‘Steve Jobs' of China. His followers like him due to his humanistic approach to business events. One of the follower of Jack Ma said he was here in China just because of him. He too started his organization to help people just like him to fulfil their hidden capability. Like Jack Ma he is also a billionaire presently.

How has the leader evolved or developed because of their challenges /mistakes? What skills could they develop or refine to become an even better leader?

   Keeping up with the marketing, planning, cash flow and financial management, problem solving, the right systems welcoming changes.  

Be passionate, model to others, express your gratitude, help people, get involved at the ground level, motivate others.

Any other interesting facts you think are relevant and intriguing.

• Jack began his career as an English teacher.

• He has not too much experience about computer before founded Alibaba

• He had learned English by guiding tourists for free.

• He was paid 13 – 15 USD per month.

• He failed a lot.

• Failed college twice.

• He was rejected by KFC.

• 10 times rejected when applied Harvard.

• Jack Ma's first founded is China Yellow paper, not Alibaba.

• The name Alibaba comes from a famous story “thousand and one nights” because he wants the name is common that everybody in the world knows about it.

• He started Alibaba with English group student and 60.000$ borrowed from 18 people.

• Alibaba's sales for 2014 are estimated at $420 billion (£257 billion), dwarfing Amazon   and eBay which had a combined turnover of $90 billion in 2013.

• More than 50% of parcels sent in China are Alibaba parcels.

• The biggest shopping site in China is Taobao, which is operated by Alibaba group Jack Ma is the first Chinese businessman who appears on the cover of Forbes

Conclusion: -

As we discussed above, Jack Ma is an effective leader who has many characteristics that make him a brilliant and successful leader in present world like well-developed emotional intelligence and flexible leadership style. He is a personality of positive outlook whatever the situation is.  One can truly understand that a run of good lucks cannot make us successful entrepreneur.  Therefore, it is clear from our written report that his highly developed skills and proper use of his capabilities leading him to be a successful businessman in his life. He is the one who had a vision of opportunity, believe in his ability, has the willing to take challenges and these things made him successful entrepreneur and a great inspirer of the present youth.

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