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In The Summer Day, Mary Oliver asks the thought-provoking question: what do I plan to do with my one wild precious life? In GEB 3003, I answered this question from a career perspective and identified the duties and responsibilities I would carry out daily with my chosen career path. Through self-assessments, meetings, and research, I found evidence to support why my chosen career path is suitable for me to pursue. During this semester, GEB 3005 helped me develop an action plan to follow in order to reach the career goal I established in GEB 3003. Through a series of assignments, I compiled a list of sources, prepared a Personalized Development Plan, and created a career action plan with the steps I need to follow to achieve a promotion at my current job. These assignments helped me create the framework for my career plan. If followed, I will reach my goal of being promoted to a managerial position at my current job.

After reading the chapter “Finding a Job” in This Is Who We Hire, I learned the concept of networking and how to use it to leverage a potential job opportunity with an employer. The information in that chapter helped me compile a list of traditional and nontraditional sources that I could use to get on the path towards my goal of securing a promotion by graduation. The sources I plan on utilizing are networking, direct outreach to professionals by conducting informational interviews with the managing attorneys and case manager at current job, and attending speaker presentations related to my field of interest at The Exchange. After creating a list of sources and evaluating their efficacy relative to my targeted career goal, I prepared a Personalized Development Plan and Achievement Portfolio. The plan and portfolio helped me identify what skills and qualifications I will need in order to achieve a promotion. Through my Personalized Development Plan, I determined that by graduation I will have developed negotiation, persuasion, and management of personnel resources skills, as well as developed skills related management of financial resources, and obtained the knowledge of principles and methods related to sales and marketing.

    The final step was to incorporate my list of sources with my Personalized Development Plan to create a Career Action Plan. By implementing the steps in my Action Plan prior to graduation, I will reach my career goal of securing a promotion.  These steps include: obtaining a bachelor's degree in business management from the University of Central Florida by completing the common program prerequisites, business core classes, management major classes, and career professionalism classes. Additionally, I will develop negotiation and persuasion skills by attending info sessions and speaker series related to these topics. I will also develop the skill of managing personnel resources by meeting with the former operations manager at my current job of and looking for other managers to interview and potentially job shadow. Furthermore, by graduation, I will use networking to form relationships and connections with professionals that can help me further develop the skills outlined in my career plan.

Part of these assignments included constructive peer reviews. Conducting a review of a classmate's submission and provide constructive feedback was challenging at times, but it was helpful to see what steps, sources and ideas other people have according to their own career plan. Some submissions I reviewed gave me ideas and sources I was able to add to my own plan and utilize, as I would not have thought of them before. The feedback I received from my classmates was positive, informative and encouraging. The comments indicated that I have a well thought out plan that will help me develop the certain skills and achievements I need to reach my goals. By having my classmates review my list of sources, action plan, and Personalized Development Plan, I was able to receive advice and input from their different perspectives. They confirmed the resources I chose at the beginning of the semester are going to provide me with many great opportunities to network and get a job in my desired field.

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