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Longleat which was a large household opened up to the public in 1949. This was their way to meet the increasing costs of maintaining the large house and big property and meeting the heavy death duties. Longleat offered another unique attraction to the British public in 1966, which is the first drive through park outside of Africa. In the last years' visitor numbers have been growing and this is most likely due to the televising of the BBC Animal Park series. Longleat is divided into two businesses: Longleat Enterprises Limited and the Longleat Estate.

The Leisure businesses at Longleat are operated by a private limited company. The responsibility of general manager is the day to day management of the company and the manager reports directly to the marques on a weekly basis.

Longleat Enterprises Limited leases Longleat House together with the surrounding 1,000-acre park from the Marquess of Bath. The paid rent of this contract goes into the other side of the business, the Longleat Estate. The trading valuable things are owned by Longleat Enterprises Limited, which finances all replacements and improvements, including purchases of animals, investment in any new attractions, plant, equipment, vehicles etc. Any money made are worked back into Longleat, either into the service of the house and park or into continuing to and improving facilities for visitors. Longleat Enterprises Limited also owns Cheddar Caves in Somerset and they are inspected together as one company for once-a-year considering purposes. Longleat Enterprises Limited's business and considering year is the same as the calendar year - January to December. This works with the nature of the business the relaxation operations generally open in March and trade through to November of each year.

Longleat Enterprises Limited receives its main income from visitors during the summer months and very little during the winter. Management of the cash flow position and planning of the budgets is carried out taking account of the fact that from November until the beginning of the next season there is very little money for the period. The total once-a-year turnover for the Longleat Enterprises Limited operating at Longleat is about £5 million, which must meet the cost of wages, rates, insurance, repairs, heat, light, etc. and provide money for major restoration work and improvements.

The company pays corporation tax on any profits made and VAT to HM Revenue and Customs throughout the year. Budgets for the coming year are prepared in September/October and submitted to the directors in December.  Subject to their approval, final budgets for the next trading year are then completed and distributed to the Department Managers. Monthly budget reports for each department and all component profit centers within it are produced for each Department Manager. These monthly management accounts are very important to analyze how the business is performing throughout the season and in comparing the results accomplished against the budget and the previous season's performance.

Capital Region Tourism was set up in 2002 and is one of four Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTPs) operating in Wales, which are responsible for coordinating many parts of tourism development and marketing in their areas. Their headquarters are in Cardiff, Capital Region Tourism is the lead body for tourism in South East Wales, working in partnership with public, private and non-profit travel and tourism organizations in the area. Its first goal for success is to control the development, putting it into use and tracking of the Regional Tourism Strategy for South East Wales, through coordinating the activities of individual partners and other key stakeholders. Its second goal is to accept specific tourism activities which help deliver the strategy.

Capital Region Tourism has five members which are there for a long term, including its Regional Strategy Director. The work of the organization is controlled by a Board of Directors made of local control representatives and people working in travel and tourism in the region. Capital Region Tourism is a company with no shareholders. It works in partnership with all the local people in charge in the region, which include Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and Blaenau Gwent, hospitality and leisure representatives from across the area and providers of tourist attractions.

Capital Region Tourism is fully funded by the government for state by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), which has responsibility for tourism development and promotion in the state ruled by a prince. WAG also gives money to Visit Wales, the national tourism body. Capital Region Tourism 's budget from WAG for 2009 to 2010 was a worth of up to £610,000. Capital Region Tourism also receives money from Europe via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF). Some of its work with other organizations will also bring in more money to add to its main budget of £610,000. Capital Region Tourism is working with a lot of organizations in the build-up to golf's Ryder Cup in September 2010 at Newport's Celtic Manor Resort. Capital Region Tourism has set apart and given out £50,000 from its core budget to invest in training and product development to support this major sporting event.

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