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1) Of the people: Interactive Marketing

To hold customer-focused events and marketing campaigns is by making customers feel as important as the CEO. Emphasis on customers can enhance the brand value and has a welcome and manners effect because it is targeted marketing. Companies that have been successful in the South Korean market have uploaded user-generated content to their websites and shared content through social media to attract Korean customers.

Korean Air – “Experience Korea for life on a whole new scale.”

Korean Air's marketing campaign is about the topic of how Koreans may be excited about patriotism in South Korea. They ask people to come up with ideas and opinions on how best to represent South Korea, take pictures and share their love of the country.

In just one month there are more than 1,000 submissions.Korean Air has created a customer-centric business model, promoted its brand through interactive marketing, and exposed more Koreans to the beauty of Korea based on the content submitted.

McDonalds – Big Mac Song

McDonald's is campaigning for demanding that South Korean consumers submit their own "Big Mac song" and vote for them. Subsequent submission of 2,000 submissions and 1.35 million hits resulted in a tremendous success.

Without the participation of customers, the Big Mac advertisement cannot be produced, which adds more personal color to the brand and is an element of customer storytelling. McDonald's even won the Bronze Medal at the 2012 Cannes International Creative Festival to become "the Best Localized  Campaign.”

2) By the people: Smartphone Marketing

South Korea has built one of the fastest connected countries in the world in terms of internet connection and ranks second in smart phone distribution. Often, Koreans get used to new technologies, ideas, and concepts quickly. Successful companies fully understand the personal data of Korean consumers and thus incorporate mobile lifestyle into their marketing activities.

Homeplus – Shopping in Subways

British company Tesco positioned its brand as the Korean market and changed its name to Homeplus. Homeplus understands that Koreans are the world's second-diligent culture and their goal is to target a typical Korean busy lifestyle marketing campaign.

Homeplus uses QR codes, not only in stores but also in subway stations. Two-dimensional code and visual display to simulate the real store, so that Korean shopping fast and convenient. Subway passengers can buy food at virtual stores through their smartphones and buy when they arrive home. As a result, Homeplus newly registered a 76% increase in number of members and an increase of 130% in online sales.

E Mart – Flying Store

E Mart also takes a busy South Korean lifestyle and takes accessibility as the number one goal for his campaign. By creating truck-shaped balloons that offer free Wi-Fi hotspots, they effectively created a virtual E Mart that flew directly to customers. They can shop with their smartphones.

E markets float in every corner of the city; this is enough to stimulate the curiosity of potential customers. When customers use E Mart's free Wi-Fi, they can also download coupons. In order to use these coupons, customers also installed the E-MART app, an impressive 157% increase in mobile sales.

3) For the people: Sensitivity Marketing

Since 2010, South Korea's economic growth has been slow. South Koreans are constantly aware of the struggle recognized by South Korea in the modernized world and the general pressure on the economy is on the increase. It can be said that what Koreans need is the motivation to motivate themselves, that is, to "self-heal" their own quality of life. Therefore, "healing" has become an upward trend in Korean business culture. The company is working together to provide customers with products, services that are satisfying, happy and beautiful.

Orion Choco Pie – The Jung.Gga.Mal booth

Koreans have a concept called “Jung, 情". It does not translate into English. For Koreans, it is most aptly "enthusiastic." Because of Jung's courtesy, Koreans rarely have the opportunity to express their true feelings about anything, and many emotional problems are deeply suppressed.

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