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Polyface farm is managed by Joel Salaitan, it is found in the rural side of Virginia- United States. The farm uses methods that are unconventional with an aim of enhancing and improving agriculture “economically, emotionally as well as environmentally”. Joel Salaitan leaned several methods that he can use to enhance agriculture in their farm and he implemented them. These methods include, marketing of produce and meats directly to clients rotation method and beef that is purely grass-fed which many have argued that it has made his farm turn out to be an ecological system rather than traditional farm or farming (Farms, 4). Another unique feature to add about Polyface Farm is that there is an on-site store. This is where clients go and shop the products of their choice.

From the video on natural faring on food Inc, Joel Salatin challenges individuals to buy products that re produced locally so that small businesses cannot exit the market. Salatin had a belief that it is important for clients to know their farmers in person so that they are familiar with the source of the products they buy. Salatin runs his farm basing on his Christian beliefs in terms of rearing them and slaughtering the animals (Krasner, 28). He raises and slaughters his animals in honor of God. The principle on which Polyface is founded on is in the observation of the activities of the animals in their natural settings and be able to replicate those behaviors in the ecosystem as much as they can.

Polyface's mode of farming is very cheap and sustainable. This is because; let the animals in the farm do the work. For a farmer who is engaged in rearing the cows and poultry and he is worried about the height of the grass and its effects it has on the mobility of the chicken; should borrow from Polyface. The farmer should let the cows eat the grass through grazing. The grass will therefore get to the level where chicken will be able to roam around freely. There is no need of the farmer using a lawn mower where there is an unconventional method that can be borrowed from Polyface. It should be noted that after the cows are done with grazing, they leave behind their patties which results into fly larvae which are dangerous to the cows. The chicken will sanitize the patties from the cows and this will lead to the elimination of the parasite which are harmful to the cows without necessarily costing the farmer anti-parasitic chemicals while at the same time feeding his chickens.

Farms should be like Polyface because the methods used and the end returns are both economical and beneficial to the farmer. If Salatin's philosophy is employed farmers' produce will attract a fair wage. This will reduce the dependence that the farmer may have on the government immensely and rural communities will be strengthened. Farmers should adopt the organic methods applied at Polyface because research has demonstrated that it only requires labor that is two and a half time less than factory farms and still produces ten times of the profit than the factory farms. For farmers who don't have cows or chicken, for example, they may be having other animals or birds who can be rotated intensively in the farm and achieve the same results as that of Polyface. The farmer may use players like native wildflowers, tomato plants, or other advantageous insects.

Farms should employ the methods used in Polyface because they are beneficial to the animals. Salatin's philosophy of organic farming leads to better caring of the animals. Animals are humanely treated and with respect, instead of using chemicals. For instance, from the video, in Polyface Farm, the parasite that is likely to be caused by the cow dung of the cow to result to fly larvae which are parasitic to the cow. When chickens are allowed in the field they feed on these parasites and the cows are safe. The method leads to the creation of the natural behaviors or conditions the animals and birds like grazing and pecking respectively. This, research has shown than, protects the health of the animals as well as birds.

Farms should be more like Polyface Farms because the implementation of these methods and the end results adds to the public health safety. According to Heaton (92), if farmers use the approach employed by Polyface of organic farming, there will be no use of hazardous fertilizer and pesticides. The produce that will be produced by farmers and made available to their clients will be free of chemicals that may be harmful to the health of the members of the community. Produce like vegetables, fruits, and others plants will be safe to be consumed by the clients, workers in the farms and the neighboring villages. For instance, in the video of natural farming, in Polyface farms, the grass is fertilized by the chickens as they produce enough nitrogen for it. The cows feed on the grass that has been fertilized by chickens, free of chemical fertilizer interventions. These cows are later slaughtered and made available for their customers who get a chance to eat of food that is healthy for them – free of chemicals (Abe, 166).

Farms should be more like Polyface because the methods applied in Polyface helps in conservation of the environment. When farms engage purely in organic farming, there is less or no pollution of the environment. The environment becomes self-regulating. It is important to note that environment is a critical player as far as the attainment or fulfillment of basic human needs is concerned (Chang, 17). In order to have the future generation enjoy the environment as it is supposed to be then the organic farming practiced by Polyface Farms is the way to go. Farmers should embrace organic farming for a better environment tomorrow. Organic farming replenishes the land and other resources in our environment like air and water.

In summary, being more like Polyface farm require conscious study on how Polyface farm caries out their activities and the methods they use in farming. Most farms are raising pastured poultry thanks to the inspiration they have derived from Polyface. There is a trend of most pastured poultry that is available for the clients is produced locally by the local farmers and it is not from health food stores that are pre-packaged. Most farmers are using the Polyface philosophy in their farming today. However, the farmers are likely to execute it depending on their own circumstances like type of land, climatic condition, and availability of land, type of soil, local market and demand, access to the market, availability and cost of labor, among others. It won't make any sense if farmers would copy-pasted what Salatin is doing without making considerations of their immediate environment of operation if success was to be attained. However the model used by Salatin can be a good guide for the farmers (Simpson, 107).

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