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Mitchell's Fruit Farms is public listed company that is incorporated on the Pakistan stock exchange. It is the oldest food company in Pakistan. It is engaged in the manufacturing of various products that include confectionary, fresh farm products and chocolate items. The company started its operations in 1933 and produces high standard products that enrich the lives of millions of people with all the goodness of nature for a healthy lifestyle.

Today the Mitchell's family continues to grow reaching more and more households worldwide with an ever increasing array of products from thirst quenching squashes and syrups to jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles, canned fruits and vegetables. The company has its farms in Okara district, in Renala Khurd, Pakistan.

Importance of Location:

Renala Khurd has orchards of guava and citrus running between the bari doab canal and the Multan road. The area is also known for its production of rice and sugarcane. The crops are easily cultivated because of the abundance of water.

Okara district itself is known for its fertile lands, lush green environment and fields of potato, tomato, sugarcane, wheat, rice and maize crops. Oranges and mango orchards are also famous. Following is the list of fruits that Mitchell's cultivate 100% in their own farms:

• Lemon

• Grape Fruit

• Sevlik Orange

• Tomato

• Garlic


Francis J. Mitchell reached Bombay from Scotland in 1933, after World War 1. He was able to get 720 acres of land on lease. At that time his brother was working for the construction of railway tracks and had links on the north side. Fredrick started growing grapes on that land and started its export to Mildura in Australia. Soon the company originated with the name INIDAN MILDURA FRUIT FARMS LIMITED. The company was able to grab a market share of 75%.

After Independence, the land became under the territory of Pakistan. The company lost its entire market share and reemerged with the name MITCHELL”S FRUIT FARMS LIMITED which is now present in Okara and Sahiwal part of Pakistan. The company is one of the oldest to operate in Pakistan and has grew over the period of time.

Product Lines

The Company is known for its grocery products. The company markets its product under one brand name that is Mitchells. The brand strategy helps the company to successfully disseminate its recognition to the customers and produce new products at less expense than that of competitors, on the basis of brand recognition. From the very start, the company has increased the length and breadth of its products by producing a variety of food products that can be served at breakfast, dinner and other servings. Recently, the company launched 3 new variants in fruit juices and 4 new variants in confectionary category. The company offers 140+ products in nine different categories which are further divided into 3 major categories. The major categories include fresh food products, confectionary items and chocolates.



Pure fruit juices go into the production of Mitchell's squashes. The pulp is extracted from the fruits that are collected from the company's own farms. These squashes come in a wide range of flavors such as orange, mango, lemon Etc. that are rich in content.


Preserves are used in Mitchell's jams, jellies and marmalades.


The pickles are made in the traditional manner. Fruits and vegetables are carefully selected and mixed up with spices that give it a real homemade taste. Mixed and ango pickle are most widely used.


It is made from the tomatoes that are grown in Mitchell's own fruit farm. The rich red color shows the quality of the product, but recently people started believing that the company was using some sort of artificial color or dye because they had dark red color relative to other competitors.



Milk toffee is made from milk and butter and is favorite among children.


Butter scotch made from milk and butter has a flavor that one cannot resist.


The unique shape and delicious flavor make fruit bon bons famous among children.


 The caramel nuggets with chocolate milk filled in the center is no less than a treat.



The thick chocolate bar filled with caramel in the center was the best selling product for Mitchell's after its launch in 1983. As of now, the product has lost its market share because of poor advertising and generational gap. As of now, Candy-land dairy milk is market leader.


Having a rich chocolate coating, with the taste of crunch, hat-trick was introduced in 1986 and had a remarkable sale in early 1990.


Introduced in 1988, was for those who liked to taste victory.

Michelle's Offices:

Corporate Office

39-A, D-1, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

Phone: 042-35872392-96

Fax: 043-35872398

E-mail: [email protected]

Farms and Factory

Renala Khurd,

District Okara, Pakistan

Phone: 044-2622908, 2635907-8

Fax: 044-2621416

Organizational Structure:

All operational activities are governed by the CEO. CEO is responsible for the performance of the company.  Advisor plays the role of disseminator between chairman and the board of governors. The BOD takes decisions which are in the best interests of the company's stakeholders. HOD's of the departments have to report to the CEO for the performance of the organization.

Hierarchy Detail:

Board of Directors






Finance Department:

CFO (chief financial officer) runs the department and makes sure that the money is supplied or released in time. All the cash related activities occur within the finance department. The CFO decides whether it is better for the company to be equity financed or debt financed.

Marketing Department

Marketing department is run by the Marketing Manager. Marketing requires extrovert people who can interact with the customers and suppliers and provide constructive feedback to the company. This department is the backbone for any company. The marketing manager is involved in decisions related to sales, advertising and promotions etc.

Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain manager leads the department. It occurs within the factory. The supply chain manager has to make decisions about what items to produce and what to buy, keeping in view the current scenario.

Chain of Command:

CEO is the final authority. The heads of different departments have to report to the CEO about every single process occurring in the particular department.


Total number of permanent employees of Mitchell's about 350.

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