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The culture of AT&T is one of diversity and inclusion this is shown throughout the corporation's entire cultural statement. Diversity is shown once one has accessed their website you are met with multiple slides of people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. They aim to hire employees from a variety of backgrounds to support their belief in the need for more diversity in their workplace. They also believe in allowing their employers to grow by offering performance- based rewards and setting them at high standard to fit their culture of excellence.

They train their senior leaders in a way that will adapt them to their diverse initiatives so that they will then train employees to do the same. Senior leaders of the company are held accountable to meet a standard of excellence because that is what AT&T strives to be. They understand the importance of this culture and all work by the same philosophy: “We serve our customers better when we build diversity into all we do, and that positively impacts our customers and shareowners” ( As seen in this statement the company the company believes that by building diversity in their culture they will find ease serving customers of various backgrounds. By implementing the concept of diversity into their trainings, corporate buildings, and retail stores their employees will be well adapted diversity and all it entails.

The company's implementation of diversity also flows into the way they advertise their products and their company. As previously mentioned, when entering their website the first thing that grabs attention is the diversity of their company. Their advertisement is what brings the customers in and allows them to see what the culture of the company is. Which is why everything AT&T has on their website represents diversity. This goes from a picture of a collective group of friends of different ethnic backgrounds laughing to the AT&T logo in a rainbow colors to show their support for pride in the LGBT community. (AT&T Business). It is said in AT&T's culture statement “AT&T believes it is essential to conduct business in the preferred language of its customers and offers culturally-relevant products and services. Our marketing and advertising goes beyond language. We want to understand the differences to market effectively to the African-American, LGBT, military and disability segments among others.” This respect for others cultures and the want to include them is shown in another one of their cultural statements which states: “The company's advertising and marketing campaigns represent the diversity of the local communities that we serve, and they feature diverse individuals. Our campaigns allow consumers to be informed about AT&T's offerings by connecting with them through culturally relevant ways.” Their culture is of one that brings altogether and connects them with their products.

Language is another way they use to implement their culture to enhance their product. AT&T serve over 1.5 million customers in languages other than English. They conduct their business in more 160 languages. In knowing this, they use all of these languages when helping their customers and advertising to those all over the globe. Language is a part of culture as well because a person's language comes from their cultures background. If a company can use a customer's language when providing them service, even if it is one that makes them more personable. When a customer feels that they are being handled with personal care by this company it encourages to stay loyal to that company.

Breaking the language barrier is one of the many ways the company implements the concept of their cultural. Language is the way in which everyone communicates whether that be verbal or electronic, everyone uses this to communicate in different languages. As stated, “Our customers are becoming more diverse. We understand diverse customers and actively market to them. It is essential to conduct business in the preferred language of our customers where feasible and offer culturally-relevant products and services. We are very proud of the fact that 888 representatives at 23 call centers and 323 company-owned stores with 2,590 sales representatives provide service to millions of wire line and wireless contacts in languages other than English” ( AT&T Business). As seen in this statement they take much pride in the diverse culture that they live by. They take what this culture represents to every level of their company.

Advertisement is the main way to reach customers and also a way for AT&T to promote their culture. In their advertisement creation their diverse culture is already spotted out by the customer. As stated in their culture statement “AT&T also strives to ensure that general-market advertisements are inclusive and embrace diversity, reinforcing positive perceptions and effectively reaching audiences of all cultures and backgrounds. We currently conduct business in more than 160 languages and advertise in top languages in selected areas” (AT&T Business). In this statement they are saying once again that they take pride in the multiple languages that they use in their company to reach out to their diverse group of customers. They make sure their advertisements show they are embracing diversity and that they are not just providing services to one type of customer in one certain culture.

Having diversity and inclusion as the key parts to their culture will drive more success out of their company and their employers. Diversity and inclusion is something that many company's lack. Many times those that hold higher positions do not include those that are undearneath in some of their decision making and this is needed in order for the company to have chemistry amongst one another. AT&T's culture is one of success which is why they consider their culture to be a “culture of excellence”.  By going outside of typical company and having the ability to speak in 160 languages, they allow the purpose behind their culture to speak for itself. AT&T uses their diversity to bring in new customers and keep their loyal customers. They also use their inclusion to keep their company together and continue to keep a strong community.

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