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„Creative Skillset has revealed that 153,000 people work in the marketing and advertising industry, with graduates making up more than 70% of the workforce”. Marketing is one of the most broadly complex sectors of all available on the market. It arise from a lot of job titles and career paths that are available in this industry. A young marketing graduate's career can develop by specializing in a marketing function (like communications or brand management), or in a type of marketing (for example product or service), by choosing a specific sector or just within a profit. Great thing about marketing sector is that there is a lot of areas that can be chosen to work in, for example event management.

Event management is constantly changing, in this industry there is no place for people as individuals, they rather have to work as a part of a team. There is a lot of types of event that manager could work on, for example conferences, cultural events, music festivals or even wedding and family parties and it depends on them whether they will work in one particular type or work on different events.

According to latest rankings presented on, Event Coordinator is one of the top 5 most stressful careers and it is completely understandable, because of list of responsibilities that a successful event manager needs to do. As an example, few out of most unskippable and key responsibilities are:

produce detailed proposals for events (for example, venues, legal obligations, staffing),

manage a team of staff or giving full briefings,

manage and coordinate suppliers and event logistics or make sure that legal framework is followed.

Very important and at the same time often forgotten responsibility is to discuss with clients what are their exact expectations against the event.

Produce post-event evaluation to assess whether the event was successful and it brought prospective effects.

According to an annual salary surveyor the sector, which is compiled by „Event magazine”, in the UK event managers can earn from £15,000 to £18,000 if they are working for an events company.  There is also possibility to work in a freelance capacity, and they can earn more depending on the size and quality of the event. If event coordinators have exceptional experience,  they are more trustable, so they can expect to earn up to £35,000. Nevertheless, it can differ when it comes to location, employer and chosen sector to work in.

In marketing, as Marketing Mentor claims (2017), five most significant skills required by each kind of Marketers are: verbal communication skill, commercial awareness (how does the situation on the market look like), team work, problem solving and initiative with self-motivation.

However, when it comes to event coordinators there are few more important demanded skills, they need to possess (Prospects 2017):

Organizational skills and attention to details are essential,

A flexible, target-driven approach,

Time management skills,

Budget management ability, as being responsible for event budgets,

Being stress-proof, as mentioned earlier, event industry does not belong to easy-going jobs and working under pressure to provide fortunate running of the event is part and parcel in the industry,

Patience- planning for sure is time-consuming, so there is need to be 100% involved in the project, even if the plans are changing all the time,

Being available all the time- from emails to calls to social media, it might be difficult to disconnect, notwithstanding the great part about being so connected leaves many event managers with the ability to work from any destination or at any time.

All these attributes might effectively improve one's employability, but the fact is that employers need to be convinced with something more that the candidate is the right person to employ and will contribute to the company's success. Also one of the most significant facts in the sector is that a recruit needs to sell himself and think about one's self as a product, which is candidate, that is needed to be delivered to the customer, who is employer.

In this industry, experience will count a great deal. It is crucial to gain experience through placements, internships, paid jobs or voluntary jobs, because any kind of job involves „transferrable skills” and being able to demonstrate examples when they were useful is an easy way to show one's potential, so it may increase chances of being the one to be accepted.

Events industry is very competitive, so event manager's career will depend on (Prospects 2017):

the type and size of organisation you work for;

how quickly you can develop the key skills;

your ability to develop a strong network of contacts;

your track record.

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