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Having been brought up in an environment as I did, business has been one of my greatest interests, since an early age. Due to having parents that are specialised entrepreneurs in the field of real estate and fashion industry, entrepreneurship has played an important role in developing and widening my knowledge for Business but also in a general sense.

Living between France and Belgium, in a francophone culture, has allowed me to deepen my understanding of my own culture. Studying from a young age in an International School and an English boarding school has enabled me to gain an appreciation of the diversity of cultures. Hence, there is a real advantage gained, given the globalised nature of the business world.

My desire for business blossomed when my partner, a good friend of mine and I decided to acquire UnderWave, an underwear company, in 2015. With continuous hard work and determination, we tripled the sales in comparison to the previous owners. That is when I realised my own potential, which is, that I managed to grow a little business, so rapidly, making it a success.

I also spend a lot of time outside lessons, studying and investing in cryptocurrency. I do believe, that they are the future of worldwide currencies and that investing in them will make the market more liberal.

There are also other sectors, where I invest a lot of time outside lessons, particularly real estate. I believe, that it will never cease to be a growing market, as properties will always be sold and bought over time.

I also was able to extend my knowledge into business via different internships in real estate, distribution, and hospitality. During my three months in Paris at Compagnie De Phalsbourg at an internship in real estate, I was able to understand the importance of treating the customer with respect and to ensure satisfaction with the service provided. I also learned that in theory, marketing is a very easy way to attract new customers, but in practice, hard to make it work successfully.

I also was able to extend my knowledge into business via different internships in real estate, distribution, and hotels. During my three months internship in real estate in Paris at Compagnie De Phalsbourg, I was able to understand the importance of treating the customer with respect to ensure that they are entirely satisfied with the service provided. I also learned that in theory marketing is a very easy way to attract new customers but in practice hard to make it work successfully.

Currently, I am pursuing the A-level course, which includes Business Studies, Government and Politics and French and results in having a clear mind and being determined to study Business after the Sixth Form. Having chosen business as a subject enhanced my understanding of how business works and how there are different approaches, depending on the market. Government and Politics allow me to have a clearer understanding of different political and social cultures, which again is important towards the aspect of business.

Despite French being my native language, I found the study of literature challenging. However, over time, the challenge has given me the inner strength to improve my literature analysis. Furthermore, making me have a clearer understanding when analysing Business case-studies.

At school, I took the initiative to open a small corner shop in my boarding house, to create a new source of revenue generation for our house budget, which could be spent on new items and please the boarders. Running this small shop allowed me to develop a business sensitivity and enabled me to use my prior business knowledge to ensure that the shop was running efficiently and to ensure the ‘customers' satisfaction in terms of their experience with the shop. Also, I'm vice-president of the Politics and Foreign Affairs Society. I enjoy debating and furthermore, it has taught me how to manage a group of people debating sensitive topics. Lastly, I'm a keen chess player and have represented my school at various events, winning us the trophy Senior Inter-House Chess Cup.

I am looking forward to joining many of the interesting clubs and societies Hult has to offer and maybe even create a Politics and Foreign Society as for now inexistent.

I am now applying to Hult International Business School and would be honoured to become a student, as the wide range of possibilities that Hult can offer and because of its strong start-up background. I feel like the student is asked to push their limits over the top and become a unique leader of a kind. The fact, that there are many campuses across the globe provides an international mindset, which allows the Hult student community to share knowledge. The infrastructure at Hult Campus London-East offers what I am looking for in a University, the best environment for a student performing at peak. I am certain, that I would be a valuable member to Hult in classes supported by my determination and strive for optimization of oneself, and outside, due to my storing interest in Business, heritage and the advantages acquired over time in form of experiences.

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