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Running Head: Get Out And Do #1​​​​​​​

Get Out And Do #1- Macy's

George Papamichael

LIM College

Professor Atwi




​I visited Macy's Herald Squire located on West 34th Street New York on Saturday February 11th, 2017. Macy's offers first class selection of top fashion brands that include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Chinique, Levis and Estee Launder. The departmental store receives its merchandises directly from manufacturers. In addition to shoes and clothing, Macy's has wide variety of house wares, furniture and gifts. Macy exists as a chain store business and has several outlets (Arnold & Reynolds, 2012).

​Men's Clothing is one of the departments operated by Macy's. Products of this department include; Sportswear, men's fragrance, men's denim, young men wears, active wears, men's bottoms, and men's shoes, men' coats and dress furnishings. Under men sportswear Macy's stocks seamless sports top selling price ranging from $ 4.99 the cheapest and the most expensive goes at $ 24.99. short-sleeved sport t-shirts retailing at $ 7.99, running jackets retailing price being $ 19.99, sports top selling at $ 12.99, long sleeve running tops retailing at $ 17.99 and sport shoes retailing at $ 22.99.

The second category of men product of the mall is men's coats. Macy's stocks the Pea coat labeled club Monaco Wool retailing at $ 259. Kenneth Cole Classic Pea coats with knit lining, retailing at $ 99.90. The double-breast coat labeled Harris Wharf London Boxy Wool selling at $ 462. The third category of men clothing in Macy's Mall is men's collection. Under this section the mall stocks London 2016 Men's spring collections labeled Sean Suen. Head wears, official shirts, casual wears, jumpers, sweaters, jackets, jeans among others. The 4th category under this department is men's bottoms. In this category Macy's stocks; shorts, trousers such as Faded Glory Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans retailing at $9. 96. Men socks selling price ranging from $2.99- $ 4.99. The 5th category is Men's Denim include; Slim Jay retailing at $ 118, Slim Oliver $ 118, skinny staple $128, skinny warren, $ 128 among others (Arnold & Reynolds, 2012).

​Macy's has adopted store-within-store shops with concession design. This plan includes improved interior design that attracts more customers. In this design Macy's has included a Lenscrafters shop and Bluemercury shop that offers spa services like brow tinting, facial and waxing. The departmental store model is a microcosm of malls that chose retailers who anchor a series of specialty shops and a good atmosphere design to engage customers. This has reduced decreased foot traffic and customer reluctant. I would have better shopping experience online because, the application is designed in a customer friendly way that allow customers to buy and pay without any extra cost and it save me time.

​There is a special sales promotion inviting customers to “Save Big with Macy's coupons deal & promos! Macy's…Never Miss a Deal with Macy's APP. The advert is inviting customers to download and transact business using the application since they will be saving from costs. Another special advert is about Mercy Black Friday 2017 sales which will begin November 26th, 2017. Starting 18:00 Hours. Special gifts will be offered (Arora,1982).

​Macy's intra type competitors include Amazon and Bon Ton. Its inter type competitor is Burnton Stores Inc and Big Lots, Inc. this is main competitors because they compete for market share and all trade in the exchange market. They have large market share and can influence consumers against Macy's.


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Arora, R. (1982). Consumer involvement in retail store positioning. Journal of the Academy of ​Marketing ​science, 10(1-2), 109-124.

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