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Naveen Kanakamedala

Email:[email protected] | Phone: - (443)-251-9894


Database Administrator with 5+ Year Experience in Database Designing, Development, Maintenance, Setting and Managing Replication, Backup and Restore, Database Migration, Optimization, Synchronization of replicated database, Performance and Monitoring, High Availability.

• Currently  employed with Silicon valley University, CA from March 2015

• Worked with SANOITS, Hyderabad, INDIA from Jan, 2014 to July 2014.

• Worked with ADDS INDIA MARKETING SERVICES, Hyderabad, INDIA from May 2010 to July 2014.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems : Windows XP/7/8, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL,OEL, AWS EC2, AWS RDS

RDBMS   : MySQL 3.1/4.X/5.1/5.5/5.6,SQLServer 2005/2008, MySQL Cluster

BI Tools : MSBI

Tools/Utilities : Toad for MySQL, MySQL Administrator, SQLYog, MS-VISIO, Percona toolkit, MySQL Utilities, Github

Monitoring Tools : Nagios , MySQL Workbench.

BigData : mongoDB

Responsibilities as MySQL DBA:

 Monitor database operations.

 Installation of Nagios monitoring tool, setting of different alert level to different parameters (System, Memory and Hard disk).

 Setting up alert and level for MySQL (uptime, Users, Replication information, Alert based on different query )

 Setting up alert and level for Application (Port/Binary running)

 Estimate MySQL database capacities; develop methods for monitoring database capacity and usage.

 Develop and support MySQL database replication (Active-Passive, Active-Active(MMM))

 Expertise in database migration from MyISAM format to Innodb storage engine to increase performance and betterment of integrity constraints.

 Develop and optimize physical design of MySQL database systems

 Tune and optimize the performance of all the staging and production database instances.

 Establish mechanisms for data backup/restore of relational databases; provide restoration services as needed

 Plan and execute disaster recovery.

 Participate in application development projects and be responsible for the database architecture and design.

 Develop application-specific fault-tolerant distributed database mechanisms

 Synchronization of replicated database

 Benchmarking of database and servers

 On-call support to users

 Database security(User creation, Update, Drop)

 Participate in the creation of development, staging and production database instances, and the migration of those instances from one environment to another

Professional Experience

Client : Silicon Valley University

Environment : MySQL 5.0.1/5.5/5.6, Linux, mongoDB, AWS RDS,EC2.

Role : My role is to keep database up (24X7X365) and Ensure database is running smooth. Setting up DR/HA/Replication for business.

Client : SANOITS

Environment : MYSQL 5.0.1 ,MSSQL Server, .Net

Description : We have developed custom software solutions for a variety of industries including Hotel, Education, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Travel and Retail. Our custom business applications cover Billing and Inventory, CRM, E-Commerce and specialized work-flow applications. Our programming team\'s passion is to help our customers use IT to improve their workflow processes, reduce cost and increase efficiency in running their business. To achieve this, we work on a model of onsite visit to understand project requirements, observe from the customer\'s viewpoint, suggest improvements where needed and then work on a win-win partnership developing the correct IT solutions for their needs.


• Engage in Database Installations and administering.

• Develop stored procedures and triggers in support of application development.  

• Gather software requirements/ corporation regulations  from clients, and ensure alignment with development teams.

• Preparing documents which include BRS, FRS,use cases, user stories, work flow diagrams, data model diagram.

• Facilitate monthly meetings with clients.

• Discuss with other two board members on all project and administrative issues.

Client :

Environment : .Net, MSSQL SERVER  MYSQL.

Description : This is a web based project End2Search provides fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information about businesses, products and services available across major cities in India. End2Search provides a platform for buyer to connect to sellers or service providers via SMS on finding information about business or product or service which he/she looks for. End2Search displays information about products or businesses as classified.


• Assisted in designing, capacity planning, and security and accessibility functions of databases.

• Formulated strategies and plans for system backup services, recovery and availability schemas.

• Performed installation and testing of database versions in coordination with systems support teams.

• Handle marketing teams.

Academic Details

• Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from JNTU, Hyderabad, INDIA in 2010.

• Master of Computers Science from Staffordshire University, UK in 2013.

• Master of Computers Science from Silicon Valley University, USA in 2015.

Professional Memberships



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