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Al Jazeera Capital

1- products and services:

Al Jazeera Capital is the investment arm of Bank Al Jazeera Saudi closed joint stock Company owned by Al Jazeera Bank, operates under the supervision and licensing of the Saudi Capital Market Authority, and specializes in:

  The securities business,

  -Offering dealing in securities as principal and agent,

  -Underwriting and management services,

  Preservation and arrangement services and advice.

Al Jazeera Capital, continuing along wonderful experience, ancient stories, creditable success, in the Saudi stock market, which it has maintained the leadership through the continuous development of the services, by applying the latest edge technology from stock trading techniques, open up new trading to its valued customers, access to securities markets regional and global.

Insight vision into modern investment solutions!

 “Al Jazeera Capital\" strives to be a world-class service for the best regional provider of investment solutions compliant with Islamic law, each of its clients from individuals and institutions.

Aljazeera capital slogan: Semitic message ..for our customers!

Its commitment to the customers to provide an integrated system of services and investment solutions with a unique value with high quality.   


Brokerage services:

 “Al Jazeera Capital\" offers to its valued customers distinct trading services allow them to implement their transactions easily and conveniently in the Saudi market in the most important markets in the region and global markets, including:

  Saudi Market

  Abu Dhabi Securities Market

  Dubai Financial Market

  Kuwait Stock

  European markets

  United States markets

The interest in this side because it desires to communicate with the customers in the Kingdom investment centers, which includes comfortable lounges trading and discreet, and includes the latest tools and displays that provide customer market information, trading the possibility of online and over the phone with the help of a group intermediaries with extensive experience.

 Local Brokerage:

ALJAZIRAA Capital has succeeded in providing equity trading services in the Saudi market uniqueness, through a sophisticated and structured electronic trading system directly and according to the latest systems and tools is available.

Global brokerage:

Global services of brokerage provide clients with opportunities to vary their investments and expanding the scope of their trading and they reached the global markets easily and conveniently, all their operations directly through the company.  

Swap agreements:

Aljazeera Capital in In pursuit of providing the best services in the Department of Saudi investment and brokerage, the Aljazeera Capital swap agreements, which aims to provide an opportunity for foreign investor's (non-resident) investment in the Saudi stock market service.

Swap agreement aims submit economic benefits of the shares of Saudi companies in stock market and so that the foreign investor to pay the investment the company, which in turns bought shares. And its advantages without tax on capital profits and with a low tax on cash distributions.

Islamic Murabaha (TAMAM)

through a program (TAMAM) in place in the Bank of the Aljazeera since 1997 and approved by the SHARIAH Committee of the Bank and the Company, has won the product on the acceptance of investors because its unique and unprecedented Furthermore, it derives from the provisions of Islamic Sharia principles,

2. Main Customer:





3- The organization's goals: -

  Strong franchise banking services to companies with participating in building the infrastructure of the  mid-market segment.

  Leading bank in the treasury, fixed income, so smart funded advanced treasury products.

  Exclusive private banking, and superior business model.

  to promote a corporate culture

  Reliable In all our efforts.

  Committed to our shareholders.

4- Analysis of external factors


  The political situation of the country affected the growth and the development of the organization.

  The Work rules affected the organization and the staff; Get a better understanding of labor laws and to help companies and workers a better understanding of the rights of the employer and the employee:

  The inflation process.

  Per capita income.

  The direction of economic progress.

  Consumer confidence and affect aggregate demand, and this means the demand required at the national economy level.


  Language effect on the use of the products and social customs.

  Lifestyle, education, , customs, and practices.


  Research and development activity.

  technology transfer.

 I found the technology to be integrated into the field of operations and customer service, human resources, accounting, sales, marketing, and virtually all other aspects of the organization. We have the structure under it, the staff organized groups according to specialized or told A similar set of roles or tasks.

5- The structure the Organization.

Every organization composed of the different section.

Human Resources:

HR is responsible for recruiting, training of employees in the organization.

 Production Department:

 The production department includes:

 Financial sectors:

 Keeping records of purchases and sales as well as capital spending, and directors Current financial information required to enable them to make better decisions, and the branch will provide the wages .

Information Technology departments:

Information technology department facilitates for the team work procedures for  accomplishing duties.

6- the method of all departments work together.

All the departments work together for the benefit of the work and they  make telecommunications between them through:

  Written reports

  Weekly meetings to discuss the situation of the work

  Review accounts  

7- Organization culture:

The culture of the organization is the main factor for the success of any organization; this related to the

  Management style

  Time management

  Training courses

  Rewards & motivations

  Ethics of the work

  Social norms

All these factors lead to the growth and the prosperity of the organization.

8- HR Activities

Human Resources planning:

 Organizations should study the departments tasks that become vacant inevitably.

  Employee retirement

  Resignation or get promoted.

  Also, new jobs and develop the business expansion.

 Therefore, for most organizations, to identify staff need its ongoing process.

 Human Resources Planning (HR) in the establishment phase of work cycle includes:

  expected the amount of staff available

  The number of professionals needed in the future.

A common strategy Used for Increasing profitability and reduced business costs. If it is expected to provide staff exceeded the demand, human resources will have to develop a plan to reduce the Manpower.

Human resources associated with the work of the Organization\'s strategic planning. Today The global economy are now working on, organizations must respond to change Quickly. Without strategic plan the work will not succeed.

 Human resource planning in the work establishment requires that the organization monitoring and plan constantly:

  The required staff

  Qualifications, including skills

  When and where a need for these employees.

Here now we understand that human resources management must be relevant to Business strategy, let\'s look at the foundation of the hiring stage Cycle regarding function analysis & design.

Functional Analysis:

Functional analysis is the second matter the human resources determine work needs.  In other words, the organization should identify the precise nature of the work before you can recruit the right person to do it.

Once have been identified staffing needs, then the organization is able to start the Employment procedures.

Job design:

Speak about the duties and tasks in the organization.

 In a small establishment consist of 100 hundred employees the payroll department; for example, divide duties in accordance to the tasks, with dealing with one person for employee salary and other dealing with employee settlements only. Instead, a single employee to do all of the tasks may be has other responsibilities, such as ordering employee absent to deduct absent days from the salary,

Developing menus or arrange the documents of employee settlements. Jobs that have been designed to include a variety of tasks and grand the official employee some of the decision-making responsibility which grant more job satisfaction. Job satisfaction, in turn, will lead to lower employee turnover.  


Recruitment is a process of discovery applicants using appropriate advertising, Recruitment agencies and word of mouth. When the company desires recruit Staff, you may choose methods of internal or external recruitment.

Internal recruitment:

Internal recruitment (from within the organization) involves looking at the present time Employees as applicants for available jobs. This often happens when a person is to promote, and it provides a strong motivation for current employees. Internal Searches are only effective if the organization is big in size. Internal Find a candidate allows the organization to use the skills of the staff. This It has an advantage in being a low cost and allows the organization to choose to replace who is familiar with their work.

And some organizations use employee Referral schemes. And identified potential candidates, and recommended by the list employees.  

External recruitment:

The organization may found the suitable individual for the position outside the company (External recruitment) the selected method of employment depends on the Kind of attitude and the nature of the available workforce in a specific area.

 Employee Selection:

 The mean of choosing the employee through

- meeting candidates for the job.

-  Medical examinations,

 - Governance and reference checks

 Are all part of this process.

the idea is for Choosing the most appropriate person \"with qualifications that are appropriate to the situation, Instead of the applicant with \"most\" qualifications. Employee selection may cost a lot of money - not only in terms of time - And efforts but in the screening process, but also according to cost of inappropriate Selection.

Poor choice of the process costs a lot of money and lower productivity.

  If you choose a badly qualified personnel you will pay training costs

  Lack job satisfaction and turnover of work, if the organization or the function doesn't Meet the aspirations of selected candidates

  absenteeism rate, if employees feel inadequate job or feel under excessive work Pressure

  Accident or defect rates, and claims, if the selection of staff is untrained.

9- support line managers and their staff.

1- The process of selection the suitable individuals for the position. Choose the suitable person for the post is an important decision. The Decision maker must choose the appropriate hardware to examine the applicants, gradually \"Narrowing the field” Even found the most suitable person. Develop a short list of suitable Applicants helps to decrease meeting individuals for the position.

Here are the steps for selecting the suitable applicant.

1- Forms of application.

 Candidates outline information about themselves. the form is simple, requires details about the applicants: name, address, contact number, Or it may require more details about the date of the application submitted, personal skills and Experiment.

2- exams:

 to evaluate the applicants. They are not used by all industries; it is not always the reliable single indicator of the suitability of the applicant for a position.

3- Interviews.

- To evaluate the nature of the applicants

4- Background checks.

 Employer verifies the Form by contacting the rulers or agencies to obtain information about a previous applicant Experience, performance or recording.

5- Medical examinations

 Some companies ask about certain physical attributes.

6- The interviews:

To exchange knowledge between each parties . Unfortunately, sometimes discrimination is happening. Female Candidate, for example, had said during the interview that she has a number of Young children. The interviewer assumes that she will not be Available for night-shifts or travel related business. In addition, interviews may be depending on the appearance of the candidate. In some cases, interviews may depend on the basis of the age, and the studying place they attended. There are different questions in the interviews of the different candidates.

After conducting interviews and have been checks and testing carried out, it will be offered the best applicant for the position. The organization will usually wait for the best applicant to accept this position before informing the other candidates they were unsuccessful. This will help to avoid a potential problem if successful student No longer wishes to accept the position.

2- Providing Training courses

3- Implementation of Rewards program


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