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Privacy Policy

We understand that every individual has right to his/her privacy. That is why we have created this privacy page, to educate our users on the kind of information that we  from them.

The information we request from users and why?

For all users who wish to write their comments on the blog, they need to drop their email address. We only request for this email address so that we can give you a feedback on your comment if necessary. However, Aweber will send a confirmation email to the users who drop their name and email address in the opt-in form box. If you click on the link in the confirmation mail sent to you, we will add your name  to our Aweber email marketing list, which we will use to send you regular updates. Please note that we will neither disturb you with spam emails, nor sell your contact information to a third party.


On this blog, we use cookies and web log files to track the click path and dwelling times of each user. That is, the page users visit, date and the time spent on each page.


All the contents on this site are under  the copyright law. No individual has the right to copy or reproduce its content in any form. The domains and videos hosted on is under this law. If any business or individual reproduces the contents of this site without reference or a written agreement, then the perpetrators is at the risk of getting a legal suit filed against them.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are minute data which and  a mechanism that allows websites store user\'s information and track activities on the site. It can also  retain arbitrary information entered by the user, like the username, email, password, phone number and so on. When you visit a website, it will seek for your permission to store this data on your computer. If you grant the permission,  your web browser will store the data while browsing. We do not make it compulsory for our users to use cookies, as they are free to prevent their browsers from accepting cookies. But note that some parts of our site will not function as effectively as it should be without cookies. You do not have to worry about extracting any data from or passing virus to your computer because a cookie is not capable of that.

How Do We Use Information We Collect from Cookies?

We have a lot of users visiting our website, and we need to differentiate you from the rest. Also, we use cookies to remember your information so you won\'t have to login multiple times than required for security. Cookies and our web server\'s log files collaboratively allow us to keep track of the number of visits on our website and the most popular of all our pages. This information is usually compiled and used to analyze our feedback and serve you better. We do not have access to your personal information through cookies.

IP Addresses

IP addresses, an abbreviated form of Internet Protocol address is a unique number assigned to each computer address. Every time you connect your computer to the internet, it uses your IP address. Our web server automatically collects your IP address as traffic data in other to be able to send data requests to you.

Sharing and Selling Information

Be assured that we do not relate our subscriber\'s information (such as the name and email address provided) with any third party for any reason except to render a service or undergo a transaction under the subscriber\'s request.

How Can You Access and Correct Your Information?

We will allow you to request for the information which you made available to us through our website by sending us an email.

What About Legally Compelled Disclosure of Information?

Under legal circumstance, we may have to disclose some of the information in our possession. We will most especially disclose information that protects our legal rights. In other to prosecute perpetrators that acted against our terms of service we will surely disclose the user\'s information.

What About Other Web Sites Linked to Our Web Site?

We do not have anything to do with the activities of the websites linked to and from our site or the information they provide. We post links on our site severally to recommend useful information for our users.

You need to note that our privacy policy does not extend to the sites linked from our site. The information you give on that site is subject to their terms of service and privacy policy. We advise  that you read up their terms before proceeding on the site.

User\'s Permission

Being a user on our website means that you permit us to use the information provide to do things in accordance to the privacy policies earlier stated.

Our Commitment To Data Security:

As part of our policy, we will store and process your information on our US computers. The privacy laws of your country and the US may be different, with one stricter than the other. We have devised efficient measures to safeguard the information of users on our site. Thereby preventing unauthorized handling, maintenance and use of these information.


Our subscriptions are not made compulsory to the users of our website. They have the right to subscribe and unsubscribe at their own free will.

Age restrictions

Children under the age of 14 are not eligible to use our services without the permission of their parents or guardian. We request that these children do not share their information with us.

Acquisition or Change of Ownership

Given that the ownership of a substantial part or whole of this website is acquired, note that your information is part of the asset.

Policy Modifications

Be informed that the privacy policy of this website may experience regular changes. We do not owe it to any of users to inform them of this change except the ones that gave us the permission to do so. The changes will be effective on this page. Therefore, we advise that you check back regularly for any change. However, be rest assured that if there are any changes, we will not use your information in any manner that negates this privacy policy without your consent.

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