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I choose random individuals in my community to give me their views partaking technology. I made sure my interviewees were well versed individuals who would match up to the task. To avoid any sort of biasness, I ensured not to give my opinion about any of the questions asked and interviewed them separately. I feel that they gave adequate responses that would enable me do this assignment.


Jasmine is a 19 year old female student in one of the local colleges doing an arts course. Despite her field of study, Jasmine had a lot to say about technology and her interview remained to be the most informative of all the three. Jasmine described technology as everyone's best friend. Of course I smiled at this statement and the very friendly student went ahead to explain her statement that already felt self-explanatory. She explained that every other time when she is not in class she is either on her computer streaming a movie to watch or keeping up with her social media account. I could already tell she is into the social media craze like every other youth is. She also commented that being an arts student, technology had made her work in class a walk in the park since they use specific pen tablets to draw. According to her, she felt that the tablet (art pen tablet) gave better quality images, was easier to use and less cumbersome than hand drawn images. Jasmine had a lot of good things to say about technology, especially in relation to the internet, than the bad. Given the tremendous remarks the student had to give, it was very obvious that she felt that technology would give a better future. She actually claimed to be jealous of the youth during her old age because she could not fathom how easy life will be in ten years with advanced technology. Jasmine had some very amusing ideas (thanks to her age) that almost sounded fictional but hey, innovation makes everything possible.”…I would not mind a robot or two to my chores when I'm 50” she told me in our conversation. When asked if technology would worsen the future, Jasmine agreed but argued that since the benefits outweighed the negatives, people would rather embrace it. She expressed her fear of the various upcoming diseases as a result of technology. She argued that very may people were dying of cancer, accidents and other vital diseases that she blamed on technology. Jasmine revealed that she lives in great fear of cancer and was afraid of other complications that would come up as a result of technology. Jasmine felt like individuals aged above 45 were having difficulties in understanding technology and gave an example of her mother aged 47, who did not know how to download applications from the internet. She blamed this on the fact that these age group had less interactions with younger people and are very slow in understanding. During Jasmine's interview on technology she mainly talked about the internet and phones. Communication remains to be the greatest technology to her.


Meet jack an energetic 35 year old man. He works as an accounts consultant in his accountancy firm. When I asked jack to define technology, he could not come up with a concrete statement but insisted so much on how work and every other task seemed easy with technology. He went ahead to give a comprehensive explanation supporting his statement saying he gets up very early at around six o'clock in the morning (thanks to his alarm clock), goes to the gym (he actually accredits his healthy work outs to his physique) that is a few blocks from his house, goes back home after the session to take breakfast and prepare for work. He gets to the office at around 8 o'clock and replies his emails before his work day begins. Jack explained how he could not recall the last time he queued in a bank because of online banking. He pays his bills online, communicates to his employees without getting to the office and has work done very fast yet efficiently, since everything at the office is computerised. He proudly explained to me how fast his accountancy firm picked since launching, thanks to social media marketing. He however had a few things to blame on technology. Jack in his early twenties was among the workers retrenched in a certain firm since their employer saw no need for so many workers yet computers had made work easier. Jack also has a 16 year old daughter who he complained is always on her phone and takes pictures every time to post on her social media page. To curb this behaviour that he really dislikes, Jack put strict hours for when the daughter can use her phone. He feels that should social media advance in years to come, work in every field will be effortless. However, he feels that parents will need to be stricter with teenage children if the same is to happen. Jack who is a great fan of science fiction movies believes that every form of technology in most of these movies is about to come to reality . He remains amused by how fast a big workload can be completed in an hour or less and remains adamant on the negative impact social media has over the younger crowd.


My last interviewee is a 62 year old man, M r. Harrison, who is a retired elementary school teacher. Despite the grey hairs that have dominated his scalp and the minor wrinkles on his face, Mr Harrison looks healthy. We did the interview in his homestead which looks well kept. Hedges neatly trimmed, no chipped paint on the walls, lawns are well attended to. Generally, it met my expectations of a 62 years old space. After a chit chat with the old man who exhumes a very friendly personality, I indulge him in whatever took me there. Mr Harrison said every time he heard the word technology, he thought of how better life has become. He says technology often than not, works in man's favour. Speaking so enthusiastically, he explained to me how difficult it was to get to work in his early working years and how he liked using power point in class when teaching. “That was the easiest and most motivating factor in my late working years….it was like drinking a glass of water”. He asked me if he looked healthy and I quickly gave a positive response (he really looked healthy like explained earlier on) he revealed to me that he was diagnosed with diabetes almost 8 years ago. Of course I marvelled at the statement. He said had it not been for technology he would be dead if not looking so sickly, not knowing what was eating him up. Shockingly, Mr Harrison prefers now to preceding years. “…like I said everything is easier now” he told me. I could undoubtedly tell Mr Harrison appreciates an easy life. When asked if technology brings a better future he answered as if obvious, that anything that brings cure to diseases is good. He however argued that as much as through technology a cure for many diseases is found, most of these diseases come up as a result of the same. He describes it as a cycle, where a disease claims so many lives, a cure is found, technology improves and new diseases come up.It goes on and on. He predicts that in the future through technology, accessing medical services will be so easy. That to him is the best part of it all. Amongst all the interviewees he was the only one that agreed that people understand technology. He argued that if people did not understand technology then there wouldn't be so many drivers, doctors, phones among other things in his list. With the little said about Mr Harrison, it's quite obvious that the medicine sector in relation to technology intrigues him the most. Like Jack, he also feels that the internet, phones and computers are the most troubling and blames moral decay among the youth on the three technologies.


Basing my conclusion on the information I gathered from the three interviewee, it is acceptable to say that the positives of technology outweigh the negatives. All interviewees agreed that technology has made life easier for everyone in terms of communication, work areas, studies and most importantly in the medical field. All these are core issues in a society and without them life would be very challenging. However majority of the interviewees complained about the internet and gadgets like phones and computers amongst the youth especially. The youth need to understand that technology is to be made good use of. They should is for studies and better things. Not that anyone condemns socialising through social platforms brought about by technology, but it's high time everyone puts a boundary. Parents should also come in to help curb this by giving good parenting to their children in terms of usage of the internet and the content they watch on the internet. Another issue that has been raised and that is of very great concern is the issue on upcoming diseases due to technology. We have to embrace the good and bad that comes along with new innovations. Since there is very little we can do about this, I would like to advice people to lead very healthy lifestyles. This is not necessarily an assurance that one will not suffer these diseases but an ounce of treatment is always better than tons of treatment. Innovators on the other hand should always come clean about the side effects of using some of these technologies that could bring about diseases. People should stop giving material wealth so much power over anyone's health. The government should also come in and ensure health standards are met anytime a new technology comes up. Should any innovator dispatch their innovation to the society without clearly stating any bad health side effect that comes along with it should face heavy consequences. Since everyone agrees that technology benefits them, the government should invest in future innovations. Teachers should also encourage creativity in their students. Any promising student should be given a chance to better their innovation. Anyone with an innovation that would help people, should not hold back. I feel that

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