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Roles and Responsibilities

A. Administration support : assure the full endorsement, approval and fund of the

plan, guarantee needed human and other applicable resources to be available when


B. Directors and Supervisors: to be fully knowledgeable and totally  

adhere to the procedures proposed in plan, to the extent possible, and ascertain

reliable communication and the engagement of staff in planning, recovery, and


C. Campus Safety & Security Committee:

1. Serves as the Plan Administrator and co-ordinator and uphold the required skills to

responsibly administer the overseeing of the developing,execution, and maintenance

of the Walsh College Emergency Management Plan objectives.

2. Serves as the advisory committee tasked with providing related recommendations

to the President as needed.

D. Faculty Employees: to be responsible for understanding their individual roles in the

plan and having the ability and willingness to persuade that role if needed.

preventive Measures

A- The Server Rooms building are the most significant IT resources on the campus.  

Restoring this facility will be both expensive and time consuming.

B- The current facility/room should be “hardened” to protect it from potential

environmental or human made damage. The following recommendations are made to

protect this core functional resource:

1- Install a building and PC room alarm and monitoring system – including

environmental, motion and video, with a remote-notification capability.

2- frame a pitched roof to protect the computer room from any potential water

damage from rainwater or snow.

3- Improve building sealing to prevent potential entree by birds, rodents, etc.

4- Designate additional storage areas outside main building to reduce clutter and

minimize the amount of flammable material on-hand.

5- Add additional electrical power capabilities to cover near-term and long term

equipment needs.

6-Replace older or break down prone UPS's and place all UPS's on a standard

replacement cycle to ascertain a seamless cutover to generator power.

8- Protect the building power transformer and generator by protecting both in locked


9- Protect the fiber optic and telecom entry point.

10- get hold of possible offsite service providers to host critical campus services.


A. An individual injury or illness on campus will not result in a major emergency that

affects the day to day operation of the College's business. Post‐emergency response

to this type of minor emergency will be limited to first aid response , providing medical

transportation and clean up of any spilled bodily fluids.

B. Clean‐up Procedures:

  Custodial Staff who have been trained , briefed and educated of proper procedure in

cleaning up spilled bodily fluids.

Decision and Event Progression

A. An emergency event is occurring or is imminent.

B. President (or designee) declares an emergency and activates the EOC.

C. Emergency management plan is executed.

D. Administration advised of events. Establish communication to walsh College

affected community that an event has occurred or is imminent.

E. Emergency procedures activated, initiating recovery teams to implement required

steps to protect facilities and minimize potential loss of life and college property.

F. EOC will determine which Recovery Teams to activate.

G. Recovery operations commence. Recovery Teams are activated.

H. Relocation to alternate site if necessary.

I. Resolution attained. Appropriate designee declares end to emergency.

J. Return to normal operations ASAP.

K. Post‐incident follow-up followed by plan updating from lessons learned.

Decision Levels

The decision choices will broadly reduced to two potential events:

Event 1 – Classes and office hours operate as usual.

1. educatee, faculty staff should use discretion in determining if they can

safely commute to and from WC campus.

2. class time, due assignments, and missed tests are to be made up or rescheduled.

3. Faculty and staff  are obligated to notify supervisors or department heads if they

will be absent due to commute obstacles.

4. Faculty who cancel classes must attempt to inform educatee and their

Administrative Assistant of the cancellation.

Event 2 – Classes have been cancelled and all offices have been closed by site (ie.:

WC Main Campus only , WC Adult Education Center only )

1. Make‐up time and assignments to be rescheduled at the discretion of the

instructor at the affected site.

2-. Faculty staff who to continue to teach online courses must take into consideration

any required accommodations for educatee who may be living in the affected areas.

3- The Director of Marketing & Communications will ascertain that all appropriate

information and decisions are streamlined through the Emergency System.

A. Vice President, Administrative Services:

The Vice President, Administrative Services turn to the primary point of contact for

the administrative related areas:

 B. Chief of WC Campus Police:

1.  get hold of the President or Vice President, Administrative Services for follow up

and for special instructions.

2. Communicates atmospheric conditions and road conditions and assessments of

campus environments.

3. Maintains communication with applicable law enforcement agencies and Safety

and Risk designee.

4. Notifies the walsh's Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) of College

decisions when appropriate and serves as point of contact for the College.

C. Director of Technology Services:

1. Maintains online communication with Vice President, Administrative Services.

2. Maintains online communication with Director of Marketing & Communication.

Director of Marketing & Communication:

1. Maintains close communication with the President or designee.

2. Maintains close communication with the Vice President and External Affairs.

3. Maintains close communication with the Director of Technology Services.

4. Maintains on/off site communications with the Emergency Notification System.

5- Maintains close communication with the College Satellite Centers.

College Notifies the College Satellite Centers:

Instructional Services Deans and Department Heads:

1. Keeps all departments or offices informed.

2. Maintains a hard copy of the Emergency Phone Lists and emergency plan.

3. Ensures updated and current departmental personnel rosters are maintained.

4. Implement pre‐planned recovery procedures based on the Department

Emergency Plan and Emergency Recovery Plan.

5. co-ordinate resource assignation and logistical bottlenecks and/or problems

through the EOC.

Recovery Teams

A. Instructional Services Recovery Team

Team Leader: Vice President.

The Instructional Services Recovery Team will include the Vice President, and all of

the Related sections of Instructional Services Deans and Directors. This recovery

Is responsible for :

1. create required recommendations to the EOC to put on hold, cancel, or reschedule

classes disrupted due to an emergency and recommend changes to the published

student policies and procedures published in the WC catalog.

2. Notify all faculty employees of schedule, policy, and procedure changes.

3. Provide a list of minimum space requirements ( complying with department of

education and city codes ) necessary to carry on classes that to be taken at other

college related sites, if necessary.

4. An updated emergency class schedules will be required.

5. Publicize announcements for posting to the WC website to changes in the actual

physical or online course schedules. co-ordinate with the Marketing &

Communications Recovery Team to post this information on the WC website and/or

Pirate Portal.

B. Technology Services Recovery Team

Team Leader: Director of Technology Services.

Control and major point for issues related to networking and telecom services.

Network Services and Web Services Recovery:

1. Primary focus is the restoration of Network hardware, software, OS services and

security measures ( firewalls , IDS , IPS ..etc ).

2. From pre‐event planning, understand each department minimum Network Services

needs (HW and SW) and employ applicable procedures to restore critical support


3. restore access to LAN and WAN computing terminals to the extent possible.

4. Coordinate with the Purchasing Recovery Team and use appropriate procedures to

purchase of emergency needed materials.

5. Display estimated time frame to restore systems back to operational status.

6- only minimum critical operational software will be reloaded on personal computers

as defined by the affected department's ERP.

7. Communicate with the Instructional Services Recovery Team regarding the status

and availability of online courses.

C. WC Police & Campus Safety Recovery Team

Team Leader: WC Chief of Police.

The Police & Campus Safety Recovery Team supports the college critical needs

by being the first responders to emergency situation on campus that directly affecting

the security and/or safety of WC campus.

1. when emergency strikes, or reporting to campus after an emergency, the

WC Chief of Police will be responsible for coordination endeavor with local law

enforcement authorities and applicable emergency force.

2. Prevent unauthorized access to the campus facilities as needed.

3. Protect College property from further losses by theft or any malicious mischief.

4. Maintain reliable communication with the EOC. Provide assessment as requested.

D. HVAC/electric Maintenance Recovery Response

1-Damage Assessment and Repair/Clean‐up Action:

A-Responsibility: HVAC, electric supply to buildings, electric wiring to rooms, fire alarm systems, elevators and backup generators.

B-. Document and report damage it to Building maintenance Director.

2- . Main Electrical Service:

1. Assess damage of electric service from transformers to main service

distribution switches. Assess all electrical power to the main circuit breaker switch

within the buildings.

2. co-ordinate repair and timeline for completion of work with department personnel

for restoration of power if building suffered power Outage or cables destruction.

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