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Nguyen Anh Vy

26 Barry Drive, ACT, Canberra

(+64) 458485896

[email protected]

April 16th, 2021

Dear Ms. Scuvella,

Entry Level Performance MKTing - Marketing Graduate; Reference number: LQ56735

As an extrovert and young individual, I extremely interest in the recently advertised Marketing role. I believe I could bring valuable skills and experience to your organization that would make me an ideal fit for this position.

In the last November, I completed my Bachelor of Commerce and obtained a certificate in Marketing major. This contributes to my capabilities and allows me to have a range of opportunity to match with the need in this role.

While studying at ANU, I was selected to be one of Student Council representative for one year. Furthermore, I also participated in Public Relation team and were in charged of Student Council website. My responsibilities of this role include promoting all the events within and outside of the group and deliver a fun playground for students and teacher. This position allows me to acknowledge in leadership skill and given me gold opportunity to behave effectively.

With regard my ability to meet with this job:

Student Council Representative: was one of the members in school for 1 year providing ideas and planning out from small to big scale of events within and outside of school.

350 Organisation: was one of the members for 2 years as a public relation which held responsibilities in promoting awareness of environmental issues.

Kaleidoscope Project: collaborating with numerous of other international schools to raise a gallery fundraiser and responsible for managing the order of repertories at the events and guiding visitors.

My teacher and other students have commended me for my high skill of communication and naturally strong moral principles. I always put my myself in ready position to be flexible with unpredictable factors or a variable environment.

I understand that there are a large number of applications for this position. However, I believe with my spirit, passionate and pre-existing skill meet the need for this job and to your company environment. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Nguyen Anh Vy

Contact Details

Nguyen Anh Vy

26 Barry Drive, ACT, 2601

(+64) 458485896

[email protected]


Recent marketing graduate looking for a position in marketing. The short-term goal is to learn from a professional working environment and seize opportunities in advance for a further job position. Hopefully, I can draw many lessons to myself and all my later experiences.


Bachelor of Commerce    Canberra, Australia

    Australian National University

    Major: Marketing

    Graduated: 2020  

International Baccalaureate Diploma     Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

    Australian International School

    Main subject: Design Technology, Business and Management, ITGS  

    Graduated: 2016

    Award: Endeavour award of Design Technology

Key Skills

Communication and Teamwork

Able to work with other colleagues and quick acknowledge of the situation. Strong verbal communication and written obtained from studying.

Able to work under pressure

Can multi-tasking with different projects and work more efficient when coming to deadlines. While studying at ANU, I was given with numerous of assignments but still, can accomplish other external projects for school\'s community.

Eager to acknowledge and energetic thinker

Strong integrity and put an effort in giving out ideas for each task. In a group discussion, I don't hesitate to give opinions to build up the efficiency to each event. I have contributed a major impact on promoting the objectives of 350 Organisation.

Able to adapt to different environment

Working with two significant organization in my school which has different objectives and job outlines. Assisting me in maintaining work attitude and performance with different organizations.

Language skills

Fluent in spoken and written English and Vietnamese


Student Council Representative

November 2015 - April 2016


Made an announcement for students to inform them what is happening and motivate them to join the events

Promoted events for Student Council through information board and website

Contributed to Winter Dance including planning, decorating the revenue and encourage students to participate

Ran multiple fundraising events to help out children in Can Tho province

Participated all SC events to make sure it run thoroughly

Guided parents and students on Open Day to introduce them about facilitates and activities about school


Successfully in establishing fundraisers activities and gained outstanding amount of donation

2017 Open Day participant

Successfully in organizing Winter Dance which has numerous of students attended

Accomplished with all the task has given with satisfied level

350 Organisation

November 2015 - April 2016


Motivated people to join our GIN group and spread the message about the increasing of carbon dioxide

In charged of advertising for the team as photographers and poster makers for the upcoming events

Contributed ideas to suggest to do a better work in publishing the issues

Associated with the GIN 350 of Vietnam to raise awareness of the impact of coal into the atmosphere

Contributed some major events/project such as Earth Day, Coal Campaign…


My was successfully gain much attention and supported from great deal of students, teachers, and parents

We received many positive and supportive comments from many people down the street and students in our school

Worked with experiential students make me more confident and enhance my communication skill

In each event, we got high appreciation and compliments from teachers

Kaleidoscope Project

March 2016


Contributed ideas with other students from different school to complete the outline for the project  

Encouraged and contacted students who want to out their artworks at the Kaleidoscope Project gallery

Promoted students which took a part in the project by posters and school's website notice

Communicated with students who performed on the event day to make sure the gallery show run thoroughly

Guided visitors (parents and students) at gallery

Made sure students (artists) who participated present on the event day in introducing their artworks


Numerous of visitors (students, teachers, parents) attended to the gallery event

Most of the students\' artworks has purchased

Received great amount of compliments from visitors

Accomplished in generating an educational and entertaining atmosphere throughout the event

Accomplished the main objective of the event

Activities and Interest


Cardio workout



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