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2.1 Advertising

As a sports apparel brand, Under Armour has numerous advertisements featuring athletes. However, instead of directly competing with such companies as Nike and Adidas, Under Armour choses to become an outsider and focus on differences. The brand works with athletes that are unlikely to be constantly in the spotlight, but are ready to go all-in and dream of winning. For example, Under Armour signed a contract with Stephen Curry, an American professional basketball player, and this deal paid off with a vengeance. The basketball superstar wore Under Armour on his way to victory in the NBA championship and became the most valuable player in the league (Eisen and Golden, 2017). Moreover, they signed a contract with barely known Misty Copeland, who later became the first African American dancer to be appointed prima in the American Ballet Theatre. All in, instead of focusing on winning trophies, Under Armour advertising revolves around the process of daily training, regularly raising after failure and continuing to engage in black work to achieve goals. The constant message – “anything requires a serious effort” - makes Under Armour successful and different from other sports apparel companies. (Reference)

Meanwhile, Oral-B advertisement revolves around competition with other brands, like showing difference between tooth colour after switching from anonymous brand to Oral-B. Furthermore, instead of getting a contract with a professional athlete, they hire actors who play athletes. Is it still successful? Probably yes, but not on the social media scope.

2.2 Public relations

One of the objectives of the PR people is to keep a positive publicity to maintain good relationships with media. One of the campaigns Under Armour leads is UA Power in Pink that “celebrates the many women who use fitness and exercise to stay healthy, and serves as a platform to help raise awareness about breast health.” ( Company claims to have risen $10 million to create Under Armour Breast Health Innovation Centre. And it is only one of many charity campaigns that the brand is involved in to help people and maintain a good brand image.

Oral-B cares about their image too; therefore, they led Campaign for World Wide Smiles that funds building of new dental centres.

2.3 Sponsorship

According to Smith and Zook “sponsorship is more than patronage, altruism or benefication”, as for some sponsors it's “a form of enlightened self-interest, where a worthy activity is supported with cash and/or consideration in return for satisfying soecific marketing or corporate objectives”(2016). As it was already mentioned above, Under Armour adopts “patient” sponsorship strategy by signing athletes before they hit superstardom. ( Consequently, when athletes succeed, UA shows that they were all the way through with them.

In the mean time, Oral-B managed to cooperate with famous singer Shakira who has millions of followers all over the world. The advert was aiming on her followers to start using Oral-B to be more like their idol.

2.4 Direct mail

Opt-in emailing is a useful online way of communication with customers. Opt-in emailing can be counted as a successful way of marketing since letters are sent to those who have opted or in other words showed their interested towards company (Smith and Zook, 2016). As many other apparel shops Under Armour website ask their customers to provide their email to receive newssellers, discount etc. the first thing they enter the website.

Like UA website, gives an option to sign up for newsellets; however, it is at the bottom of the cite and hardly seen. That can influence their push promotion strategies that are discussed further in the essay.

2.5 Retail store

Every retail store has its image, layout, merchandise range, colour blocking, point of sail displays, sales promotions as well as sounds, sent and mibshare. All this things help retailers to communicate with their customers and lead them to make a decision (Smith and Zook, 2016). !!! Unfortunately for Under Armour in London they don't have much control over these factors that can help market their brand and attract new customers since they do not have their own store in London. Their mechindise is sold in places like JD Sports or… Therefore, it might be a place for work for Under Armour marketing team.

Oral-B also uses other retail stores to display their products; however, they definetrly do not need their own shop as it would be count as waste of space. Its much more effective to distribute their products in the big number or stores, so customers would see their products everywhere.

2.6 Word of mouth

Due to being a sports apparel brand much of buzz marketing of Under Armour can be done through word of mouth. People see shiny comfortable boots, tight workout clothes, so they ask, talk, go and buy it. Only thing Under Armour should do is to continue providing their customers with high quality products.

2.7 Sales promotion

This way of generating awareness is action oriented as it often lead customers to take an action and make a purchase. Usually sales rise with the start of sales promotion and drop after the end. Under Armour sale promotion is nothing special but promo codes (discounts), coupons and sales. Additionally, when a customer is shopping online he is not charged a pound for shipping in UK.

Oral-B does not to much more then other FMCG brands, as customers can only see in the shops something along “2 for 1” promotions.

2.8 Social media

Due to extreme growth of social media, companies quickly occupy various platforms. At very least Under Armour has Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and it owns a website where visitors can easily navigate and purchase products. Moreover, in 2013 Under Armour acquired Endomond, which is a fitness app and later on MyFitnessPal, which is a diet plan app. From marketing viewpoint, these apps allow UA to get more information about their customers: what they eat, how they train and how much do they sleep.

FMCG do not put that much effort into the social media. They owe social media accounts, but statistics are disappointing compare to the Under Armour.

2.9 Product placement

It is an inclusion of a product withini the programme in return for payment. (Pickton) And this is the place where Under Armour kills it. Their products were seen in more then 10 movie with high ratings. Moreover, the logo constantly appers on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in movies such as Fast and Furious and Gi Joe. In addition, Under Armour placed their apparel in one of the Avengers movies. Its a great move to make the clothe be seen on muscular men who are NOT professional athletes but still look fit. If they can do it, Under Armour customers can do it too.

What about Oral – B, they placed their brand into two movies, but fairly not popular and fairly long ago.

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