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Dominion Resource, Inc is one of the nation's largest resource company which primarily provide electric power and natural gas. They serving more than 5 million utility and retail energy customers in 14 states. Furthermore, the following corporation is divided into three operating segments that included: Dominion Virginia Power, Dominion Energy, and Dominion Generation. Dominion Virginia Power is involved in the regulated electric distribution and transmission. The second section, Dominion Energy, it includes gas distribution, transmission and storage, gas gathering and processing, liquefied natural gas (LNG) import and storage, and retail energy marketing. Lastly, Dominion Generation has the largest workforce in three segments. It engaged in the operations of regulated electric utility power production and merchant power production. Dominion Resource, Inc had $11.7 billion of operating revenue in the fiscal year of 2016, and there are total of 14,743 employees in this company. Dominion Resource, Inc is ranked 243 in the fortune 500 in the year of 2016. (

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Dominion Resource, Inc had a very comprehensive sustainability report in 2016. Dominion is commitment to environmental stewardship, they are trying to minimizing the environmental impacts. They using the natural gas and renewable energy sources such as solar to reduce emission and move to cleaner energy sources. Beyond that, $249 million for environmental expenditures, 32% of vehicle fleet powered by alternative fuels, 46% decline in generating fleet SO2 emissions and $16.8 million tons of paper products, plastic and glass recycled, and $1.2 million environmental grants to 52 nonprofits in 8 states. In addition, carbon regulation caused climate change issue, Dominion minimizes its carbon intensity and also make plans to meet carbon reduction standards. They also increased regulation of governing water discharge and air pollutants also solve the issues of air quality and water quality. Dominion is aiming to protect the environment while continuing to provide the most reliable and safe energy at a fair price to customers. There are about 40 key metrics they focus on as part of their sustainability initiative are the performance from 2011- 2015 which included: business, workplace, customers, community and environment. The business, change of operating revenue and the assets during 5 years; The workplace, different in a number of employee and employee turnover in 5 years. The customer, number of customers and their satisfaction are also changing over the years. The community, those employee volunteerism hours. And the last one is the environment, expenditure for the environment and emission number of chemical components which will impact the environment. Depending on the performance table, they can develop the sustainability continually. Due to Dominion's effort to sustainability, it has been recognized for no.1 for “Most Admired Companies” list in 2015 and recognized as “Top Ten Utilities” award. Besides, Dominion also has been recognized by many awards such as “Outstanding National Key Account Customer Service Award”, “Industry Excellence Award” and so on.

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Community Engagement

Dominion has made our world a more comfortable place to live by donate money to the community. Community engagement is becoming one part of key metric that Dominion focuses on for sustainability, as I mentioned above, $1.2 million environmental grants to 52 nonprofits in 8 states. In addition, in 2015, Dominion gave charitable about $14.7 million, spent $1.7 million on employee/retiree matching gifts, spent $8.7 million for energy assistance programs, and spent on educational grants $1.5 millions for 142 schools. In addition to giving funds for environmental initiatives, Dominion also has the employee volunteer programs for communities. In 2015, Employees spent the total of 110,000 hours to doing community service such as to build trails in parks, repair houses, clean up waterways, paint school building and so on.  From 2000 to 2015, about 8,000 Dominion employees have participated in more than 200 projects, such as to beautify parks, clean rivers, and assist with erosion control. And other volunteer initiatives are doing other things such as preparing and delivering meals to the household. The major initiatives tied to the community is employee volunteers reinforce company's core value in order to create a better community to people. Due to Dominion's efforts for community engagement, it has been recognized by reward for “Governor's Volunteerism & Community Service” for its employee volunteer program and the positive contributions to communities. Dominion also recognized by an award for “Corporate Responsibility Award,” community service was part of a reason for award-winning.

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Diversity & inclusion is an important part of Dominion Resource, Inc 's culture and future. Dominion treats diversity & inclusion as strategic assets that express the core value of the company. They want every employee to feel valued, so they can achieve their full potential. Dominion provides equal employment opportunities to everyone, no matter the age, race, color, even the people with disability. The company committed to non-discriminatory employment practices, every individual has right to be treated equally and become valuable. They are accepting the students with diverse experiences and backgrounds. They want to create an inclusive and diverse work environment in which employees can learn, grow and succeed. Additionally, Dominion also has scholarship program open to full-time students, it helps students reach their full potentials. The company has been recognized by an award for top-ranked among all industries in “America's Best Employers” list in Virginia.

\"Dominion 2015-2016 Citizenship Report.” Dominion. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.


Dominion Resource, Inc has put a lot of effort to become a sustainable business enterprise. As I see, their goals for sustainability had tremendous success within the past five years, the community engagement is great example shows the Dominion makes a lot of contributions to society, and the policy for diversity and inclusion is very impressive to me. The awards Dominion recognized can show their effort and it is a socially responsible global company. They are striving to provide best service, support economic growth, and create the better communities.

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