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Business Plan

We Will Get It There

Moving Company

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Professor Pita

Berkeley College MGT 3351

Table of Contents

Section I – Executive Summary 3

Section II – The Business 3

Section III – Industry/Market Analysis 4

Section IV – Product/ Service Development Plan 5

Section V – Operations Plan 7

Section VI – Organization Plan 70

Section VII- Marketing Plan 12

Section I – Executive Summary

We Will Get It There Moving Company is a veteran owned moving company located in Long Island. Our business to provide local and long-distance transportation in the most reliable way in shipping of household and office furniture; warehousing and storage services; packing and packaging services; process, distribution, with aa strong emphasis in logistics consulting, merchandise sales and other related services. We provide daily services all around New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and with services across the United States of America and Canada.

Our customers will have the service possible. Once we pick up their belongings, the team that comes and packs will also be the team that will unpack your belongings. This is to give the customer a sense of relief that their belongings or equipment are in the hands of someone they can trust.

We will ensure that your deliveries will be on time, well taken care of and to excide the customers' expectations. Our equipment will go through extensive maintenance to ensure we get your equipment out on time with no delays. We also promise to give you updates on where your equipment is and the time frame of when it will get there. This is to give the customer a better time frame so that we may not impose on their schedule.

As a Veteran owned company, we pride ourselves on excellence and integrity, which is why we are pushing to provide the best customer service. Our values and quality for our service will help to drive our business to higher opportunities and profits. We will be a business dedicated to establishing good business with all our clients.

Section II – The Business

We Will Get It There Moving Company will be a company that will specialize in the movement of office, home, and equipment. It will be a veteran owned business, hiring those who have served. Our plan is to make sure that all your furnishings will get there with no problems, and fear of damage to your things as we will take care of them as if they were our own. The way we will get everything prepared is having an inspector come and inspect all the furnishings. We will determine how many boxes will be needed for packing, we will also video tape each room that we pack and provide a copy to the customer but that will be only if the customer decides to let it happen. 

The reason for the video in to ensure you what was packed is going to be returned to you the same way as we packed it up. Another benefit will be our app that will show you where your things are at, this will help with having you just standing by waiting a given time to when your things will get to you so that if you have errands to run you will be able to get somethings done without you rushing. Our storage facility will be climate controlled to preserve your items. Also, once your items are sealed inside the crate it will not be open again and you will be able to see that from the app as an alert will come to your phone if it did happen. 

This will be different from all other moving companies and this is the direction that we are trying to show our customers as being a state of the art and willing to change the moving company direction from the competition.  

Section III – Industry/ Market Analysis

Figure 1: Compound Annual Growth Rate

Industry Information

Transportation has become one of the world's largest industry. The industry sectors range from taxis, trucks, airplanes, trains, warehouses and logistics services. The industry is changing left and right as they have implemented the use of robotics, artificial intelligence with the use of self-driving cars and trucks, to also include the use of drones. The transportation industry is constantly evolving over time.

During 2016, the transportation revenue in the U.S. alone were an estimated $1,058 billion dollars according to Plunkett Research estimates. The revenue surpassed an estimated $4.7 trillion dollars, which includes air, water, courier and warehousing segments. According to the global economic activity (GDP)at 6% the core sectors of transportation add up to becoming a remarkable and efficient industry. With the help of advance information systems and strategies have made transitions smoother with transportation of equipment's.

Transportation will continue to evolve no matter the type of transport that is currently on the road, sea, and air. It has shown that with todays' large cities are now being surrounded by state of the art highways and airports. As we are now into the information age and have been for some time, we are now using sophisticated databases to track inventory and transportation through such uses such as the internet, and the use of mobile apps.   

Figure 2: 2015 Revenues

Figure 3: Industry Revenues

Section IV – Operations Plan

Business Structure

Our business structure will be set from the Chief Operations Officer, Admin and HR Manager, Transport and Logistics Manager, Marketing and Sales Executive, Accountant, Truck Drivers, Material Handlers, and Customer Service Clerks. Each one will be crucial to the running of the business as no one is more important than the other. We are looking to hire qualified personnel who are hardworking, and customer centric, who are willing and place the needs of the stake holders. The senior management will always know the dealings of the company whether it is in the form of profits or losses. They will know all aspects of the company.

Management Team

Chief Operations Officer who is usually the owner of the business will oversee the effectiveness of the companies recruiting program, the discipline of manage, communicating the values/ strategies of the workforce to include planning and monitoring. He will also develop incentives and provide educational activities. He is also responsible for fixing prices and closing business deals.

Transport and Logistics Manager will coordinate the drivers, vehicles, loads, and the distance of each journeys. Negotiate contracts, develops and agree contract, liaises and manages staff. Records all movements and resources in the proper transport planning systems and directs all transportation activities.

Admin and HR Manager will be responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the administrative department. Will hold meeting with the stakeholders to review the effectiveness of the HR Policies, Process and Procedures. Will also responsible for training events, evaluation and assessment of employees.


Marketing and Sales Executive will reach out to new client in effort to garner new contracts. Will participate in the structuring of finance projects from the beginning to the end of the project. He will responsible for handling the business research and market surveys and develop executes new plans for expanding sales.

The Accountant will be responsible for preparing financial reports, budget and the financial statements for the organization which would include the financial analysis, the development budgets and accounting reports. They will analyze the financial feasibility report, the financial forecasting and risk analysis and manage the general accounting ledger.

Truck and Van Drivers will assist in loading and unloading of the goods and materials. They will maintain a logbook of their driving activities to ensure the compliance of federal regulations. Also keep a record of vehicle inspection and all the safety equipment and hazardous material placards. Inspect the vehicle for mechanical issues and perform maintenance on the vehicles.

Material Handlers are responsible for the operation of fork lifts to load and unloading materials from trucks and vans. Maintains the working area to ensure cleanliness and handles any other duties handed down to them.

The Customer Service Officer will ensure that all customers' needs will be taken care of. They will build the customer relations for the company and so forth.

Section V – Product/ Service Development Plan

Our target market is basically anyone who is willing to move goods and materials from one place to another. We are trying to target the state of New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and the United States with the potential of transporting overseas. We are reaching out to retailers and clients who want to have their goods to another location. Chemical manufactures and textile manufacturers, corporation and government agencies and Non-profit and Charity organizations.

Our competitive advantage that we are is that we are bringing to this industry is the ability to work with a diverse group of individuals and clients that are willing to work with different types of equipment's to move their belongings. We will take care of our employees and provide them with a welfare package. We will strive on having an open-door policy so that none of our employees will be afraid to come and recommend suggestions or even vent their frustrations without the fear of reprisal.

Section VI – Organization Plan

Our plan is to grow into one of the best moving and storage company in the Long Island area. We know that with businesses our finances will be a huge part in the running of our business. We want our customers to have the best quality services around. We will start with an aggressive ad campaign to start the process of drawing in new clients from all around. We will pass out fliers post our information in business, internet, and utilize radio advertisement. We are setting up our business plan that will help with the generating of income. We are providing local and long distant deliveries of household and office equipment, warehousing and storage services, packing services and logistic consulting services.

To start the business, we will attempt to get government grants, take out bank loans, or even start a Kickstarter to get the business starting. We are attempting to have $300,000 profit the first fiscal year, $700,00 the second fiscal year, and $1,000,000 the third fiscal year. Each fiscal year we are attempting to double or triple the profit from the previous fiscal year. Once we have established our business we will hope to increase and overall revenue doubling each year.

Section VII – Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan will consist of investing in a great website that will be easy to navigate. This website will have a detailed description of what the company is bringing to the table for each client. We will have a mobile version of the site since this is the age of computers and technology and the fastest way to reach out to people is with the mobile devices.

We will start a blog on our company. Customer will come here to receive moving and packing tips, data/statistics about my moving company and answers to frequently asked questions. We will provide moving leads and its not to that we are secure with our self we want the customer to see and compare prices of different companies to see if we will fulfill their satisfaction.

We will do research on our customers to see exactly what they will want and how they would want their things moved to their satisfaction. We will have our marketing director continue to watch our reputation and manage it to make sure we stay above and beyond in our services.

We will be a credible company that will have a profile on the AMSA and the Better Business Bureau to ensure our customers are getting the right services they pay for. We will be a social and continue to build a funnel of prospective clients. We will also build a Facebook profile to reach out to our customers also.


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