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Your CV

An effective CV (curriculum vitae) is essential for you to make or break your career and enhance your working life ahead. Good CV building, is an integral part of your application process to international universities. Essentially, a CV acts as your personal “sales pitch” or a personal branding or marketing tool, through which you can let the admissions committee know what you've been upto in school!

Basically you really need a good CV during your college admission process, one that gives a brief summary of your background, your scholastic achievements & accomplishments and all.

So let's take a sneak peek as to how you can build your CV better.

Students (you) should take up additional programs, online courses, AP courses, attend conferences, MUNs, participate in debates and competitions to gain experience, skills and certificates. All the above mentioned activities take a lot of attention, time and dedication. So students must be self-motivated to ensure all of that happens without hampering their marks. Students should identify which course they want to study, and take up courses in the same field so that they can increase their knowledge base and intellectual capacity. The activities you take up would add value to your end-goal which shows us that students have demonstrate interest in the field that they are applying to.

It is really critical to understand the college selection process and weightage given by colleges to academics and tests. So in UK and US, 30% weightage is given to your CV and 70% to academics and other pre-requisite tests. Students should identify which course they want to study and take up courses in that field so as to increase their knowledge. These activities which they take up should add more value to your end-goal which also shows that students have demonstrated interest in the field that they are applying to. Essentially, this is an integral long-term exercise and should be taken up by students from grade 9 itself. The above-mentioned activities will definitely take attention, time and dedicated effort as well as a huge commitment. So students must be self- motivated to ensure all of that happens without affecting or hampering their marks.

Universities/colleges have developed these programmes so that students can enhance their skills, understand their interests and take well-informed decisions that would later result in a successful career. They also do this, because during the time of admission, students who have the calibre to perform beyond the bare minimum need to be identified since they are the most sought-out candidates by all international universities.

Therefore, good grades coupled with a strong profile are tantamount to a successful admission into a top college. Building a profile involves practical learning. Therefore, any course that enhances one understands a particular subject and helps him win achievements in the same and also contributes to building their profile. Students can take up co-curricular activities like summer programmes, debates, Olympiads, and various online courses.

The journey for each student on building a strong profile starts with identifying the course of their choice. This isn't always easy, as they often have a huge information influx that clouds their judgment. As such, established career counsellors and psychometric tests are necessary channels that students should ustilise to determine their own interests and strengths.

Once their interests are decided upon, they can progress towards categorising programmes that will help them gain achievements in their field of their choice. These programmes can be conducted either online or offline and the achievements received shall add to their profile. Doing so, has many benefits, starting with having enough time to plan and explore options with regard to the course of their personal interest and the country of your choice to actually gaining confidence in their chosen field.

Students need to pan out their programme choices systematically over a period of time. This will help them focus on their academics without affecting their “profile building.” The essence of building a good CV or student profile lies in making oneself better in terms of your thinking ability, problem solving and most of all our communication. This in turn, leads to their personality development and ultimately a more balanced and successful career.

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