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• Goal-oriented individual with 4 years' academic experience in social science courses ranging from Media, Linguistics to Marketing.

• Experience in Customer Service/ Direct Marketing through a 4-month internship within a Vietnam's market leader in technology.

• Looking to secure a postgraduate place in MSc Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam to capitalise on my recent BSc Hons in Marketing.


October 2016 – Present Lancaster University Management School, UK

BSc (Hons) Marketing: 2:1 Expected

Relevant modules:

Marketing Research and Consultancy Project –

• Collaborated with a local restaurant to deliver a marketing strategy aimed at local people and international students through conducting different focus groups. (A)

• Obtained insights into how a restaurant business communicates to its customers through myriad social media texts.

Brand Strategy –

• Investigated the success of Pokémon GO phenomenon by identifying how the Pokémon franchise activates its fan base, and how the game proposes outstanding experience for new users. (B+)

• Discovered how private businesses integrate brand elements to communicate their roles in social, psychological, and creative contexts; and in the process explored how brands influence the consumption culture.

Global Marketing Management

• Created and presented a proposal on attracting global investment for 3D printing industry in Japan. (B)

• Gained diplomatic engagement skills by drawing opinions of multiple stakeholders from multiple perspectives, and in doing so managed complexities.

Language of Advertising

• Analysed in details various advertising projects using tools taken from linguistics, rhetoric, and semiotics.

• Studied how ad writers convey the different levels of language, such as sounds and spellings, word meanings and word associations, and so on to formulate messages to the audiences.

October 2015 – June 2016 Lancaster University Management School, UK

BSc (Hons) Marketing: 2:2

Relevant modules:

Advertising –

• Scripted creative brief and storyboard for an advertising campaign for Baileys.

• Developed an appreciation of adverting theories as in how private businesses strategise and execute advertising to their audiences through the approach of advertising appeals.

Consumer Behaviour –

• Understood consumer decision-making process based on consumers' motivations, beliefs, and attitudes.

October 2014 – June 2015 Lancaster University Management School, UK

BSc (Hons) Marketing: 2:2

Media and Culture Studies –

• Explored the ways in which individual identities, aspirations, beliefs, and value systems are shaped by the cultural environment in which one lives.

September 2013 – June 2014 Bellerbys College Cambridge, UK

Media Foundation: 78% Distinction

Skill Profile

Work Experience

Summer Intern Company for Technology Development, Vietnam June – October 2016

• Intensified business relationships with business partners and facilitated trade through customer care activities.

• Negotiated contract terms with foreign suppliers and domestic clients in regards to the scope of supply, rate of progress, and specifications.

Research Interviewer The Times Final Year Student Survey, UK February 2016

• Conducted 30 interviews over a seven-day period.

• Worked in a group of four to mechanically deliver face-to-face focus group interviews on university seniors regarding their aspirations of graduate recruitment.

• Led discussions as an interview moderator.

Extracurricular Activities

External Vice President Lancaster University

Vietnamese Society, UK Mar 2015 – Mar 2016

• Organised eight internal social events for 30 Vietnamese students in Lancaster; connected with other Vietnamese societies across the UK through four external social events; and built a strong relationship with the university's Student Union.

• Generated ideas and specific plans for social activities in events through discussing with other executive members, taking into account nature of the events.

• Liaised with the Vietnamese Ambassador in the UK in donations and charity to promote the society's reputation.

• Enhanced managerial and communication skills, widened the network, and strengthened negotiating skills. For example, has prepared a portfolio of Vietnamese Society Lancaster and proposed to Vietnamese Society Liverpool to have a cooperated Vietnamese night hosted in Manchester.

Event Coordinator The UNICEF Society, UK Oct 2014 – Jun 2015

• Ran three events on campus to promote childrens' rights awareness and raised fund for UNICEF UK by selling food and handmade bracelets.

• Strengthened planning and time management skills through balancing meeting event and school deadlines.

Chief Marketing Officer Young Enterprise Society, UK Oct 2013 – Feb 2014

• Led a team of five to set up and run a business as a social enterprise that sold handmade souvenirs. The team generated £300 after four months.

• Maintained good relationships with customers by actively approaching and consulting them with suitable gifts for Christmas and Valentine. Also asked buyers for feedback after a week of purchases. This helped develop the brand name and increase sale revenue by 8%.

• Conducted market research, surveys to provide customers with quality-customised products. Built up negotiation skills by working in sales and assisting customers with advice and post-purchase service.

• Teamwork – Participated in the Young Enterprise competition as the Marketing Manager, acquired practical managerial skill during the competition, and learned to communicate effectively with team members, therefore analysed potential problems of the business and compromised when there were disputes.

• Responsibility and Accountability – Accompanied a group of three business customers on a business trip to the United States to see the supplier during internship at Company for Technology Development. Completed visa procedures for the group. Followed a strictly tight schedule in four days of meetings and 10 days of travelling - actively facilitated conversations between people with language barrier by being an interpreter as well as an mediator, and did research on places to visit in Colorado, Nevada, and California as a tour guide.


• Community service –

o Organised three groups of around 15 each for three two-day trips to distant villages in Northern Vietnam.

o For long-term benefits of local residents, our group helped with sowing diversified seedlings, and hosting soft skills seminars to uneducated children and young adults.

o Developed social communication skills by engaging with children with different abilities.

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