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Commerce assessment

Scene: Ilana is a journalist, conducting an interview to the employer of Fairfax media (Savannah) - An innovative and digitally progressive media company based in Australia and New Zealand. A media company dedicated to the arts of informing, alluring and entertaining audiences and communities through newspapers, websites, radio stations, events and dynamic digital ventures.


ILANA- Good afternoon Sydney, today we will be discussing and discovering what goes on behind the scenes of the well renowned media company Fairfax media. Today, we will be joined by head of fairfax media Louise smith- Hello Louise, welcome- how are you?

SAVANNAH- Hi, I\'m doing great thank you- just happy to be here and share the ins and outs of this company.

ILANA- I\'m glad to know- so let\'s begin. My first question to you is what is fairfax media all about?

SAVANNAH- being one of Australia and new zealamds largest media companies, Fairfax operates several broadly-based services businesses spanning marketing, property, entertainment and beyond. Fairfax's independent journalism and quality content has been keeping people informed and connected for more than 180 years. As well as this, as multi-media company, we are dedicated to engaging and entertaining our viewers. This being said, this can only be done through our incredible and cooperative employees who we pride ourselves on having.

ILANA: So, is it common for employees to have disputes around for the workplace? And how do you go about handling them?

SAVANNAH: at Fairfax, we aim to provide a friendly community and promote healthy workplace relationships whilst making sure that we create a work environment that is free from unlawful discrimination or harassment. We operate under an EEO, which is an anti harassment and bullying policy that provides justice if needed against unlawful acts among employees. We do not tolerate any forms of harassment regardless of circumstances and hope that our employees feel safe in their work space.

ILANA- I do believe that\'s a very good system to have. But what would happen if an employee were to break this policy? What would be the consequences?

DEXTER: that also lies within our health, safety and environment policies. we aim to carry out our business activities in a manner consistent of applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations for the wellbeing of the environment and our employees, contractors, visitors and customers. We will endeavour to be aware of and follow all health, safety and environment policies and procedures. If anyone was disrespected, discriminated or harassed in our work environment they will immediately be given a notice of termination or suspension and will not receive a recommendation letter.

ILANA: Wow, that sounds intense but I\'m glad to hear that your company takes issues like this seriously, if that were me I wouldn\'t not want to break those rules.

SAVANNAH: Yeah definitely, It is pretty intense but luckily we haven\'t run into many serious incidents surrounding matters like this and hope that we don\'t see many in the future.

ILANA: Hopefully, so tell me, for any aspiring journalist out there, how much training and education do you need to do in order to become a journalist and build a career in the industry and where could you find this type of training?

SAVANNAH: Our company recruit who we believe are the best candidates for each open position, this is based on a few factors such as abilities and qualification, experience and of course personal qualities. To appoint the correct person to the most suitable role, a detailed recruitment process takes place.

If you are considering becoming a journalist, then there are many great university courses which teach students who are interested in journalism in order to increase their knowledge further in the subject so that they can aspire to their goals as best as they can.

ILANA: I\'ve always wanted to become a journalist, maybe I\'ll do a course! Well it was a pleasure to have you here, It was really interesting to get a further insight to this incredible company.

ILANA: how interesting. Well, it was a pleasure to have you here Sandra, you really did give audiences as well as myself a good look into what goes on at Fairfax.

SAVANNAH: thank you, it was a pleasure to be on the show.

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