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When I first discovered my interest lay in both marketing and management, I wasn't entirely sure how I could fit those two together. I didn't even think that marketing manager positions existed; I thought I would have to become a manager and give marketing advice to those working under me. Finding out that I could be a marketing manager was incredible as it combined two of my interests and my two majors into a single field. Looking more deeply at it, I know when I became curious about marketing, what skills I'll need to develop to be an excellent marketing manager, what I'll do on a day to day basis in this position, and the pros and cons that might arise.

My original interest in marketing came in my junior year of high school in a marketing class. Up until then, I was unsure what I wanted to major in. I took this marketing class on a whim, hearing from others that it was fun and easy. When I began the class, I still wasn't sure what marketing was and was under the impression it was similar to advertising. Over the course of the semester, I learned more about what it was, both through our textbook and a marketing project we completed. In this project, we had to complete market research to decide on a product we wanted to sell, then effectively price and advertise that product to make a profit. Although it was merely a simple rendition of marketing in the real world, I still instantly felt like this field was something I could succeed in. I think a marketing manager would be a good position for me because it would allow me to combine my affinity for marketing with my natural leadership and experience in managing projects and people.

In a marketing manager position, I would have to constantly be thinking critically (“Five Essential Skills for the Future Marketing Manager”). This would further my creative thinking ability, which would help me come up with unique solutions. Creativity is vital in this role as sticking to the norm will not help a company earn a profit. Along with critical thinking, I must have good analytical skills and look beyond the data to pick up on trends that can make better marketing efforts (“Five Essential Skills for the Future Marketing Manager”). Another important skill to have is project management (“Five Essential Skills for the Future Marketing Manager”). While I know I will improve this skill over time, I am already sharpening it as I take on more projects and my job and head group projects. One last skill that is becoming increasingly more important in every field is technical abilities (“Five Essential Skills for the Future Marketing Manager”). Technology continues to advance in influence marketing, so marketing managers have to understand it. Luckily, growing up with it everywhere has taught me how to quickly adapt to changes in technology. I must be able to translate this into marketing campaigns that can effectively engage customers.

From day to day, marketing managers largely estimate demand for products and services both within and outside their organization while also identifying potential markets for their products (“Summary”). As part of this, they must monitor trends that indicated a need for a new product or service. They have to work with several other departments throughout the day, such as advertising and promotions, to discuss budgets, contracts, marketing plans, and other topics (“Summary”). Most of these meetings will be with department heads, but they also have to manage their own marketing staff on a daily basis and delegate tasks and assignments out to their team. They also often meet with clients to provide marketing and technical advice, which can take place in their office or across the world (“Summary”). Lastly, they have to develop pricing strategies to maximize profits and market share but also that retain their current customers and draw more in (“Summary”).

Just like in all other jobs, this position has pros and cons. One advantage to working as a marketing manager is having an above average salary, around $128 thousand per hour (“Marketing Manager”). But a disadvantage that comes with this high salary is that marketing managers often work more than 40 hours a week (“Marketing Manager”). They also primarily work in an office setting, which can be boring and lead to health related problems. But within the office, strong interpersonal skills are required (“Marketing Manager”), which I consider a pro because I enjoy talking to and relating to people. The position also requires travel sometimes to meet with clients (“Marketing Manager”), which can be good to get out of the office but may damage personal relationships if the travel component becomes too much. It's also a very cutthroat field, which means that people in this position who continue to educate themselves and enhance their skills are at an advantage (“Marketing Manager”), which is a plus for me because I never want to stop learning.

As I researched this position more, I realized it is what I want to do when I graduate and that I have chosen the right path. I am thankful for that first marketing class that sparked my interest in the field. I already have many of the skills that I will need and I am continuing to sharpen them to be the best professional I am able to be. The day to day activities may be tiring to others, but I enjoy each one, just like I am excited by all the pros to the job and am determined to turn the cons into benefits. I cannot wait to enter this field because I already know I will excel at it and it's where my passion lies.

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