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Integrated marketing communication is a widely accepted concept adopted by the contemporary marketers these days. The concept is adopted by the organizations to convey their concerns for customers and to develop long-term sustainable relationships. The media fragmentation is strongly influencing the marketing strategies of the organizations. Some of the media choices include video on demand, targeted cable programming, wireless phones, DVDs and video games. One of the challenging customer trends is that customers these days skip advertisements and this trend is challenging the marketers to reach those customers by adopting a different approach.

The marketers are developing integrated marketing communication strategy with the help of different factors and these factors include advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling (Ferrell). The significant strategic issue in integrated marketing communication is that it is difficult to maintain consistency in the messages being conveyed to the customers and various departments of the company. Besides this challenge, the companies are implementing integrated marketing communication techniques because these techniques result in the long-term benefits.

AIDA model is considered to be the most effective tool for obtaining desired outcomes of promotional and marketing campaigns. This model is helpful for the marketers to gain the attention of the customers. Also, it enables the marketers to create interest of their products in front of customers so that they prefer their products as compared to competitors. Moreover, a desire for the product is created among the potential customers so that they can be converted into advocates.

Advertising is an important factor for the integrated marketing communication, and it has been discussed that there are two most significant types of advertising, and these types are product advertising and institutional advertising. Product advertising promotes the features and specific product characteristics, whereas institutional advertising promotes the culture and organizational efforts to develop a strong goodwill of the company in the market. Not only the marketers spend a lot of investment on advertisement but they are also concerned about evaluating the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Despite advertising, various sales promotion activities are being implemented by the organizations and these activities are conducted both in the consumer market and the business market. In consumer markets, the techniques used for sales promotion include coupons, loyalty programs, samples and point of purchase promotions. Similarly, in the business markets, the activities include free merchandise, trade allowance, and selling incentives. Porsche is the best example of implementing integrated marketing communication strategies. The company is conducting various events, social media campaigns and video and audio advertising for influencing the buying decision of customers.  The company arranges pop-up events in various porch areas, and the mobile-friendly content is shared to the audience through various apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. Post event streaming is done through radio and informative content is shared on the company's website regarding the cars models and also videos of driving experience are uploaded on the website.

Another most important concept related to integrating marketing communication is the personal selling. It helps the companies to save their time and cost, as it assures that the product message is conveyed to the exact and targeted audience (Ferrell). Moreover, sales force management also plays an important role in developing the strong goodwill of the company. The sales management process consists of various steps including developing objectives for the sales force, determining the size of sales force, hiring and providing training to the sales force and controlling the performance of sales force. Now the firms are also focusing on developing strong public relations with the customers. This approach helps the companies to develop and maintain their good will and relationship in the market.

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