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Marketing Report


The marketing concept is a concept when companies to identify and satisfy the needs and wants of the customers through advertising and market research, that is also focused on customer satisfaction rather than profits, wanting the customers return to reuse them and having an advantage on their competitors.

Thomson embraces the marketing concept through customer satisfaction by finding out the needs and wants, Thomson has many ways they do it one of them is email surveys where customers can give their opinion on if they've had a bad or good service in-store, Thomson likes to keep a wide product range and keep it straightforward so that customers can easily access the products and services and book it for a good price and makes sure the customer gets good value for money and an excellent service, as it is the biggest travel business in the UK with 517 stores.  


A company that has adopted the marketing concept is TUI as it analyses and understands and identifies the needs and wants of a customer of a specific area of the target market and treats them all the same and then provides the customer with a product or service to find out the needs and wants of the customer the company needs to do research and promote the company and the products and services they provide.

Thomson also must also be focused on satisfying the customers' needs and wants, by doing this the satisfied customers this will want to them to return and reuse Thomson again making the business more profitable and stay in the game and out do competitors with better deals.

Thomson must also be able to promote, advertise and sell the right products and services, they advertise in many ways like through TV adverts, in the paper and in shop windows for example, the advantages of doing this properly is the amount of foot traffic going through the stores rises and this also means so does the profits


TUI is the world's most popular tourism business for low budget package holidays for families, short and long haul flights and cruises, so market research is important for Thomson as this helps them find out what the customer wants and expands the customer profile for them, to do this Thomson uses many primary and secondary ways.

A primary way TUI is online pop up feedback questionnaires on their website, in them the customers are asked to rate and give comments about their time on the website and if they were satisfied with the service they received most customers that purchase a product or service either online or instore will fill these out, on them Thomson requires customers to click on a specific answer answering mostly closed questions to find out if they are keeping the customers satisfied and if not the can change what they do to make it better.

Another primary way TUI uses is survey's after guests have been on holiday, every year Thomson gets guests to complete surveys, the surveys are to give back a steady stream of important information on customer satisfaction just like the questionnaires do, customers don't just do this for the travel agents they also do it for all aspects of the holiday from flights, hotel and transfers.

A secondary type of market research TUI uses is looking at other travel agents in the area, they do this so they know what sells in the shop and they look at other travel agents to see what is the best seller and tries to outdo the competition by offering better deals on the services they provide and attract the customers come in to the shop.

Another type of secondary research TUI uses is official government documents like censuses, Thomson uses government documents because they are easily available for any business to look at and helps Thomson to decided what they'll sell in store and how much they can sell for based on the income of the local people

TUI should use market research to find out the products they should sell in stores that would suit the local people because this maximises profits for the shop, makes the jobs more secure and makes the company look good.


TUI aims to put the right product in the right place for the right price and the right time and promote it, the product and services they provide wouldn't sell if these aren't done properly over the years, Thomson are likely to arrange this to target new type of customer, hold on to existent customers to make a profit and become a big company.

Place –

Thomson is a UK based travel under the TUI group and has over 650 stores in the UK alone and has the biggest travel website, Thomson's products are available online and instore, customers can also phone up Thomson to book flights, package and specialist holidays and customer service but they need to be careful when they do this as they all have different number but they can find them easily on the Thomson website or in the brochures.  

Promotion –

TUI promotes the Thomson brand and helps advertises their products and services all around the world, recently they've help promote Thomson by a new TV adds like ‘Discover Your Smile' in the add they introduced a new mascot (Miles), in the add was a trip to Jamaica's Sensatori Resort in the new Dreamliner aircraft, TUI also included a hashtag on their social media outlets “#mademesmile” to raise the profile of the Thomson brand in the UK. All off the profit made from the marketing campaign goes back into the business for the marketing campaign for the following year to attract more customers and expand the company

Product –

TUI offers a large range on products from budget package holidays with SkyTours to all- inclusive luxury with Sensatori and flights only and cruises, in-flight and on the cruises Thomson also has a variety of duty free items available for customers to buy stuff like aftershave, perfume, tobacco, alcohol and gadgets, on the long haul flights Thomson offers all types of meals to cater for everyone from Halal and diabetic meals and kid's meals, on the short and med haul flight passengers can order food and drinks from the eatery. Customers can also find TUI products in other travel agents and on compare website such as Kayak, Trivago and Expedia, there is also a wide range of entertainment on board for everyone like movies, TV shows and games

Price –

TUI offers some of the best products and services in the travel industry, so they can offer their customers the best deals and get their money's worth in all aspects of the business from in the travel agency or call centre booking the holiday, Thomson should make sure there low priced and not higher than their competitors.  


The key to the principles of excellent customer service Thomson builds a good reputation with customers by knowing the right products that TUI sells and to sell to them at right time to the right customers for the and knowing how to exceed the customer's needs, wants and expectations. Thomson makes sure that they sell the right product for the price at the right time so they make the biggest profit.

TUI's should exceed the customers wants and needs every time with every customer and they demand to be treated with the highest respect and to the highest standard always, to give an example of this when the customers are done booking their holiday or flights with Thomson in the shop a worker will ask if they want any add-ons for the holiday like extra weight allowance for their bags or a currency card for their money when abroad.

Thomson always tries to improve their customer service by getting the customers to answer these questions and give more in depth information about their experience in store and if they were satisfied with the customer service they do this on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter they can start to make changes so this isn't a problem in the future, the feedback Thomson get from this is valuable to the company as it helps Thomson make a profit and make better adverts so they don't overuse the ones they've already got as the market changes fast.

With TUI being one of the biggest tourism businesses in the world they offer many training courses to their staff courses like e-learning, group workshops and 1-1 coaching to provide excellent customer service and increase sells, they do online training to help staff if they feel there not giving the right customer service, the online training programs will help the staff learn more about the products and services that TUI sells and brush up on their customer service skills or they could learn a new qualification that is suitable for the job, if Thomson do this well this will encourage the customers to return and be loyal to the company and reuse the services again because they were happy with the service they've received.


Thomson isn't the same as other travel companies as they always try to be different from other Travel organisations, they try best to give the customer unique and exclusive products and services and while being different than the competition offers; one of the ways Thomson does this is bringing out new aircrafts for example they have just brought out a new Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 they have outdone them the competition with this as it offers them more room as its 30% bigger than other aircrafts and has mood lighting on the aircraft. The ethos behind the Dreamliner is for Thomson to become more sustainable, use less full and lower the carbon footprint, doing this makes Thomson more attract customers that want to help the planet.

Whether the customer books in-advance or last minute they get one of the best products and service in the industry for the best prices.

Thomson offers the best and highest quality training in the travel industry to their staff; they train all staff the same way for the different roles from Sensatori to First Choice Holidays and makes sure that the workers know their jobs inside-out and deliver outstanding customer service possible because this increases customer demand and gives TUI the confidence to invest in the smaller parts of the business.


Like similar profitable companies TUI has too set out aims and objectives to help the growth of the company, many companies prefer to state their aims and objectives in a corporate business plan, one of the companies aims involves making the company the most profit and being in competition with other businesses, one of the objectives is to focus on their employees career progression and development.


S.W.O.T Analysis

Strengths: -

o Quality Service

o Recognized Brand

o Market Leader

Weakness: -

o Rely on Technology

o Revenue is dependent on economy

o Product Failure

Opportunities: -

o Expand

o New target segment (Eco-Tourism/ Sustainable)

Threats: -

o Competitors

o Climate change

o Terrorism

o Rising Fuel Costs

o The Economy



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