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Human resource management plays an integral part in business management. It is a process that includes involvement of key techniques and approaches essential for employee management. Employees are resources of an organisation who helps in maintaining productivity and ensures sustainability amidst competitive environment (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). Therefore it is essential for companies to indulge into apt human resource function and build relationship with employees to maintain apt business performance. This report below focuses on describing on one of the key functions of HR management, the staffing solution that includes identification of role, conduction of interview, evaluation, recruitment, training and deployment. Thus with reference to an UAE company the investigation here below shade a light on the ways in which the HRM functions in UAE based organisation (, 2017).

A. Describe the summary of your organization and department for the position

Al Hoshan Pan Gulf Company manufactures ball point pens under the license of Staedtler Mars GmbH Co., and files. The core products include a variety of stationary items. The company is looking for Marketing Executive to promote and sell the key products and enhance business.

Job Position: Looking for Marketing Executive

Company: Al Hoshan Pan Gulf

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The expected candidate will join and work under the marketing department and function as per the guidelines given by the Manager Marketing (, 2017).

B. Describe the Job Descriptions for the mentioned position

Job Description:

i. Looking for Marketing Executive for Dubai.

ii. Conceiving and developing efficient and intuitive marketing strategies.

iii. Conduct market research and analysis to evaluate trends, brand awareness and competition ventures.

iv. Excellent written and verbal communication skill

v. Pleasing personality

vi. Gift of gab

C. Explain the Job Specifications for the position

The fresh marketing executive is expected to work in challenging environment

Marketing executives are involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). It is a varied role that includes:

i. Planning

ii. Advertising

iii. Public relations

iv. Event organisation

v. Product development

vi. Distribution

vii. Sponsorship

viii. Conduct market research.

D. Discuss the criteria you will use to select the appropriate candidate for the given position

Selection criterion;

1. Ability to communicate thoroughly and address the group of people clearly if and when necessary.

2. Excellent ability to seamlessly work and interpret data

3. Ability to maintain good internal and external public relation

4. Ability to establish impressive team working relation at different levels

5. Goal setting and achieving for both team and individual.

6. Effective time management skill.

7. Innovative, creative thinking and able to develop new ideas

8. Crisis management through practical solution

9. Thorough knowledge of software handling skill to complete daily work such as cash handling, stock management, product list, billing etc

10. Positive attitude and lead the team with motivation skill

E. Discuss the applied practices by organization to ensure recruitment process is in favor of diversity.

The organisation follows policies and proper HR norms as mentioned by the government of the state (Mondy, Noe and Premeaux, 2002). They start by;

  Identifying the need for new staff

  Underpinning job responsibilities

  Developing candidate profile

  Release advertisements to attract potential job seekers

  Collect and go through resume


  Shortlist candidate

  Interview scheduling

  Call and inform about interview date and time

  Conducting interview

  Evaluation of candidate

  Matching with desired profile

  Selection and recruitment


F. Describe the Selection steps/ procedure of the given position

i. Notification: How the notification is made for selected job

Regarding the job availability and attract candidates, the following steps shall be considered;

a. Advertisement in traditional and new age media

b. Release about job details and candidate expectation on leading job portals

c. Advertisement under vacancy in employment news paper

d. Professional portals like LinkedIn

e. Take help from HR consultancy firms and hire the finest executive

ii. Reviewing: How and why the reviewing is conducted  

After collecting the resumes of the desired candidate a seven days’ time shall be considered for conduction of the evaluation process (Nikolaou, 2015). The entire process would include following steps so that only the finest candidates are called for the interview.

i. First the printout of CVs shall be taken by the HR executive

ii. Short list the most relevant ones and forward to the HR Manager

iii. The manager will engage in a meeting with the respective department head, marketing manager and senior executive of the department to identify the candidates and select few who shall be called for the interview

iv. It will be decided here whether only an interview shall be conducted a few round of evaluation shall be conducted.

v. Based on that if there is three positions then around ten to twelve shall be informed to attend the evaluation session, that will include, test, GD, personal interview and evaluation

vi. Development of interview papers, question and topic selection for group discussion or GD

iii. Screening: How the chosen screening is conducted

Screening will be conducted based on the evaluation process, that would include;

i. A 30 minutes test

ii. 20 minutes GD

iii. One on one interview session

iv. Interviewing: How the interview is conducted and why

The interview questions shall be developed to help in maintaining proper flow of the evaluation.

A panel assessor shall be included, that will comprise of the Manager Marketing, Human Resource Executive, Sales and Business Development Manager and HRM (Sparrow, 2007).

Involvement of these top heads of the department is essential so as to conduct proper evaluation of the candidate and ensure that apt executive is selected for the respective job.

v. Selection: How the decision in selection is made and what are the measurements used

HR selection tools include:

a. Screening

b. Telephone interview

c. Background check

d. Drug testing

e. Health check up

f. Skills assessment

G. Testing: How to test the decision is reliable and beneficial to the organization (3 points)

i. Skill assessment

ii. Integrity

iii. Willingness to join


Thus recruitment and selection is a vital area that should be properly planned and executed to ensure deployment of the most suitable candidate in the respective firm in UAE.

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