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The impact of Salesman Similarity and understanding on client buying conduct ARCH G.

Brock [2] partly tested this question with the aid of comparing the selling efficacy of a paint salesman perceived as comparable however inexperienced in opposition to the same salesman perceived as dissimilar however experienced.

within the similar-green condition, the salesman emphasized that the magnitude of his personal consumption of paint became the same as the quantity being purchased through the purchaser; within the diverse-skilled circumstance, the salesperson stated his own value of intake to be 20 instances that of the consumer\'s potential purchase.

Brock\'s findings could endorse that customers purchasing paint are following both \"constrained hassle fixing\" \' or \"Routinized response behavior\"^ choice procedures regarding psycho-social versus trouble-fixing sport playing.

hassle-fixing game gambling may be defined as the customer\'s reliance and use of the perceived competence and believe, i.e., credibility, of the communicator in making purchase decisions, with revel in and expertise being dimensions of competence [6, 8].

with the client turned into more powerful in producing a hit have an effect on tries as compared to a higher level of salesman competence which is probably more effective for situations requiring the consumer to adopt a problem-fixing orientation.

(The customer can be trouble fixing-orientated in maximum of the conditions handling innovations, or, in brief, in all conditions where he\'s inside the \"sizable trouble fixing degree\" of choice making [7].\') The studies layout used by Brock may have confounded the results of salesman similarity and knowledge.

effect OF SALESAAAN SIMILARITY AND information ON purchasing conduct 199 er the communicator\'s perceived credibility by using the recipient, the extra the likelihood that the recipient will accept the influencing message because it is congruent with the recipient\'s value gadget, i.e., internalization has took place.

The results of perceived salesman similarity and expertise on purchaser purchasing conduct for a new product are investigated in this article.

HYPOTHESES the subsequent hypotheses were formulated to take a look at the results of the promoting techniques discussed on consumer buying behavior: H,: The greater the perceived know-how connected to the salesman, the more the chance of purchase by using the client.

H,: The extra the perceived similarity attached to the salesperson, the more the chance of buy with the aid of the patron.

H 3: For an in depth hassle fixing level in customer choice making, perceived knowledge of the salesperson produces a extra chance of buy with the aid of the consumer than perceived similarity of the salesman.

The layout included  degrees of knowledge and  ranges of similarity which enabled comparisons to be made among treatment stages and across remedies.

A salesclerk attempted to induce purchase of a brand new product innovation through consumers purchasing for 8-song stereo tune tapes in a small song save in Augusta, Georgia.

She became not informed of the expected studies layout similar dissimilar purchase No purchase purchase No buy high information Low understanding I 1 1 1 1 1 1 y 1 purchase No purchase effects of the study and no additional repayment changed into supplied to her.

the following announcement approximately the kit changed into made by using the proprietor of the tune store: All song tapes lose the oxide coating while being played, making the participant grimy and harmful to tapes, so the item has real and normal software to the owner of any 8-tune tape participant.

technique The shop clerk tried to result in clients, who had just bought one or more tapes, to make a further purchase of the cleansing package.

The salesperson removed the previous consumer\'s remedy copy at the moment, noticed her role for this new problem, and administered the remedy.

The shop clerk\'s expressed previous buy as opposed to nonpurchase by way of herself of the musical tapes being offered with the aid of the client had been the operational definitions of ranges of perceived similarity.

clients inside the manipulate group did no longer acquire any sales presentation however ought to purchase the product from the show field at the counter near the cash sign in.

effect OF SALESMAN SIMILARITY AND know-how ON buying behavior 201 n^ = sixteen, Mg = 14, Me = 13, and n^ = 12.

outcomes AND dialogue The different proportions of clients buying the cleansing kit within the 4 remedy companies were statistically notably one of a kind.

a total of 24 (80%) of customers receiving the expert-similar remedy purchased the product, at the same time as best 4 (thirteen.three%) of those receiving the nonexpert-dissimilartreatment and those inside the manage institution purchased the product.

Over sixty six% of the clients listening to the professional treatment purchased the product versus 21.6% purchases among customers hearing the nonexpert remedy (p < .001).

at the same time as fifty five% of the clients hearing the same treatment purchased desk 2 consequences of purchasing behavior FOR THE 4 remedy corporations IN percent know-how expert comparable assorted Nonexpert comparable numerous manage purchase eighty.0% fifty three.3 30.0 thirteen.3 x\' = 30.sixty five, three d.f..

86.7 n 30 30 30 30 30 table 3 results of buying conduct for two understanding organizations IN percentage information professional Nonexpert purchase 66.7% 21.6 No purchase 33.3% seventy seven.4 n 60 60 X\" = 24.63, 1 d.f..

desk four consequences of buying conduct for two SIMILARITY organizations IN percentage Similarity similar multiple buy fifty 33.3 No buy forty five.0% 66.7 n 60 60 X- = five.71, 1 d.f., p< .009.

the product, only 33.3% of the clients listening to the assorted treatment purchased.

those effects show a forty five% income gain within the use of professional as opposed to a nonexpert income presentation (40/60 - 13/60), and a 22% sales advantage within the use of a comparable as opposed to a multiple presentation (33/60 - 20/60).

The 0.33 hypothesis changed into showed; the perceived information of the salesclerk produced a more percentage of purchases than the perceived similarity of the salesperson.

The mixture of the professional and similar shows seems to were a particularly powerful approach to boom income for this quite new product over the income degree that could had been regular with the shop clerk having no active position (thirteen.three% for the manage group).

limitations clients excluded from the examine might also have biased the outcome if, for a few cause, the excluded form of clients would were more inspired by means of the similarity situations than the expertise conditions.

No 2

Kitchen, college of Hull commercial enterprise faculty, united kingdom summary The targets of this paper are to apprehend the impact of income abilities dimensions namely: interpersonal talents, salesmanship capabilities, technical abilities and advertising talents on shop clerk performance in Telekom Malaysia (TM) Berhad, a chief Malaysian telecommunication business enterprise.

problems discussed include the shop clerk overall performance measure, determinant of shop clerk performance, sales skills and its dimensions particularly interpersonal competencies, salesmanship talents and technical skills.

the present take a look at examines the relationship between promoting skills dimensions (interpersonal capabilities, salesmanship abilities, technical talents, and advertising and marketing abilties) and salesclerk performance.

1 2010 figure 1: Theoretical Framework the existing look at examines the connection between selling abilties dimensions (interpersonal capabilities, salesmanship capabilities, technical competencies, and advertising skills) and shop clerk overall performance.

(1988a) additionally determined a effective dating between working smart (a measurement of adaptive promoting) and salesclerk sales capabilities Dimensions Interpersonal talents Salesmanship abilities Technical abilties advertising and marketing talents shop clerk overall performance unbiased Variables dependent Variable 54 international magazine OF control AND advertising and marketing studies extent 3 #1 2010 performance.

Technical and advertising and marketing capabilities influence on salesperson overall performance Technical know-how refers to conduct of salespeople in providing facts about the design and specification of products and the applications and capabilities of services and products, alternatively, salespersons own information approximately the industry and traits in general such as patron\'s marketplace and products; competition\' products, services, and sales regulations; knowledge of competition\' product line and information of customers\' operations (Behrman and Perreault, 1982, as noted in Baldauf & Cravens, 2002; Futrell, 2006) and these constitute the advertising and marketing skills of a salesclerk.

The survey questionnaire was divided into 3 parts, as shown in Appendix 1, which includes demographic facts; income abilties particularly interpersonal capabilities, salesmanship competencies, technical abilties and marketing abilities; and salesperson performance.

as regards to the reasons of a mere relationship between advertising and marketing talents and salesclerk overall performance, comparable arguments given to insignificant findings of salesmanship and technical capabilities are also relevant right here wherein enterprise structure (monopolistic enterprise), significant promotional activities via advertisement, exchange show and many others., and complexity of income organizational structure with clean distribution and demarcation of works between sales and advertising employees and in which the subjects were drawn from have huge effect in disapproving the speculation that marketing skills impact salesperson performance.

1 2010 APPENDIX Appendix 1: Survey contraptions section A: income capabilities: sales abilties refers to the salesperson\'s found out skillability at acting the important sales obligations and it includes discovered competencies which include interpersonal skills, salesmanship talents, technical capabilities and advertising talents.

Please imply your evaluation of your shop clerk\'s interpersonal abilities, salesmanship capabilities, technical capabilities and advertising capabilities with the aid of circling the number in the ideal column based totally on the following scales: 1 2 3 four five 6 7 quite unskilled Unskilled barely unskilled neutral slightly skilled skilled enormously professional 1.1 Interpersonal competencies A-1 ability to explicit non-verbally (message without words consisting of via facial features, professional appearance, handshake, posture and body movement, eye touch, and many others.) 1 2 3 4 five 6 7 A-2 capacity in general talking abilties (consisting of effective use of phrases, voice nice or characteristics for example speech price, loudness and articulation: vocal clarity, and verbal expression, and so on.)

No three

Axsom might also, 2001 Blacksburg, Virginia key phrases: young people, garb, patron mind-set, consumer assessment, customer Expectation, client pleasure, The elderly, Expectancy affirmation/Disconfirmation, salesperson\'s overall performance Copyright 2001, Siwon Cho have an impact on OF consumer AGE AND garb form of salesclerk ON customer satisfaction WITH salesclerk\'S overall performance Siwon Cho (summary) within the retail surroundings, the shop clerk is a sturdy thing of affect in purchasers\' choice method because a shop photograph and capacity to construct loyalty can heavily depend on the ability and traits of the salesclerk (Engel, Blackwell, & Miniard, 1995).

The reason of this examine is to decide (a) the have an impact on of patron age and the salesperson\'s apparel type on apparel purchaser mind-set towards the salesclerk, (b) the relationships of client mindset toward the salesclerk and purchaser expectation and assessment of the shop clerk\'s overall performance, and (c) the relationships of consumer expectation and evaluation of the shop clerk\'s overall performance and purchaser delight with the shop clerk\'s overall performance.

The determine 1 A Conceptual version of affect of purchaser Age and the clothing kind of the shop clerk on customer delight with the shop clerk\'s performance customer assessment of the shop clerk\'s performance consumer Expectation for the salesperson\'s overall performance consumer satisfaction with the shop clerk\'s performance apparel kind of the salesclerk consumer attitude closer to the salesclerk Expectancy confirmation/ Disconfirmation consumer Age assessment manner 9 proposed version shows that there is an interplay between purchaser age and the apparel form of the shop clerk within the impact of consumer mind-set toward the salesperson (see discern 1).

26 determine 2 Generated Hypotheses for the exam of the Proposed model client assessment of the salesclerk\'s overall performance customer Expectation for the salesperson\'s performance purchaser satisfaction with the salesperson\'s performance clothing form of the salesperson purchaser mindset in the direction of the salesclerk Expectancy confirmation/ Disconfirmation client Age assessment system H1 H2 H3 H6 H4 H5 27 H2.

31 desk 2 measurement of Variables Variable inside the Framework question customer mindset toward salesclerk I-1 client Expectation of salesclerk\'s performance I-2 client assessment of shop clerk\'s performance II-1 client pride with shop clerk\'s performance II-2 Expectancy affirmation/Disconfirmation between customer Expectation and purchaser assessment of shop clerk\'s overall performance score of II-1 minus rating of I-2 customer preference of garb kind II-3 purchaser Age, Race, and apparel Expenditure III-1~three In part II, the scenario from part i was persisted.

F customer Age 36.04 1 36.04 21.15*** clothing type 28.70 1 28.70 sixteen.85*** consumer Age x clothing type seventy eight.20 1 78.20 45.91*** Residual 402.05 236 1.70 general 545.00 240 *** p< .001 purchaser Expectation and evaluation of the shop clerk\'s overall performance Hypotheses 2 and 3 have been generated to study whether there might be considerable variations in client expectation for the salesclerk\'s performance and client evaluation of the shop clerk\'s performance amongst purchasers with distinct attitudes in the direction of the salesclerk.

F client attitude 194.67 2 97.34 91.30*** customer Age .63 1 .sixty three .fifty nine patron Age x client mindset 10.39 2 five.20 four.88** Residual 249.47 234 1.07 general 474.33 239 *** p < .001, ** p < .01 table 7 The LSD take a look at: mean scores of patron Expectation for the shop clerk\'s overall performance with the aid of three businesses of consumer mindset towards the salesclerk imply scores of client Expectation poor impartial advantageous patron Expectation three.21a 4.44b five.54c a, b, c.

F consumer mindset 70.sixty eight 2 35.34 22.56*** purchaser Age .73 1 .73 .forty six client Age x purchaser mind-set nine.06 2 four.fifty three 2.89 Residual 366.55 234 1.fifty seven overall 457.fifty eight 239 *** p < .001 table 10 The LSD test: mean scores of purchaser assessment of the salesclerk\'s performance by using 3 corporations of client mindset closer to the salesperson imply rankings of purchaser attitude bad neutral superb consumer assessment four.14a four.91b 5.58c a, b, c.

patron satisfaction with the salesperson\'s overall performance Hypotheses 4 to 6 were generated to study whether there could be huge differences in client pride with the salesclerk\'s overall performance amongst consumers with exceptional ranges of expectation or evaluation, and whether massive variations existed in customer pleasure with the salesperson\'s performance amongst customers with high quality expectancy disconfirmation, easy expectancy affirmation, and poor expectancy disconfirmation.

discern 3 The result model customer assessment of the salesperson\'s performance consumer Expectation for the salesclerk\'s performance patron pleasure with the salesclerk\'s overall performance clothing sort of the shop clerk purchaser attitude in the direction of the shop clerk Expectancy affirmation/ Disconfirmation customer Age assessment process F = forty five.91*** F = 91.30*** F = 22.56*** F = four.12** F = forty six.33*** F = one hundred forty five.08*** 61 became sporting within the situation.

No four

This examine investigates how salespersons\' emotional intelligence impacts adaptive selling and fantastic emotional expression all through the procedure of interplay with customers, and the way such adaptive promoting and positive emotional expression influences the great of carrier perceived with the aid of customers.

these outcomes are vital in that they cope with emotional intelligence as salespersons\' emotional ability, which has been overlooked as an antecedent variable for enhancing adaptive selling and show of fine emotion, therefore offer some other thing to assist salespersons improve their selling conduct.

to persuade clients in experiencing effective feelings, personnel interacting at once with clients are required to recognize and regulate their own emotions and understand

customers\' emotion; it\'s far emotional intelligence this is the capacity critical for this requirement.

In different words, salespersons with better emotional intelligence can more accurately understand and modify their own feelings, have a better understanding of customers\' emotions, meet clients\' wishes extra successfully, and are more likely to specific positive emotions to clients, all of which can be more likely to result in tremendous consequences on salesperson performance and general corporate performance (Cherniss and Goleman, 1998; Goleman, 1995).

This have a look at, consequently, investigates the outcomes of salespersons\' emotional intelligence on adaptive selling behaviors and wonderful emotional expression, impact of salespersons\' adaptive selling conduct and fantastic emotional expression on customers\' evaluation of provider first-class.

They defined emotional intelligence as \"the ability to perceive accurately, appraise, and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate emotions when they facilitate idea; the ability to understand emotion and emotional understanding; and the ability to regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual boom\".

This demonstrates that salespersons with high emotional intelligence are much more likely to grasp clients\' emotion accurately and as a consequence adapt their emotions to fit the state of affairs, that is, salespersons which have excessive emotional intelligence are much more likely to behavior adaptive selling behaviors.

subsequently; hypothesis 1: shop clerk\'s emotional intelligence (self-emotion appraisal, others\' emotion appraisal, law of emotion, use of emotion) will be positively associated with shop clerk\'s adaptive promoting.

effect of emotional intelligence on high quality salesclerk-displayed emotion superb mutual courting between clients and salespersons is important to clients for having effective stories in the course of touch with salespersons, and the emotion salespersons display to clients could be very crucial in making such mutual relationship (Staw and Barsade, 1993).

for this reason; hypothesis 2: salesclerk\'s emotional intelligence (self-emotion appraisal, others\' emotion appraisal, regulation of emotion, use of emotion) could be undoubtedly associated with the show of superb feelings through a salesperson at some stage in interactions with customers.

No 5

even though there are many elements that make a contribution to shop clerk performance, it has been recounted that income abilties are one of the key person degree determinants that contribute to overall performance (Basir et al., 2010; Churchill et al., 183 the connection among sales capabilities and shop clerk overall performance 1985; Churchill et al., 2000).

in order to discover the 2 overarching objectives a) to examine the selling talents dimensions,

namely, interpersonal, salesmanship, technical and marketing skills and the influence they have got upon salesperson overall performance, and b) to examine the effect of organisational commitment on this dating as the moderating variable; we offer a detailed literature evaluate main to 4 hypotheses exploring the connection among 4 income talents dimensions and performance.

income abilties Dimensions Interpersonal Salesmanship Technical advertising shop clerk overall performance Organisational dedication Moderating variable based variable independent variables figure 1 Theoretical framework 186 worldwide journal of Economics and control Interpersonal abilities and salesclerk overall performance Interpersonal talents check with intellectual and verbal exchange algorithms implemented at some point of social communique and interaction to reap certain effects and results.

189 the relationship among income competencies and salesclerk overall performance The Moderating impact of Organisational dedication on shop clerk overall performance while interpersonal, salesmanship, technical and advertising capabilities were shown as key determinants of shop clerk overall performance in previous studies, they\'re not the handiest factors that influence shop clerk performance.

table 2 component loadings for unbiased variables objects elements I II III IV Technical capabilities informed about product development .81 .32 .14 .09 knowledge of product performance .82 .sixteen .21 .18 understand product specifications .85 .11 .23 .07 know-how of shipping process .79 .33 .04 .21 information of product features .64 .thirteen .24 .43 advertising and marketing competencies actual time records .37 .seventy six .25 .00 Is an wonderful useful resource of competitive information .32 .seventy two .37 .14 Has lots facts on industry traits .20 .seventy nine .16 .25 Is well-informed about crucial occasions in our enterprise .10 .eighty .20 .32 Interpersonal abilties capacity to express oneself .06 .26 .76 -.01 capability in wellknown speakme .09 .23 .70 .25 focus & knowledge of non-verbal communication .forty three -.00 .70 .03 capacity to govern & adjust emotion .32 .21 .forty two .21 ability to persuade .15 .33 .sixty one .32 Salesmanship talents potential to get purchase-in .23 .27 .forty four .fifty one capacity in income presentation .30 .11 .forty six .sixty eight capability to service account .15 .2 .02 .eighty Eigenvalue 3.87 three.04 2.98 2.01 percent Variance explained (sixty nine.96) 22.78 17.86 17.fifty one eleven.eighty two Reliability (alpha) .ninety one .87 .79 .seventy five KMO measure of Sampling Adequacy .88 2 (d.f) 1210.24 (136) 194 global journal of Economics and management within the present have a look at, 3 aspect analyses (see Tables 2 and three) had been run to verify the postulated dimensionality of the independent and structured variables by way of making use of the Varimax rotation.

197 the relationship between sales talents and salesclerk performance table 7 Hierarchical regression evaluation Variables shop clerk performance Step 1 Step 2 Step three major consequences Interpersonal competencies .forty** Salesmanship capabilities .12 Technical skills .15 advertising and marketing abilties .eleven Moderator (Direct impact) Organizational dedication .25** interaction results Interpersonal competencies x Organizational dedication -1.28 Salesmanship talents x Organizational dedication -.46 Technical skills x Organizational commitment .50 advertising talents x Organizational commitment .62 R2change F alternate .forty six 22.eighty three** .05 11.28** .01 .78 Durbin-Watson Statistic 1.sixty nine note: ** p< zero.01, R2 = zero.forty six).

even as some prior studies indicated a fantastic association among salesmanship skills and salesperson performance (for instances, Ford et al., 1988; Baldauf et al., 2001; Babakus et al., 1996; Katsikan and Skarmeas, 2003; Baldauf and Cravens, 1999), different research discovered no affiliation (as an example, Ahearne and Schillewaert, 2000; grant and Cravens, 1999; Piercy et al., 1997); the effects of the present study, with appreciate to the second speculation, indicate that salesmanship capabilities do now not have an effect on salesclerk overall performance.

The Moderating effect of Organisational dedication the existing look at tested the capability moderating roles of organisational commitment on the connection between sales abilties dimensions, particularly, interpersonal, salesmanship, technical and advertising and marketing skills, and shop clerk performance.

although the prevailing take a look at does not help the moderating impact of organisational dedication in enhancing the relationship energy between sales skills dimensions and salesperson performance, the locating shows that organisational commitment has an instantaneous impact on salesperson overall performance.

(1996) Investigating the Relationships among sales, management manipulate, sales Territory 205 the connection between income talents and salesperson performance layout, shop clerk overall performance, and income Organizational Effectiveness, international journal of studies in advertising, thirteen, 345-363.

No 6

Male participant conduct and ratings of the clerk had been more stimulated by using a smiling female sales clerk or a nonsmiling male income clerk.

while, girl clients are much less glad with a sales come across than males while the sales clerk shows poor emotions, each males and females appear more satisfied when the income clerk shows a advantageous emotional cue which include a smile (Tan, Foo, & Kwek, 2004).

We also anticipated male purchasers to be more responsive to a smiling as opposed to nonsmiling girl sales clerk, and but greater receptive to a nonsmiling as opposed to smiling male sales clerk based totally on cultural norms of women smiling greater than men.

In sum, we designed this look at to isolate the results of the \"smile\" as a positive emotional show while interacting with intercourse of purchaser and sex of income clerk on customers\' perceptions of the product and clerk and their client behavior.

As displayed in desk 1, male contributors were much more likely to buy the stereo or different products from a male income clerk with a impartial facial expression than whilst smiling; in assessment, male members more likely to purchase the stereo from a female sales clerk if she was smiling than if she was not smiling.

desk 1 mean ratings of Male contributors by using circumstance Male sales Clerk lady sales Clerk Smilinga Neutralb Smilingc Neutrald buying behavior 6.eighty five 7.68 7.89 6.29 sales clerk ratings 7.25 eight.37 7.50 6.00 notice.

As displayed in table 1, male individuals said greater wonderful scores as a sales clerk if the sales pitch 22 got here from a male income clerk with a impartial facial expression than whilst smiling; in comparison, extra advantageous scores have been given by way of male participants if the income pitch got here from a female sales clerk who was smiling than if now not smiling.

No considerable interaction among smiling and sex of sales clerk existed for female individuals, but, woman individuals gave greater advantageous rankings for a male sales clerk (M = nine.39, SD = 1.sixty six) than a woman income clerk (M = eight.fifty one, SD = 1.62), F (1, 74) = five.eighty three, p < .05, 2 = .07.

Male individuals had been most in all likelihood to buy the product or other merchandise from the clerk if the income pitch got here from a smiling woman income clerk or a nonsmiling male sales clerk.

usual, this examine shows that a male or girl income clerk\'s smiling facial features may also differentially have an effect on the perceptions and buying behavior of male 24 clients beyond the affect of any affect of the clerk primarily based on his/her smile.

No 7

Male player behavior and ratings of the clerk had been extra prompted by a smiling woman sales clerk or a nonsmiling male income clerk.

whereas, lady clients are less glad with a income encounter than adult males while the sales clerk shows negative feelings, each women and men seem greater satisfied whilst the income clerk shows a high-quality emotional cue including a smile (Tan, Foo, & Kwek, 2004).

We also anticipated male consumers to be more conscious of a smiling as opposed to nonsmiling lady income clerk, and but more receptive to a nonsmiling versus smiling male sales clerk based on cultural norms of girls smiling more than guys.

In sum, we designed this look at to isolate the effects of the \"smile\" as a fine emotional display whilst interacting with intercourse of purchaser and sex of sales clerk on clients\' perceptions of the product and clerk and their client conduct.

As displayed in desk 1, male participants have been much more likely to purchase the stereo or other products from a male sales clerk with a impartial facial features than when smiling; in assessment, male participants much more likely to buy the stereo from a lady sales clerk if she was smiling than if she was not smiling.

table 1 imply scores of Male individuals by means of condition Male income Clerk girl sales Clerk Smilinga Neutralb Smilingc Neutrald purchasing behavior 6.eighty five 7.68 7.89 6.29 income clerk ratings 7.25 eight.37 7.50 6.00 notice.

As displayed in table 1, male individuals said extra fantastic rankings as a income clerk if the income pitch 22 came from a male income clerk with a neutral facial features than while smiling; in assessment, more positive ratings had been given through male individuals if the sales pitch came from a girl sales clerk who became smiling than if not smiling.

No extensive interplay among smiling and intercourse of income clerk existed for girl contributors, however, woman participants gave extra high quality rankings for a male sales clerk (M = nine.39, SD = 1.sixty six) than a girl sales clerk (M = eight.fifty one, SD = 1.sixty two), F (1, seventy four) = 5.83, p < .05, 2 = .07.

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