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It is a world-wide problem that companies don't act with corporate social responsibility(CSR). The gap between poor and rich is getting bigger (Tudor Jones, 2015). It is very important for the world that companies take corporate social responsibility into account. It isn't only beneficiary for the people of the world but can it also create added value for consumers or users of a facility service?

The sub questions that will be answered during this research are:

• What is corporate social responsibility?

• What are the criteria for CSR, when is a company defined as a socially responsible company?

• What is the connection between FM and CSR?

• What is the advantage for users when cleaning processes are focused more on CSR?

This sub questions will be discussed in chapters. After the chapters the research question will be answer in the conclusion.

What is corporate social responsibility?

Many people have done research to create a clear understanding of CSR. Yet there are many different views  (Jackson & Hawker, 2001). The definitions about CSR are made with certain interests (Van Marrewijk, 2003). The essence of most definitions is that CSR will encouraged to be socially responsible. The definitional confusion around CSR is a potential problem. If competing definitions have diverging biases, people will talk different about CSR and prevent productive engagements. Any attempt to develop an unbiased definition is a challenge because you can't verify if it is indeed unbiased or not (Dahlsrud, 2006).

In this research, the best definition in the context of facility management will be elaborated to make clear CSR means. There are five dimension in CSR. These five dimensions are: (Dahlsrud, 2006)

1. The environmental dimension

2. The social dimension

3. The economic dimension

4. The stakeholder dimension

5. The voluntariness dimension

The first 4 are reflected in the law and the latter is an added dimension of voluntary will.

The environmental dimension is about a cleaner environment and environmental concerns in business operations. The social dimension is about contributing to a better society and integrating social concerns in the business operation and create a relationship between business and society. The economic dimension is about socio-economic or financial aspects, this includes the description of CSR in terms of a business operation and contributing to economic development. The stake holder dimension is all about the interaction with the stake holders. How to organize interaction with the employees, suppliers, customers and communities. The last one the voluntariness dimension is very important to add value. It is al based on ethical values and is not unclouded in the law (Dahlsrud, 2006).

A specific definition for corporate social responsibility is given by Enevoldson a social entrepreneur. says; ‘Being Socially Responsible means that people and organisations must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Striving for social responsibility helps individuals, organisations and governments have a positive impact on development, business and society with a positive contribution to bottom-line results (Enevoldson, sd).' Now we know what CSR means we can look at the criteria of CSR.

What are the criteria for CSR, when is a company defined as a socially responsible company?

These days, a lot of companies would like to work socially responsible. The most companies don't know how to do it. In Europe, A World-wide CSR certification has been developed in Europe. This label has the name Green Key. Green Key makes it possible for organizations in the leisure branches and business branches to work practically and visibly with CSR. Green Key is the largest brand in the Netherlands as well as worldwide.

Companies that hold a Green Key brand will have the focus to be social responsible and all Without hand in delivering in terms of comfort and quality. The Green Key goes a step further than the normal law and regulations required in CSR. So, you can see if a company hold the Green Key brand that they are in progress with CSR (Stichting KMVK, sd) (Goverment of the Netherlands, 2017).

Therefore, there is a way to see if a company is CSR, but what are the criteria for companies to be social responsible? Organizations that wish to meet a Green Key will be have to meet all the requirements that are set. The organizations must comply with strict standards in terms of CSR. The requirements that are set are aimed at complying with laws and regulations, internal and external communication, sustainability and how the structure of the company is integrated (management) (Stichting KMVK, sd). For examples of the strict standards in terms of CSR Law and regulation must be considered.

There are requirements for the use of raw materials, for example: use of energy, gas, water, waste management, transport, food, textiles, paper, printing, etc. (Stichting KMVK, sd). There are separate requirements for the different business sectors. We zoom in on the law and regulations of the cleaning process.

For the cleaning process, there is one mandatory requirement established by the Green Key, as well five optional requirements. The mandatory requirement says that the organization is handles an environmentally responsible manner cleaning process. The five optional requirements say that

the organization offers dispensers in the bathroom with soap with an eco-label and provides dispensers with an eco-label in public restrooms. The organization have to uses a detergent with an eco-label for the dishwasher and registers the amount of sanitary and interior cleaner used and the associated costs and aims to reduce it. In addition to the above standards, the organization have to uses at least one cleaner with an eco-label. If the organization meets these standards, it will get a gold label. This means that the organization is doing very well with CSR (Stichting KMVK, sd) (Goverment of the Netherlands, 2017). It is possible to know if a company is social responsible and to know to what standards do the cleaning industry meet. Now further with the connection between FM and CSR.

What is the connection between FM and CSR?

Over the past 50 years, we as a society have come to view our companies and corporations in a very narrow, almost monomaniacal fashion with regard to how we value them, and we have put so much emphasis on profits, on short-term quarterly earnings and share prices, at the exclusion of all else. It\'s like we\'ve ripped the humanity out of our companies. (Tudor Jones, 2015) says that it is very important to make a fair economy. There is an easy way. That gap between the wealthiest and the poorest, it must be closed. It typically happens in one of three ways: either through revolution, higher taxes, or wars. But there is another way to do it. That's by increasing justness in corporate behaviour. In the past chapter is written about how to do this. The facility manager is responsible to create a CSR company or organisation.

In the last 40 years, the percentage of corporate profit margins increased by 12,5 percent (Tudor Jones, 2015). This is very good as a shareholder, but when talking about the other side of that, and look at the average worker, then it\'s not a good thing, the average worker does not urn 12,5 percent more (Tudor Jones, 2015). Now it is case to invest this money in CSR so that the people benefit from these profit margins (Eigen, 2009).

The facility manager is committed to supporting the core business as well as possible. Simply enough, the facility manager is responsible for the company\'s household. CSR comes with this task, CSR should be integrated in the household of a company if CSR will be successfully and added a customer value so the facility manager plays an important role in managing the Green Key or CSR policy (Noked, 2011).

What is the advantage for users when cleaning processes are focused more on CSR?

CSR activities have the potential to create several distinct forms of value for customers. It is the customer perception of this value that mediates the relationship between CSR activities and subsequent financial performance (Noked, 2011).

The importance of customers among business stakeholders, marketing research that examines the effects of CSR on profitability is particularly informative. CSR leads to outcomes such as increasing customer loyalty, willingness to pay premium prices, and lower reputational risks in times of crisis. Each of these CSR outcomes in turn has the potential to create increased profitability (Creyer & Ross Jr, 1996).

Clearly, stakeholders must perceive value in a certain CSR activity to support the firm's engagement in it. This is particularly true for the customer, a key stakeholder for any business enterprise. The customer has an advantage if the profit margin are invested in CSR. This causes a smaller gap between rich and poor and will provide the world with good facilities for less fortunate people. We also take responsibility for raw materials so that there are still enough resources for our children to live (Eigen, 2009) (Tudor Jones, 2015) (Noked, 2011).

In Conclusion, Social responsibility means that organizations are ethical and concerned with social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Organizations can be working CSR by using a Green Key label. The organization will automatically complies with the laws and regulations of Europe if they are receives a certificate. The facility manager is responsible for the household of a company. CSR needs to be integrated into a company\'s household to be a success. Therefore, the facility manager has a strong relationship with CSR. The customer has an advantage if the profit margin is invested in CSR. This causes a smaller gap between rich and poor and will provide the world with good facilities for less fortunate people.

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