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Ariel Sabzjadid

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For many years drivers have been distracted by the glare from the sun. They would never be fully protected by using the little flip mirror attached to the ceiling of the car. We have created the solution: AutoTint! AutoTint protects the driver from the blinding glare from the sun including glares from billboards and high beams from other cars. Our technology allows for drivers to be able to control the tint levels of the windshield and windows based on the amount of sun glare. Drivers can easily control our switchable film from clear to tinted with the click of a button. The convenient and easily adjustable design of AutoTint allows the car driver to operate the product with minimal effort.  AutoTint will make is safer for drivers to be on the roads on a sunny day.

  Auto Tint is the most revolutionary addition to the exterior of any car that allows for a more comfortable car ride. With its quick transformation from light to dark windows, consumers will be emphatic to use such a product. Auto Tint allows for a manual high or low level of Tint. Our target customer is a car owner of a high-end manufacturer such as Porsche or Mercedes. Once car owners realize the value in Auto Tint we will expand to all manufacturers at an affordable price.

The only product in cars to prevent staring into the sun nowadays is the sun-visor which has major flaws. The sun-visor is small and it's purpose is limited in the sense that drivers are forced to sit up and actively avoid the sunlight. To some degree, the visor impairs the driver's view on the road instead of enhancing it. With Auto Tint, you can simply reduce the brightness on the windshield to the point where you feel you are driving in the middle of the night.

Auto tint is designed in two manners. One being enabled in the car itself through car manufacturers and another is implemented at gas stations or local car dealers. The original design that is enabled with the purchase of the car will allow for the tint to be adjusted in the simplest manner, through the car's dashboard along with Navigation, Media Etc. The other option available for purchase happens to be a bit more complicated because it has to be implemented after the purchase of an automobile. There will be a chip inserted into the automobile that is directly connected to the windows. This chip is placed under the steering wheel by an automobile professional. Once the chip is inserted a remote will be given to the customer and then you can immediately start adjusting the level of tint at ease. This is very useful in many different situations.

 Here are many different reasons why people may be motivated to have tinted windows and also have the option of switching back to non-tinted windows. Driving with the sun beaming at your face isn\'t just a nuance it could be deadly. Having tinted windows protects your eyes and prohibits any glare being directed towards your windshield. The heat and UV Rays can turn the padding of your car to a complete mess and also leaves the car warmer than usual. With the strength of sunlight and UV Rays your at risk of having skin cancer or accelerate ageing. This is very preventable because a car tint is able to block up to 90% of UV Rays from entering your automobile which will also keep the car 60% cooler which is crucial during the scorching summers. Having tint on a car also allows for a less chance of your windows shattering in the case of an accident, which is highly important for the safety of passengers. (TINT CENTER) The key aspect to being able to switch back to no tint is for driving at night. You can then adjust it to a lower tint which will allow for a lighter vision on the roads which will help reduce the risk of car accidents.

  The customer\'s perception of the brand will be perceived through the following questions:

How does it feel to drive with a tinted window?

What makes me prefer Auto Tint instead of your competitors?

How will Auto Tint make a difference in my life?

Auto Tint will be targeting a specific market based on several different factors. One segmentation variable that will be taken into consideration is whether the product is being sold to a manufacturer or directly to a consumer. The first segmented market will be large car-manufacturing companies. Auto Tint will target various car manufacturers to incorporate their product into their cars. Based on the manufacturer's decision, consumers will be able to have this product added on to their car bundle. Some manufacturers may even choose to include Auto Tint in their standard vehicles as well. The company will target car manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the United States. Another segmentation variable will be car type. At first, the company will experiment with higher-end cars but may eventually offer the product to more affordable car companies as well based on sales. For instance, Auto Tint will be offered to higher end manufacturers such as Porsche and Mercedes. Consumers of these cars will be able to afford Auto Tint more comfortably and will add on this feature to their car with ease. In the future, Auto Tint may look to expand their services to lower-end car manufacturers as well such as Toyota or Honda. This market may be a bit trickier to conquer if the price of the product is too high. The price may need to be lowered to open doors to these new consumers.  

Additionally, Auto Tint will take a shot at marketing directly to the consumers. For similar products, when a consumer goes to a local car wash or mechanic, he or she comes across a stand in the waiting area. The stand is usually offering window tinting to the consumers at different tint levels and at different prices. Likewise, Auto Tint will be offered at similar facilities. People will be able to drop off their cars and have their windows swapped out for the new Auto Tint windows. In this case, the product is being offered to young and new drivers from ages 18 and up that own cars. The product will obviously not be offered to people that use public transportation or people that do not own a vehicle. The product will not be offered to motorcycle drivers as well due to the lack of a real windshield and windows.

Auto Tint will attract consumers to buy their product and not competing products. One main competitor would be the regular tinting companies that offer services to the public. As mentioned earlier, these companies advertise their services at places like car washes, gas stations and car mechanics. Auto Tint will have marketing representatives based at all these locations that will preview the incredible product to consumers. Once seeing the automatic tinting windows alongside the old standard tinted windows, consumers will be captivated to buy the new and improved version of the product.

Every person that has ever driven a car has faced the challenges of being blinded by light. Blinding light comes from many sources on the road. The sun, highbeams, billboards and many other lights glare and blind the view of drivers. Until this day there has never been a  way to cover up and block all lights and glares with one system. There have been attempts through tinted windows, sunglasses and visors, but nothing is comprehensive for all circumstances. Most tints and blockers only work with one type of light or glare. Auto Tint is a revolutionary idea that allows you to change the tint of your car windows relative to the light outside. So no matter what the glare is coming from, drivers will never be blinded by lights again. As a result, the streets will become significantly safer because the amount of car accidents will drastically be reduced.  A study done in the U.K. found that there are on average 3,000 accidents a year that happen as a result of blinding lights and the glare from the sun (Massey, n/a). This study found that of the over 3,000 accidents caused by the blinding lights, there were 35+ deaths.  No longer should people die as a result of lights and glares. No longer should people suffer the pain and agony of an accident. Don\'t let the sun Kill you, Control your Tint. Auto Tint.


Ray Massey for the Daily Mail. \"The dazzling sunsets that kill 36 drivers in 12 months: Glare contributes to 3,000 accidents and is particularly dangerous at this time of year .\" Daily Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 16 Oct. 2013. Web. 07 May 2017.

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