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Describe the types of mail services used in business organisations. (5.1)Click

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There is a different type of mail services used in the office. Internal mail and external mail

Internal mail

These mail used within office or departments for communications; memos, routeing slip messages, internal or international emails, transfers, pigeon holes are few examples of internal mail system

External mail

These mail used for external communications. Mail to the other companies, national and international clients and correspondences.

Royal mail services and other delivery companies, offers 1st class or 2nd class mail, recorded and special deliveries, commercial couriers are examples of external mail.


Explain why different types of mail services are needed. (5.2)Click

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In any organisation, large number of documents is normally use to deal with employees, clients or customers, whilst, right selection of appropriate mail services depend on work.

For instance, internal mails the documents usually send more quick, secure and free. whereas in external mails the document that needed to be sent to client or to other organisation may require different services. Mail is classified as first class and second-class mail. First class mail gets free air transmission within the region; whereas second class mail gets air lift only if prepaid with air surcharge.

Another type of service is special postal services for parcels and big packets, any mail packages that are heavier than the normal weight and bigger than the normal size or confidential after weigh posts and parcels, and calculate the correct postages send by the currier services.


Explain the factors to be considered when selecting mail services. (5.3)Click

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There are different types of mail services and factors that need to be considered when deciding which service is to use It is broken down into following categories:




•destination (international, local)

•weight of letter/package


Whilst, the cost is obviously a factor in any business expenditure, it is wise to ensure that if the items are not needed to deliver urgently then the most effective way of delivering is by mail either 1st or 2nd class. Business owners often look more economical way.

In today\'s fast-paced business environment, overnight or same day delivery is very popular, the quicker the item is more expensive it would be, so cost-effective mailing is a seamless affair in any organisation.

Business secrets, personal information about employees, sensitive data need confidentiality, it would be a great risk of financial loss, if item/ mail is damaged, destroy or stolen.

To avoid any delays, correct mail addresses of sender and receiver needed to look through carefully and make sure that it has been received by the recipient in good condition and within the timeframe.

By selecting the courier service, the best way is to select shipping carriers that can pick up the packages from office, stockroom, or warehouse. It will save time, money, and effort in travelling or even waiting in line.


Explain the factors to be taken into account when choosing postage methods. (5.4)Click

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recorded delivery


wrapping, protection,

tracking etc.these are few factors to consider when choosing postage methods:

Weight/ size of delivery,

distance (national/ overseas),


insuraSection 6Understand customer service in a business environment


Describe different types of customers, including internal and external customers. (6.1)Click

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I like to quote here a beautiful saying which really attracts me,

\"The most useful person in the world today is the man or woman who knows how to get along with other people. Human relations is the most important science in living.\" - Stanley C. Allyn Business Leader

A prominent and vital aspect of the business is its customers. helping, the satisfactory customer is ultimately company\'s first priority. customer service divided into two categories.

External customer

Internal Customer

An external customer use company\'s products or services but is not part of the organisation. They are the visitors, the guests that stay in hotels and food they eat in restaurants, purchase products from company etc. An external customer is an individual who buys products or use services. They play a vital role in the success of any business as they provide revenue through their purchases. A satisfied external customer not only can make purchases more often but also can refer to others.

An internal customer is any member of the organisation who assists in a various way, However, it is commendable that the employees of any organisation are a key factor in facilitating its success and should be treated well and with respect. Managers, Advisors, supplier, plumbers, photocopier, chefs, marketing or Press Officers, cleaners, receptionists, general kitchen assistants, first aid and fire safety officers are few examples of internal customers. internal customers are very important for a successful business because they play a key role in a business environment. a company should take initiative to improve internal relations by training employees, to think of co-workers, give respect and encouragement.

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